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    Selling: SOLD

  2. Rimmer

    Selling: SOLD

    Hi, As title says Shagadi Disintegration Sword T2 for sale Stats can be found here : entropiawiki: Weapon: Shagadi Disintegration Sword One of best eco LB ingame, now able to be amped. DPS 60.0 . Excellent strenght and HP skiler. With DMG enhancers and trauma amp 4-6 u may hunt even big mobs...
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    Selling: SOLD!

  4. Rimmer

    Buying: Fi/Ra/Co Dante BLP Amplifier bought

    Please pm offer.
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    Buying: Bought Closed

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    Buying: Bought Closed

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    Buying: Bought Closed

    Please PM your price.
  8. Rimmer

    Selling: SOLD Ecotron v.26b

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    Selling: Sold

  10. Rimmer

    Selling: Sold

    Selling Ares Ring Mod TT+2,1k Peds Trade for Ares Ring Imp + 1300 peds Happy New Year!
  11. Rimmer

    Buying: Omegaton a106

  12. Rimmer

    Buying: Omegaton a106

  13. Rimmer

    Buying: Omegaton a106

    Hello, Got an Omegaton a106 for sale? Please pm me your price. Regards, Häxan
  14. Rimmer

    Buying: Omegaton A105, Improved

    Hello, Would like to buy this amp, please pm me your price if you have one for sale. Regards, SnöHäxan
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    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    Thank you for posting this, really appreciate it.
  16. Rimmer

    Achievement: Killstrike unlocked

    Snyggt jobbat. Keep on rocking!
  17. Rimmer

    EP2s not looting BPs when run on Caly?

    Yes, 2000 clicks and I have no idea. It felt a bit low..
  18. Rimmer

    EP2s not looting BPs when run on Caly?

    2000 clicks 1bp
  19. Rimmeräxan-snöhäxan-rimmer-aka-kim-fpc...äxan-snöhäxan-rimmer-aka-kim-fpc.22730/#post-138262
  20. Rimmer

    The Ambuliped New Edition @ OLA 17 The Salty Flats

    Lets go. Snohxan Haxan Rimmer
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    Entropia Gold's NEW Event: HOFF's HOF OFF - 5 Land Areas & 5 Different Mobs!

    Please sign me up, I'm in. SnoHxan Haxan Rimmer
  22. Rimmer

    Stupidest Thing you have done in EU

    1. Ten years in the game and you have a total hunting loot of 60k ped? 2. "(I respect the unfair forum rules)," - By not snitching on your friends? You really seems like a person that someone would like to have in their soc. 3. "After something I have done for mindark a bit later (that I...
  23. Rimmer

    Boss in Mayhem Level 5 Drops Nova for me !!!

    Hunting Zombies usually requires more than 30 ped ammo.