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    FFA Star points

    Can anyone tell me what each star is worth for points ?

    was in the swamp and went to mayhem now taking damage

    was in the swamp and went to mayhem now taking damage. had my pill on and died in the instance and now i am in mayhem and taking the swamp damage how can i leave i die with the damage from swamp? :D

    Selling: Hedoc SK-80 *SOLD*

    SOLD Selling Hedoc SK-80 Tier 2.5

    Selling: Ozpyn HK S1X1 or Ozpyn BP S1X4

    Selling Ozpyn BP S1X4 Sold tier 1

    Selling: Jaguar Arms (M) Tier 3.3 Selling if you want make an offer I bought them to upgrade to adj and have not got around to it. Jaguar Arms (M) Tier 3.3

    do not do beacons!!!!!!!!!

    Do them we was weak ������

    Buying: mod 2350

    mod 2350 if you have let me know offer and tier ect when I am online i will reply thanx. got pure peds. tier 0 works for me but if is tired and ok price works. may be offline a few days at a time but will check back when i can. got one

    Selling: Adjusted restoration chip

    Adjusted restoration chip for sale let me know if your interested. Sold

    Buying: Mod 2350

    Looking for a mod 2350 tell me your price. I have an adjusted resto to sell first if it may interest you as part of the trade.
  10. GAMBLE

    Info: Adjusted Meckel & Loch ML-35 tier 4 recipe

    Adjusted Meckel & Loch ML-35 tier 4 recipe Gazz 301 Root Acid 247 Pile Of Opals 1130 Blazar Fragment 3013 Tier IV Component
  11. GAMBLE

    Selling: Dune Rider (M) + Adjusted Meckel & Loch ML-35

    Adjusted Meckel & Loch ML-35 tier 4.2 14k buy out Dune Rider (M) Shins tier 2.5 Arm Guards tier 2.8 Thigh Guards tier 3.8 Foot Guards tier 2.0 Harness tier 3.7 Helmet tier 3.2 Gloves tier 4.1 21k buyout...
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    Selling: Vigilante (M) Ozpyn RSB S1X2

    Vigilante (M) tier 0.9-1 Ozpyn RSB S1X2 tier 0.9 Sold
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    Selling: Desert Trenchers (M) Eden Micro Skirt (F,C) Striped 1 Over The Knee Socks (F,C) Large Striped Carpet (C)

    Desert Trenchers (M) Eden Micro Skirt (F,C) Striped 1 Over The Knee Socks (F,C) Large Striped Carpet (C) Selling these have more than one if your interested in one of them or a few of each let me know.
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    Selling: (L) Blueprints many different kinds

    . .
  15. GAMBLE

    Mod 2350/2600

    how much do people think each fap is worth Mod 2350/2600
  16. GAMBLE

    Buying: 3 Starkhov LPR-30 (L)

    As the title says looking to buy 3 Starkhov LPR-30 (L) Let me know if you have them and what price you are willing to sell at thanx. Bp is also of interest if you have one to sell They are all (L) clicks
  17. GAMBLE

    Meckel & Loch ML-35

    Meckel & Loch ML-35 wondering what its worth not bothering about tiers as its an upgrade item.
  18. GAMBLE

    top 10 socs

    how much skill points does it take to join the top 10 socs ? just wondering as we got so many skilled players now :eyecrazy:
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    Buying: Dune Rider (M) Helmet Harness

    Dune Rider (M) Helmet Harness It seems not much sells on the forum's but if you have these for sale let me know I wish to finish my set. Also if no one is open to sell these then i would look at Sand Stormer/Dark Knight
  20. GAMBLE

    Selling: Merry Mayhem 14 Gloves (M)

    Merry Mayhem 14 Gloves (M) 0.9 atm tiers 103 67 117 117 149 56 125 68 54 86
  21. GAMBLE

    Selling: ghoul foot guards

    tier 2.7 make and offer if you want them i do not use them. (M)
  22. GAMBLE

    Uber: Warrior Elite

  23. GAMBLE

    Selling: Athenic Ring Adjusted

    Athenic Ring Adjusted make an offer for all the left handers ;) Sold so no one pm's me :)
  24. GAMBLE

    Selling: Sentinel Arm Guards (M,L)

    Sentinel Arm Guards (M,L) 232.51 TT tiers 58 55 63 .. all in single figures if your interested let me know make an offer Sold
  25. GAMBLE

    Selling: Essi Evening Gown

    Selling Essi Evening Gown shoot me an offer if your intrested. Will sell them for + 80 each if anyone is intrested. All SOLD