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  1. Mora

    Selling: Improved Korss 400 (L)

    Full TT of 1938 peds. Peds preferred. Picture of tier increase rates is included. Offers in PM or in this thread. I'll keep this thread open for a week and sell to highest bidder. Starting from 106%.
  2. Mora

    Fat Feffoid with improved loot

    During Iron Challenge: feffoids I managed to get this. First I read it was a 500 ped hof because only some oil and korss 400 (L) showed up in the lootscreen. But after swoosh other items appeared and I read the hof entry again. I rarely post screenshots nowadays but this is worth it. Korss 400...
  3. Mora

    Serendipity unlocked

    Reached level 30 laser sniper (hit) couple of days ago. Next step: coolness/medicine.
  4. Mora

    Nemesis armor foot guards (f)

    Posting this while recovering from ctd; Mob was Drone, happy looting.
  5. Mora

    First drone-global in VU 9.0 for me

    Drones drop brown, umber and yellow paints from now on. This didn't include any though.
  6. Mora

    Dead avatar globaling

    First picture explains the topic. Skull appeared after teleporting into pvp1-area. Soon some crappy feffoid came in front of me and dropped korss 400 (L). All the rest are from robot crushing runs, nothing unusual in loot there.
  7. Mora

    Buying 29 ped beacon

    I'm looking for 29 ped beacon. I will pay current market price or more if necessary. Post here or send me private message.
  8. Mora

    Buying Robot Beacon (25 ped-one)

    Buying Robot Beacon (25 & 29) I'm looking for 25 ped and 29 beacon mission. I'll pay current market price or more if necessary. Thank you.
  9. Mora

    Two troopers & drone

    Went to burn out rest of my Taurus so I could buy new one. These came along the process:
  10. Mora

    Trooper '02 & '03

    Short hunt first, got one global on my own. Then teamed up with Luna from Reborn Souls and we got smaller global:
  11. Mora

    Trooper '04 & Drone '02

    Still waiting for something bigger to appear in my loot window. I'm not complaining about current loots though:
  12. Mora

    Mora slapping bots, again

    When hunting bigger stuff all the small ones give best loots. For me at least.
  13. Mora

    Mora smashing metal-heads

    After Rick-Chis huge hof on troopers I went to get my share. Last night I logged off 20 minutes before Rick-Chi got his hof in the same area. I'm happy too even though there is nothing big in loot:
  14. Mora

    Drone '01

    Metal recycling continues day after day. Don't have too much time to play but these are always welcome. Black box is hydraulic manifold.
  15. Mora

    Drone '04 & Warrior '04

    Got these two when driving in my AL15 Taurus. Kick ass gun, when it decays down to 3% of full TT I'll try Geotrek Auriga.
  16. Mora

    Some kingfishing in team

    Nothing but oils, it was really fun.
  17. Mora

    Armax bull old in team

    One global before break in electricity delivery. Next one dropped Ac-implant worth 23 peds.
  18. Mora

    Drone & Trooper '03 in team

    Some metal recycling done in team of three;
  19. Mora

    Great (XIV) Alferix

    Found something from tripudion LA with 2nd bomb. Too bad it was tt-fodder. A little bit later I teamed up with Livelong and we headed for small flying tincans. We were going after minor tp-chip but I wouldn't have imagined that it would actually drop for us. After ~10 attackers came this...
  20. Mora

    Unlocked Ranged Damage Assessment

    I noticed I was close unlocking this one so I bought opalo from tt and went skilling on crap mobs. Here's the result: Next hunting-related: serendipity? Or maybe BPC (non-hunting).
  21. Mora

    Warrior '01, 51 peds

    Recycling continues. Glad I bought those 6a-plates.
  22. Mora

    Where robots go to die

    We found one amusing place when recycling some tincans and metal sheets. This was west of Fort Troy where the robot spaceship is located. Only one spot is shown in this picture, there were lots of similar traps without water. Robots were quite rusty as they didn't move at all and couldn't be...
  23. Mora

    Warrior '06, 51 peds

    Testing my new 6a-plates. I'm satisfied, second warrior gave me female paladin arms and some robot junk. I'll start to recycle too.
  24. Mora

    Atrax old, 61 peds

    We were doing a tp-run with 2 of my disciples. Overall loot had been good for them since midday, and it ended up in global. All the loot was quite bad after this, but it made their day.
  25. Mora

    Team-globals during FoF-event

    Only two for our team but that doesn't matter, it was fun.