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  1. osten

    Suggestion: Gliders

    I've been playing different "childish" games with my kids, and one of them has a cool ability to attach a glider, so you can jump off cliffs (using space), and press space again while in the air, to engage a glider/parachute. I miss that in EU :rolleyes: It would make it much more nice to move...
  2. osten

    HoF: I was HAZEd

    Yesterday, was doing some fishing (leviathans) and was about to end the day. Saw this glob on rext marauder and figured I might as well join a SandKing before bed. Got there a little bit late (90% ish left of it when I TP'd in).. Managed to die, but TPd back, loaded my gun (no drugs, but a...
  3. osten

    Global event signup thread

    I hereby officially declare that I approve for my avatar "Eon Ost Turf" to attend ANY non-conditional and free registration sign-on events on ANY planet, future or present. In other word, if you host an event, feel free to sign me up. I do not guarantee my attendance, but I'd like to be in the...
  4. osten

    Diving issues

    There seem to be a few issues with the new GUI and diving, although I haven't quite found a repeatable case. It appears like the move to target function when looting does not work at up-down axis + some other issues.
  5. osten

    Q2, skill buffs

    I am going to do a little language trick here. Since I'm limited to two questions and had to choose if I wanted to ask for speed pills for crafting, or mention the skill buff issue, I go for the last one. (Did you spot it? :laugh:) When I'm out there doing my stuff in game, and in some cases I...
  6. osten

    Question: Q1, grindyness

    The game is pretty "grindy". Can we get some (more or less rare) randomness? Like for example meeting time limited, or one time random NPC's at random places giving random missions and/or trades? Of course they can be recycled at different locations, but if the gossip makes everyone do the same...
  7. osten

    daily uber:crafting level 1 amplifier light (L) 10606 PED

    I am very happy for this hit today :) Thank you MA and all depositers (oh wait, thats me too!) ;)
  8. osten

    Kal-Rahm The Cannibal spawn time

    It seems to take 45min for the cannibal to spawn at my cat6 sessions. No exceptions seen so far. I even tried waiting for the 2nd, but that took another 45min. Others I talk to say 30min, but I'm not alone with 45 min. Yesterday it spawned when there was 4:12:40 left (took a screenshot). Did...
  9. osten

    What's wrong with me

    Every time I watch a EU video on youtube, I tend to move my mousepointer over mobs in the background to check their maturity... Even if I :duh: there and then, I do it the next time too, as if my brain thinks it will work one day! :hammer:
  10. osten

    HoF: Electric Attack Nanochip X

    Got this sweet baby from Oculus Stalker today (progress data masked out) What could it be worth?
  11. osten

    FYI: Average FFA star points?

    I've kept all my stars until 10040 was reached, and I calculated my average star point to be 5.63728... I suppose this number tells me how much luck (or how little) I had with star loot. Did anyone else do this calculation? I'd like to compare.
  12. osten

    Selling: 10040 FFA points

    Since these are worth 2k5ped UA to me, I cannot sell for less than that. Maybe they are worth more to the ones aiming for the 100k PED + ring reward. If interested, contact me in game. Full discretion of course. They are: 1 x1000 2 x500 3 x250 10 x100 26 x50 40 x25 135 x10 269 x5 1295 x1...
  13. osten

    Halloween Mayhem duration, too short?

    I'm struggling to get 40h play on this event. Am I the only one? I'm about half way and I get approx 2h play (grinding) every evening. I could probably make it more if I sleep at work and ignore my kids and wife. I could do that if I knew I would win, but I wont, but I'd like to challenge my...
  14. osten

    Uber: 6694 PED Caldorite

    Used tool "CDF finder z25" (cost me 200 daily tokens), kitchen made Level 5 amp, one range enhancer. I missed the look of a tower. Been too long (back in the meteor days, for those who remember)
  15. osten

    Personal Storage Terminals (L), insane decay

    Here the other day I noticed that my personal storage terminal that I placed inside my estate had gone dead. I was thinking wtf! I ran outside and tried the other one I put on the outside long time ago, and it was working. But I noticed the health bar had gone down quite a bit. I played around...
  16. osten

    Stereoscopic screenshots

    Here are some screenshots done on a 4560x1600 wall running stereoscopic 3d mode. They [also] are too large for the gallery, so Ill just post the flickr link. Note there are several issues running this mode, some described in the picture name. I think MA could fix many of them if they had any...
  17. osten

    Achievement: Highest resolution ever?

    I logged in to my wifes accout (I dont have my personal goldcard here from work) and did some screenshots from our highest resolution projector wall array. The rendering is very sluggish on this Nvidia Quadro FX5800 in this resolution at very high settings (it's ok and playable at high) Since...
  18. osten

    Uber: Explosive Blueprint IV

    Did a 1500click Explosive Blueprint IV. (I forgot to bring up the HOF window) Note the skill increase on MME using 100% skillpill :) PS:I undressed a bit for the camera. I know longtime will love it :) For highres images, goto
  19. osten

    Help: sharing uber resolution grabs

    I have some screengrabs at über resolution that I'd like to share, but afaik, the rules forbids external links, and gallery or personal album doesnt allow this resolution. Any suggestions? The resolution is 6592x2560, and files are 14-25MB.
  20. osten

    Selling: Shadow Helmet (F)

    Selling my looted beauty:Shadow Helmet (F). Tier rates 1: 136 2: 83 3: 83 4: 141 5: 100 6: 51 7: 110 8: 129 9: 71 10: 111 I cant wear it :( I may swap with a (M) with...
  21. osten

    HoF: Shadow Helmet (F)

    Happy new year for you all, it started out fine for me :yay: Shadow Helmet (F), TT value 6.83ped. Tier rates (1-10) 136 83 83 141 100 51 110 129 71 111 Found on Cersumon at LA11, 2015-01-01 22:06:16 Killed with a Isis Project Zero-Three E.L.M edition with Tac40 and 2 dmg enhancers (and some...
  22. osten

    High density mining deeds

    I havent seen this density of rods since the rods got a new look many years ago.. Is it just because "everyone hunts" or is it a new type of spread? This happened 2 days in a row with F101 (one depth, one range enh) + lvl2 light. This was shot yesterday.
  23. osten

    Suggestion:Donation dropbox

    I'd like to see donation dropboxes implemented so that estate owners can try to get some income from running free services like museums, parties, other special events or even IRL charity. Yea, it could open up for some abuse, but it should be up to the donator to decide if its real or not. There...
  24. osten


    Any and all of us risk getting run over by a large truck or hit in the head by a comet IRL any day :bomb: I miss an option to write a will of what should happen to my items and peds if I suddenly for any reason should disappear (for too long) from EU. For those with lots of peds, a testament...
  25. osten

    The Entropian magazine 1-4

    I got these originally "deeds" of the real world magazine in my storage. Sadly only the first issue came out. I never asked for refund for isse 2-4 and dont really remember how much MA offered, or if the offer is still valid. I kinda didnt want to part with them... Now I wonder, Do they have a...