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    Selling: [Omegaton A105, Improved]

    Selling my [Omegaton A105, Improved] TT+1800
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    Buying: [A&P Series Mayhem BC-30, Modified]

    PM me with your offers, thank you.
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    Selling: Ranked Scorpion T 8.16

    Selling Ranked Scorpion T 8.16 9875 PED PM with your offers, thank you. P.S. Accepting item(s) in trade
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    Buying: Aakas Fire Dagger

    Hello, I'm looking for a Aakas Fire Dagger, PM with your offers please Thanks
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    Buying: Ranked Scorpion

    Hello, Buying a Ranked Scorpion, preferably low tier. PM me with your offers. Thank you
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    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier 4

    Looking to buy one, PM with your offer. Thanks
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    Selling: Pills

    any 10mg pill [HyperStim 5mg] x5 [AccuStim 5mg] x2 [DevaStim 5mg] x3 [MediStim 5mg] x3 [NutriStim 5mg] x2 [HyperStim 15mg] x3 [DevaStim 15mg] x4 [MediStim 15mg] x3 [NutriStim 15mg] x1 [Neurostim-A] x10
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    Buying: A103

    WTB Omegaton A103. PM here or ingame. Thanks
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    Buying: Omegaton A100 Series Parts

    If you got some left in your storage, PM here or ingame. Thanks
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    Selling: Neurostim A

    Neurostim A x31 400%
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    Selling: Adj A105, Jarhead (F), Adj Pixie (F), Leoi Shock Dagger, 5B, 5D

    Selling the following items: Adjusted A105 - SOLD Leoi Shock Dagger T 0.9 Jarhead (F) UL (not colored but customizable) - SOLD Adjusted Pixie (F) Set 5B PM with offers (PED only)
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    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem

    Offering TT+550 Thank you.
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    Buying: Leoi Shock Dagger

    Offering TT+500. Thank you.
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    Selling: Angel Foot Guards (M) UL

    Freshly looted Angel Foot Guards (M) SOLD
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    Buying: Full Jarhead (F) UL

    PM with your offer. Thanks
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    Selling: Full Nemesis (F)

    Tier info: shin guards: tier 1.6 harness: tier 0.9 helmet: tier 1.8 gloves: tier 0.7 foot guards: tier 0.6 arm guards: tier 0.5 thigh guards: tier 0.9 SOLD