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  1. SpikeBlack

    Action man!

    Ah back to my youth in the 70's. But you know what somewhere on a British army base there's a squaddie trying to work out if they could spoof this.
  2. SpikeBlack

    Ok, thats not disturbing

  3. SpikeBlack

    Anyone else noticed that the url now forwards to here? I guess it's finally been killed off.
  4. SpikeBlack

    Loot boxes

    Ok I stumbled across this guy on you tube and after watching a few videos and laughing aloud at times and agreeing quite often I found this one. Be warned if you don't like listening to a Brit in full on rant mode don't watch.
  5. SpikeBlack

    Glass and a half

    ok, admit I was a little bored tonight.
  6. SpikeBlack

    And now he feels EPIC!

  7. SpikeBlack

    I want to play a game.

  8. SpikeBlack

    Best game show ever.

    The guys who came up with this show are just evil :) but it's the one game show I'd appear on. He was ok in the end if you're wondering. They just didn't tell the presenter they were going to do it. edit: had to add this one.
  9. SpikeBlack

    My new favourite website.

    The only one I'm willing to admit to ;)
  10. SpikeBlack

    What would you buy someone with £20

  11. SpikeBlack

    How to eat watermelon if you're in a hurry

    Hopefully every one can see this and it's not region restricted.
  12. SpikeBlack

    Thought we some us needed this.

    and then I go and screw the thread title up :laugh:
  13. SpikeBlack

    Haunted elevator

    A friend told me about this a few days ago and now it's on youtube :yay: Ghosthunting with Yvette Fielding would have been a lot more entertaining if they'd done this sort of stuff.
  14. SpikeBlack

    Using Windows 8 while drunk

    We all know it will happen at some point, a lot of us have done it already - use windows while drunk. But whats Windows 8 like to use while drunk
  15. SpikeBlack

    Semi Annual Report Jan - June 2012

    For those interested in said matters, the semi annual report for January to June 2012 is out. make of it what you will. And for a change it's in English but quite short.
  16. SpikeBlack

    Own a Mecha

    All I will say is I want one.
  17. SpikeBlack

    The Punisher does his laundry.

  18. SpikeBlack

    If PCF were in real life

  19. SpikeBlack

    Giant Robot destroys mothership!

  20. SpikeBlack

    New mob discovered on Calypso

  21. SpikeBlack

    MA investor relations notices

    I posted this on EF as well but seeing as hardly anyone reads that anymore I'm posting it here as well. New investor relations notices on the MA website Presentation-for-Shareholders110519.pdf styrelsens-forslag-till-beslut-vid-arsstamma-i-MindArk-PE-AB.pdf Unfortunately the first cannot be...
  22. SpikeBlack

    Is that any way to behave

    One of Russell Howards child hood stories :laugh: Viewers with a sensitive disposition should look away now :)
  23. SpikeBlack

    Major Changes To Next Island Quests

    Posted yesterday in the NI news but don't think it's made it here yet.
  24. SpikeBlack


    Judging from the forum in recent days many need a good laugh.
  25. SpikeBlack

    Mindarks Annual Report 2008

    The annual report for 2008 is out. For some reason they didn't upload it on the ftp site and its only in the press area of their website. still no sign of the Q1 2009 report though.