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  1. Jhereg

    Selling: Empty Skill Implant (L) TT = 660.54 Peds. No longer for sale here. Moved to in game auction.

    Note: No longer for sale here, moved to auction...
  2. Jhereg

    Buying: Imp or Mod Hedoc and HC A204

    Hi everyone. Looking for: Either an Imp or a Mod Hedoc (T0-T2) and a Hypercharged A204 Please PM me prices. I have ped ready.
  3. Jhereg

    Selling: CLOSED Summer Ring 2018

    Hey all. I'm swapping out rings. Looking to sell my Summer Ring 2018 and Perfected Ares. So taking offers. Edit: Perfected Ares Sold. Still selling S18. Buyout: 17k Items of Interest: Mod Hedoc Halloween 2018 Unique Tethys Hypercharged A204
  4. Jhereg

    Price Check Unique Tethys Ring

    Anyone know who currently owns this ring? :D I'll take a price check too just for fun
  5. Jhereg

    Selling: Summer 2018 and Perfected Hedoc Both SOLD

    Considering freeing up some ped to make some gear adjustments. Hedoc Mayhem Perfected SOLD Summer Ring 2018 SOLD Items of Interest: Mod Hedoc or Imp Hedoc Halloween 2018 or Christmas 2020 or Unique Tethys Hypercharged A204 Zho
  6. Jhereg

    FYI: Turret vs Weapon Efficiency Testing

    This thread is inspired by Because of this, I decided to run my own testing. Raw Data...
  7. Jhereg

    Info: How to think about efficiency.

    I wanted to present a way for people to think about efficiency that might make it easier to understand the impact of attachments and such. I've seen a few posts where people discuss increasing or decreasing efficiency when using attachments/enhancers etc, and I think the below points might help...
  8. Jhereg

    Selling: SOLD Tier 4 Adjusted ML-35

    Got one of these fun toys for sale! Tier 4... SOLD
  9. Jhereg

    Selling: Easter Strongbox

    Want to sell Easter Strongbox at 4.5/each. I currently have ~1300. Zho
  10. Jhereg

    Buying: Looking to buy an apartment on Calypso for 600 ped...

    Looking to buy an apartment on Caly for 600 ped...not looking for anything fancy. Just some place to decorate lol...
  11. Jhereg

    Info: Attribute Gained Per Ped

    For GLORYYYYYYY Attribute gained per ped acquired from meta attribute challenge rewards in codex. (As of Dec 2, 2020. What I've been able to get so far)
  12. Jhereg

    Selling: Socket Components

    Need to liquidate some socket components, below is what I have. Feel free to make me an offer. Ideally bulk deal with be easiest so will be preferred over piecemeal. :p Socket 1 Component 5529 552.90 STORAGE (Calypso) Socket 2 Component 5686 568.60 STORAGE (Calypso) Socket 3...
  13. Jhereg

    Selling: Summer Strongbox x 400, 2 ped ea. SOLD OUT

    I have 400 x Summer Strongbox left for sale. Looking for 2 ped ea. Zho
  14. Jhereg

    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem LP-100, Modified

    I want to buy a A&P Series Mayhem LP-100, Modified. Let me know if you can get one. PM me your price. Zho.
  15. Jhereg

    Lookin to rent Halloween Ring 2019 for the weekend

    Looking to rent Halloween Ring 2019 for this weekend...PM me your price.
  16. Jhereg

    Buying: Low tier A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Improved

    Looking to buy a low tier A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Improved PM me your price. Zho
  17. Jhereg

    Selling: Summer Ring 2016

    Looking to sell this skill increase ring, with reload and increased critical chance too! :) I've been using it to try to make my looter profession related combat skills go up faster. I hope it can go to a good home. :D Buyout...
  18. Jhereg

    Selling: Angel FEN Edition (M)

    Looking to sell my Angel FEN (M) set. Really beautiful set with some tiers and with evade buff :) Harness Tier 3.99 Arm Tier 1.99 Thigh Tier 2.99 Shin Tier 2.99 Helmet Tier 1.99 Gloves Tier 2.99 Foot Tier 2.99 Buyout TT+25k (Buyout...
  19. Jhereg

    Selling: CLOSED Restoration Chip, Improved and EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified T2.44

    Selling my heal tools :) NO LONGER FOR SALE Restoration Chip, Improved SOLD EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified Tier 2.44 Buyout: TT+7800 Serious offers please.
  20. Jhereg

    Buying: EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified or Hedoc Mayhem, Improved - BOUGHT, CLOSED

    Found one, thanks :)
  21. Jhereg

    Price Check Superior Thorifoid Berserker's Helm (M)

    Anyone got a link in game? I can't recall how much one of these are worth. Might be looking to get one too if you know of one for sale. Thanks all :)
  22. Jhereg

    Selling: 32x Vacuum Flux Energy Generator (800 Ped)

    Looking to sell these components: 32x Vacuum Flux Energy Generator (800 Ped) PM me your price.
  23. Jhereg

    Guess at Basic Loot Algorithm Structure

    A basic guess at the hunting loot engine....with few details :) *EDIT: I've changed the 95% factor on the fap cost and armor cost to factors alpha1 and alpha2. I don't think we know enough for me to actually put a specific number on it, and it was causing way more confusion than it needed to...
  24. Jhereg

    Price Check Female Boar Set

    Price check on a tier 0 female boar set. Thanks all :)
  25. Jhereg

    Buying: Looking for Merry Mayhem Male Set

    Found, thread can be closed.