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  1. Manique

    FYI: Improved B.E. Armor

    Heya sorry for no replies recently, I have been on break, busy IRL and lack of time to play, can't tell what is going on when it comes to loot drops since a lot changed
  2. Manique

    Achievement: 500 hp

    First of all gratz on the milestone It was just a matter of time with the dedication and hunger for achieving you've got I'd say making a living of the game is a good unlock, MA doesn't want to push that so much, and its only possible if people put this kind of effort, which agian, isnt an...
  3. Manique

    Multipliers you get while mining

    that and also would hurt the economy, most ppl just do their gambling for the swirlie rush and nothing else Even if they get screwed its not what matters
  4. Manique

    Lootable PvP is not dead

    Not like is a colossal hit, Save the noob some dignity, spare him some or at least hide his name Like a 20 year old slap a 10 year old and makes him cry and brags to his friends, and even points out who it was gg, nice kill tho
  5. Manique

    congratulations to messi

    When you see this thread after being inactive a while makes you certain than it is the best thing you could've done. If you think kids fighting about who is momy's favorite lil boy is a silly lil kid's joke wait till you see how the big boy's "who's the favourite" or "who's got the biggest...
  6. Manique

    Question: Which is the better investment CLD, CP or LA?

    Since when there were plans for CP deeds?
  7. Manique

    Question: Would You Like to See Land Grab Area Taxes?

    back when it was worthwhile and i was in BAHQ we held all the LA's, the only one worth while is Takuta, the other ones will only pay off ocasionally if someone accidently drops by and hunts or mines some and scores OR your own soc hunts and mines there Tax are ridiculously low, the only one...
  8. Manique

    Selling: ranger scope + sight mk2

    if youre not even giving a price guideless its not like you got interest on the sale, just hoping for someone secretly overbid and you take it. gl on the sale anyway, i was curious on the current worth
  9. Manique

    Question: IMK2 - Enhancer break rate?

    With info from Ivi I assure you thats as accurate data as you may get
  10. Manique

    Please give me my USD 55'976$ Back!

    You suffer what most suffer sadly investment insecurity one day you can invest 6 digits and over night turns to 5 digits cos MA wants to do so and can do so Even tho you bought it long ago, its yours and MA shouldnt do that just out of their damn will However most item owners got screwed over...
  11. Manique

    Info: Tutorial: Anti pirate vaccine - prevents you from being looted in space!

    Thats how EU has always been wealthier get whatever there's best while others skill up for it
  12. Manique

    Selling: 10k ped shrap

    I'll give you 99.99% tt value, a reminder of who i am
  13. Manique

    Entropia Universe Release Notes

    Instead of fixing things gotten even more fucked than before LUL
  14. Manique

    Selling: Omegaton M83 Predator Tier 7

    a price or knowing the current offers would be good you know
  15. Manique

    Actual state of EU

    There will be the day elitists will cry when the game hasnt got enough low end to sustain and all their skills and gear mean trash, more than atm
  16. Manique

    Actual state of EU

    i stoped playing cos each year i played the devs grown greedier and greedier and they were corrupt as fuck now they arent as corrupt but they took long to take any sort of action and the game seems dead being busy irl also didnt add up why i havent been active, i just dont feel the urge
  17. Manique

    Most Underwhelming Moments in EU

    Thinking the community would be nice and welcoming, and you find a community greedier than the devs and the game, and we're talking about a game where the devs will do everything possible in their reach to fuck you over big time. I mean if you invest in something today be assured you're prolly...
  18. Manique

    Merry Mayhem 2017 Preview

    well its is fair and simple to assume people that have an account but play on somebody elses account dont have much HP. Doesn't mean they dont parpticipate in the game tho
  19. Manique

    Performance Update

    is that true? they finally gonna fix the problems that came since Cry Engine 2? Oh boy maybe its gonna be this time
  20. Manique

    Selling: Carramone with Supremacy feet (M)

    that does sound like one of his rage drunken sell outs
  21. Manique

    R.I.P. to PvP

    i dont often agree but its what he said ppl get greedy as fuck for pocket change and in the end is loss is just ego measure, which is what pvp is all about in EU, been for long, and unless some drastic changes, will still be
  22. Manique

    Question: Got lag? Got a SSD?

    Think is more than well known MA wanna host events when they got lag, and events only make it worse
  23. Manique

    State of the Game, IMO

    This has been the reason why my activity been mostly withdrawing this year I got my calls ignored too much when they were meaningfull, some stuff went beyond its time. If stuff wasnt fixed, keeping in touch with comunity wasnt so hard, but they rather not do it.
  24. Manique

    FYI: Cerb Hulk Beris - Hunting log

    Fun how people mention messi a lot People know his early days? Ask him his returns and how he did before certain level and certain gear aquisition, you'd be surprized, he just planed long term, thats all.
  25. Manique

    FYI: Cerb Hulk Beris - Hunting log

    The game is currently at a state its always been MA changes something, someone gets fucked, this time is the people with high end items, suprirzed? you shouldnt, i mean, if you go some months back people with mid range weapons got fucked with the adj ep41, and mod2350/mod2600 the adj fap owners...