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    Suggestion: Better Tooltips

    Small quality of life wishlist item. It would be really handy if when you rolled over an item your inventory, say, tier comps, that where it says "6 items" perhaps add in brackets how many of the same item you also have in storage. So maybe it would say "206 items (6 carried, 200 storage)" or...
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    Selling: Omegaton M83 T9 (SOLD)

    Hello! I am considering letting my beastly T9.41, TIR 138/200, m83 go. You can look up the numbers, but it does approximately bucketloads of damage per second. Opens up the ability to hunt many many high end mobs before they even reach you. High dpp with delta amp yada yada. I don't need to...
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    Buying: ******** Attack Nanochip 13, FEN Edition + NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 7, FEN Edition

    I'm looking to buy any of the 13 fen chips, any tier, with the amp, Peds ready to go! Msg me with what you have and lets make a deal! ~ Harry Hoob Hoobler
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    Buying: Halloween 2019 Ring - closed

    Hello :) I am looking for a Halloween 2019 Ring Let me know if you have one for sale. Much thanks! Harry Hoob Hoobler
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    In game linking/links broken

    Has anyone else run into an issue where pasting items/player links in the chat window, just results in plain text being displayed? I've had this problem on and off for years but have yet to find a solution. Support unfortunately was not helpful. It's pretty annoying as it means you can't pm...
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L4 T9 (SOLD)

    Selling this awesome pistol. Just in time for Merry Mayhem :) T9.32 89/200 tt+14.5k SB tt+15.5k BO
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    Old school stuff

    Can anyone give me a rough idea of what these weaps go for these days? Adj AS97 Adj Ravenger V1 EP40 merc (not mod) Thanks! Hoob
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    Dante shades M and Pleat coat M (uncoloured)

    Selling both the above items. Best bid this time next week gets em :) I'll start bids at: Dante 1800 ped Pleat 1800 ped Cheers. Edit: please post bids on here as I prolly won't be on here much until next week and will get confusing :) Current bid on dante 1900 ped
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    Price check: full biotropy and psycotropy chips

    What's yer thoughts on pricing?
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    weeeee unlocked stuff :D

    Weeeeeee I sold my blp rifles recently as i'm moving to hg for a bit, but I knew I was close to unlocking combat sense, so I borrowed an ml45 to try and unlock it. It unlocked on the second mob after i went out :D Click to enlarge Then a few mobs later got this :D yayyy (3130 evade if anyone...
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    Buying: dante shades m

    Looking for a pair of these, pm me yer prices pls :)
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    Buying gremlin shins m

    If you got some for sale pm me or find me ingame and lemme know your price :) ty
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    My bro the professor spotted in twin again!

    Click to enlarge were all gonna dieeee :( he dint say how when or where tho :(
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    weeee unlocked the sixth sense ^^

    Click to enlarge yay :) I see dead people :(
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    Buying Good nerve blast or better

    Buying good nerveblast chip or better :) pm me yer price please thankya
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    Kill me before I'm dead why dontcha ma :/

    Click to enlarge new bug, seems they've already pre-decided I'm gonna die lol (lag ;) ) bastids! :silly2:
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    Ima psycho err pysychic err psychic :)

    I cant spell it but I'm one o those :cool: Click to enlarge :)
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    weeeee unlocked coolness

    I'm so happyyy, been skilling like a nutter to get this. was so happy I forgot to screenie the message :) yay Click to enlarge
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    For anyone who hasn't had an ATH uberhof...

    And also hasn't had the chance kill a big mob or to use an uber rifle. Now you can! :) (requires flash player) Harry Hooblers Hofinator (bored at work lol)
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    More pics of the thorifoid temple thing

    We had a little OoS trip to the temple last night and I thought I'd take some pics :) so here they are. Arial shot of the temple exterior: Click to enlarge Round the back of each statue is one of these: Click to enlarge We then spent ages trying to slide into the side wall to get inside...
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    weeee 3.6k trox

    yay :) I was getting loads of no loots and was muttering bad words to myself then this popped up :) Click to enlarge weeee
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    Happy Birthday Ragna

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ :)