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  1. Kahr

    He drowned my near-dead Eomon Stalker!

    Would love to get the details off this fine gent in a pm too.
  2. Kahr

    Vintage Classic PK action!

    Ohhh bollocks. It is blocked here..... Engaging ninja mode :ninja:
  3. Kahr

    Hi to all in here :D

    Hej og velkommen til. Pas paa du ikke bliver fanget og sidder fast i Entropia som mange af os :)
  4. Kahr

    Domain dispute

    How much they want to pay for it I dont know, coz so far I have told them to insert their claim where the sun dont shine... In a civil manner ofc :) Their charity are call exactly the same as my domain, which i have had at least 6 years. And i think they started this year, judging from their...
  5. Kahr

    Domain dispute

    I call upon all the wise ppl of Entropia. The slightly demented are welcome too :tongue2: I have recently been contacted by someone who are involved with a charity with a name similar to my domain. And now they want to buy my domain, or if i refuse and i do, they say they will go through WIPO...
  6. Kahr

    EBN: The Egg Heist

    It is the temps that were called in to help while MA is hit by the flu. Don't worry once everyone is back from sick leave, it will all be back to normal. :monkey: On a serious note. Very nice story and event setup.
  7. Kahr

    AWESOME LandAreas... ZERO tax

    Im in choke. The tortoise can do a sprint after all :silly2:
  8. entropia 2013-03-13 15-01-06-49

    entropia 2013-03-13 15-01-06-49

  9. entropia 2013-03-13 15-00-59-76

    entropia 2013-03-13 15-00-59-76

  10. Kahr

    New ships in the Sky

    I have been away from EU a bit, so dont know if this is new. But there are airships laying vapor or chem trails too. /Tinfoil hat on *I should read the posts before me, Nighthawk answered my question before i asked
  11. Kahr

    New ships in the Sky

    Ignore all advice and attack... All bots must die. :wise:
  12. Kahr

    Meteor! wow

    My guess is that the majority of the injuries are from glass splinters and similar. The last I saw from the Emergencies Ministry is that there have been damage to 2,962 buildings including 34 healthcare facilities, 11 social security institutions and 361 school and pre-school educational...
  13. Kahr

    Meteor! wow

    Last I heard was that around 1200 ppl have been injured, very few seriously. They have found 4 impact sites from debris. According to my cousin who lives in Yemanzhelinsk, it was one of the most powerful blast waves he ever felt. He needed a new door and windows anyway :)
  14. Kahr

    717 PED for CDF Scout Foot-Guards...

    I would properly get a good solid kick to the gentlemans area if I did a thing like that. :nutkick:
  15. Kahr

    Could not execute

    Thank you Vlooe, it is much better after i reduced the amount of BPs. There are still a few errors from time to time, but that is probably down to my poor internet connection. :)
  16. Kahr

    Could not execute

    Are there anyone who know of a way to get rid of the constant "Could not execute. Please try again" A 2k click round becomes quit long when it cant execute on every 2th try, seems like quiet a step back in crafting. :silly2:
  17. Kahr

    Land Lots : Changeable? or New Calypso Continent?

    It can be done, unless MA changed their politics. A few years back I was in contact with them and got an estimate on implementing an area with some houses. I used the money on wiser things in RL tho :) Put seriously why ask here, when there are a direct and faster way to get your answer?
  18. Kahr

    FYI: New weapons on Calypso

    Katsuichi Brilliance Retro (L) looted from a Warrior.
  19. Kahr

    Discovery: Katsuichi Brilliance Retro (L)

    Found a new sword among the remains of a Warrior lvl 1.
  20. entropia 2012-10-14 11-41-37-66

    entropia 2012-10-14 11-41-37-66

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    entropia 2012-10-14 11-41-46-01

  22. entropia 2012-10-14 11-41-53-56

    entropia 2012-10-14 11-41-53-56

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    entropia 2012-10-14 11-41-58-77

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    entropia 2012-10-13 13-39-10-05