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  1. Kahr

    Domain dispute

    I call upon all the wise ppl of Entropia. The slightly demented are welcome too :tongue2: I have recently been contacted by someone who are involved with a charity with a name similar to my domain. And now they want to buy my domain, or if i refuse and i do, they say they will go through WIPO...
  2. Kahr

    Could not execute

    Are there anyone who know of a way to get rid of the constant "Could not execute. Please try again" A 2k click round becomes quit long when it cant execute on every 2th try, seems like quiet a step back in crafting. :silly2:
  3. Kahr

    Discovery: Katsuichi Brilliance Retro (L)

    Found a new sword among the remains of a Warrior lvl 1.
  4. Kahr

    7,4k drone

    I bumper into this fat drone earlier tonight. Maybe I should just focus on drones, I seem to get all my big loots from them. :scratch2:
  5. Kahr

    Little SEG hof

    Ohhh its been a while since i have had anything worth posting. Was getting bored with warriors and took a break from them. Decided that SEGs would be a wise eco choice. :loco: After a while i got this one. All in all it ended up being a good hunt with a few small esi later on. :)
  6. Kahr

    Selling: Small arms sale

    Doing a bit of cleaning out in my old storage boxes, and decided to sell some of all the duplicates in my gun collection. I didnt bother with putting up a SB on most of the guns, as it is simply not worth the time :) 1 A-3 Justifier MK.IV SB tt+600 BO+800 6 A-3 Punisher MK.I...
  7. Kahr

    Unlocking Avoidance

    Was chatting with a buddy that are close to unlocking avoidance. As in he is chipping up evade from zero to unlock it, altho he is an hardcore bot hunter... good guy :) I told him that he should just have waited a bit, since he is a lvl 24 dodger. How come do ppl still believe that dodge wont...
  8. Kahr

    Zakopane, Poland

    I was wondering if there were any of you fine ppl that are from around Zakopane in Poland or are familiar with the area around Zakopane. Here is the deal, I am planing a hiking trip to Zakopane as a surprise to my half brother. And there are a few things i would like to check with someone that...
  9. Kahr

    HoF: A cute little birdy

    Its been a while since i have had anything worth posting. But last night heard the birds singing and saw the first signs of spring coming. :)
  10. Kahr

    HoF: Chipped a tooth...

    ...But something nice came out of it :) *This fine screenshot is brought to you by Entropia Screengrabber
  11. Kahr

    Full Metal Inc. on a trip

    It all started with me and Mac joining up with Penny, to witness Penny's first Longtooth solo kill, gz to Penny for that one :) We quickly moved on, as it was near impossible to keep a mob at the spawn. Penny wanted to try Miner bots, so we moved on to them, did a few. Then for some reason, it...
  12. Kahr

    Achievement: Lvl 25 Evader

    Been a while since i have had anything to post here. This is a bit of an achievement for me, as i hardly hunt anything that gives evade :)
  13. Kahr

    Im sorrwy

    I have apparently the last few days been a naughty boy, and been a bully towards some ppl, or so im told:scratch2: Whatever i have done, it have earned me 2 warnings from MA, one for KS and one for ruining the game experience. And to who ever i did that to. It will never happen again* and im...
  14. Kahr

    Achievement: Wounding finally

    I rarely post here, but i thought this was worthy of a little post :) Was out at my usual hunting spot and smacking some troopers, when i unlocked this puppy. It have been a goal for a long time :yay: Now what :scratch2:
  15. Kahr

    Back again

    Just got back from a good long vacation, with almost no playtime in PE. Decided to head out to the killing fields, and here is the result. Last one had a nice little Hermes footie in it :)
  16. Kahr

    Achievement: Treatment

    Finally i unlocked treatment, it seems like it took forever. Thats one more goal reached, now on to the next one.
  17. Kahr


    At last i unlocked avoidance, it seems like it took forever. Many bots have been dismantled during this period :wtg: Now i guess i have to work on getting my evade up, it is a bit noobish :laugh: Edit: Did i ever tell you guys that im a forum noob :)
  18. Kahr


    All Transformers fans that plan on seeing the movie, i can tell you that you are in for a treat. It is f...... awesome. And those of you that aren't sure whether you wanna go see it or not... Go see it.:) We had a sneak premiere of it last night down here, at last there are some benefits from...
  19. Kahr

    What to do???

    Hi fellow entropians. Im on a forced leave from PE, and are now having my first day off duty from my work. And im bored shit less, nothing much to do here other then soak up some sun, check emails, read all posts on EF or play with the company dog, which is pretty boring :rolleyes: Ohhh yea im...
  20. Kahr

    Unlocked Coolness

    Finaly i unlocked coolness:wtg: It have been a goal since it got within reach, but damn the last few levels for the lvl 40 took like forever... Now onwards to the next :)
  21. Kahr

    Roadkill in EU

    Last night Frank lent me the keys for the prototype of the new hovercraft, to be added in the next vu. So i took it out for a spin.There i was ride at a fair speed and enjoying a little drink, when out of nowhere a chirpy jumped out in front of me, i slammed the breaks but it was too late, so it...
  22. Kahr

    Happy Birthday La

    :yay: :birthday: Happy Birthday Larna :birthday: :yay: I hope you will have a great day You are now becomeing an old lady :D So lets get the party on :wtg:
  23. Kahr

    First Crafting Global

    Yep finaly got my first global in crafting, and just coz a mate wantede a mf-102 :) Click to enlarge
  24. Kahr

    First mining global

    It is a few days old, but anyways, here it is Click to enlarge And it is really hard to see where that was :)
  25. Kahr

    I love bots :)

    Last night i got kinda bored, so i thought that i would go see the oilrig. It has be a few years since i last was there, but anyway on my way there i took a small detoure curz i saw some bots, and hey i love metal, there is notthing better to beat up those guys :D And then BAM, and the trumpets...