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    Suggestion: Better Tooltips

    Small quality of life wishlist item. It would be really handy if when you rolled over an item your inventory, say, tier comps, that where it says "6 items" perhaps add in brackets how many of the same item you also have in storage. So maybe it would say "206 items (6 carried, 200 storage)" or...
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    Selling: Omegaton M83 T9 (SOLD)

    Gun is sold.
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    Selling: Omegaton M83 T9 (SOLD)

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    Selling: Omegaton M83 T9 (SOLD)

    Hello! I am considering letting my beastly T9.41, TIR 138/200, m83 go. You can look up the numbers, but it does approximately bucketloads of damage per second. Opens up the ability to hunt many many high end mobs before they even reach you. High dpp with delta amp yada yada. I don't need to...
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    Selling: TIER 6.99 Corrosive Attack Nanochip 13, FEN Edition&NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 7, FEN Edition Combo (SOLD)

    These chips cost a lotttt to tier up. In today's market this is not an unreasonable price for an awesome chip. Gl with sale :)
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    Buying: ******** Attack Nanochip 13, FEN Edition + NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 7, FEN Edition

    I'm looking to buy any of the 13 fen chips, any tier, with the amp, Peds ready to go! Msg me with what you have and lets make a deal! ~ Harry Hoob Hoobler
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    Ah the good old days!

    The one I'm remembering was the guy in the chat (grey guy getting in tp). Was called Professor Niels, but there might have been another. I can't remember tbh, a while ago :LOL:
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    Ah the good old days!

    Anyone remember the mysterious professor that visited way back in the day around the robot invasions? (end of 2005 ish I guess)
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    Buying: Halloween 2019 Ring - closed

    No longer looking. Ty
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    Buying: Halloween 2019 Ring - closed

    Hello :) I am looking for a Halloween 2019 Ring Let me know if you have one for sale. Much thanks! Harry Hoob Hoobler
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    Selling: Genesis Power Claw Mk. 6, FEN Edition

    Bump for Dr Claw
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    In game linking/links broken

    Has anyone else run into an issue where pasting items/player links in the chat window, just results in plain text being displayed? I've had this problem on and off for years but have yet to find a solution. Support unfortunately was not helpful. It's pretty annoying as it means you can't pm...
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 T9 (SOLD)

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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 T9 (SOLD)

    Added starting bid. Bump!
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 T9 (SOLD)

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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 T9 (SOLD)

    Selling this awesome pistol. Just in time for Merry Mayhem :) T9.32 89/200 tt+14.5k SB tt+15.5k BO
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    Help: Not getting Green Launch Button to login

    Try opening taskmanager and make sure there is no entropia.exe running in there. Kill it if there is.
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    That Freaking Cold Place - Neconu Slaughter: 500+ HOFs PAY BIG $$$

    Please sign me up :) Harry Hoob Hoobler
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    Old school stuff

    Can anyone give me a rough idea of what these weaps go for these days? Adj AS97 Adj Ravenger V1 EP40 merc (not mod) Thanks! Hoob
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    -25k peds last Month whats up with Loot?

    Maybe someone needs a turn on the HOFFINATOR! I miss shiny gold loot windows...
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    Uber: Solo 5441 prot + a suprise

    Grats Tryx, nice loot there :D Glad to see some old school players still around :)
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    Dante shades M and Pleat coat M (uncoloured)