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  1. Fat Fock Frank

    Buying: Mkv Mentor Edition

    Hey! Looking to buy a mkvme, got one for sale? Let me know how much you're asking for it. Drop me a line...
  2. Fat Fock Frank


    Fank U MA for the recent return i've had and Fank U all in advance for flaming this thread!!!
  3. Fat Fock Frank

    Selling: Ul hl8

    Selling: UL HL8 TT: 5538.39 PED SB: tt+19k BO: tt+21k When SB is met auction will go on for another 3days !!!!
  4. Fat Fock Frank

    PC: UL adj hedok sk-50

    PC: on UL adj hedoc sk-50 Decay is almost 6pec/click (slightly less then that) The big diffrence compared to adj fap is that this fap actually gives skillgain. Have tried the fap out for couple of days and i realy like it. link below gives u some info, and tt is about 4.5k...
  5. Fat Fock Frank

    Selling: UL Gauss

    Taking offers on: Kaiser-Graf HVMR-1 Pm or post here Here are stats: [/url]Click to enlarge[/IMG] HIGHEST BID: SOLD!!! Zoo tt+6k SB: tt+3.5k BO: tt+6k (as soon as SB is met the aucton will go on for 1 week. I reserve the right not to sell if SB is not met.) AUCTION WILL END SUNDAY 22ND...
  6. Fat Fock Frank

    Selling: ADJ Hedok sk-50

    Hey! Taking offers on adj Hedok SK-50 UL. Pm or post here!! SB: tt+14k BO: tt+20k (as soon as SB is made the auction will go on for 1 week. I reserve the right not to sell if SB is not made.) Here are stats: tt is 4250ped Decay: 6pec/click [/url]Click to enlarge[/IMG] [COLOR="Red"]HIGHEST...
  7. Fat Fock Frank

    Buying: Ul Hl8

    Buying UL Hl8. Final bid:tt+25k If u got one for sale pm me or post here. This is my one and only bid let's see if we get a deal of. So if you're willing to sell for +25k then i'm your man :D I don't want any ridiculous offers or any thread thrashers in here... Keep it clean and nice...
  8. Fat Fock Frank

    Buying: Imp ep-21

    Hey! Buying imp ep-21, if u got one for sale post here or pm me!!!
  9. Fat Fock Frank

    BUYING: Adj Hero

    As thread says.. buying one asap, am ingame almost all day long pm or post here as soon as u have one for sale...
  10. Fat Fock Frank

    Camping project!!

    Ohoy there fellow entropedians.. as the title says, i'm going for "project camping". i'll need suggestions and help from my fellow entropedians of what mob suits me to camp.. i'll help u out with some details (look below) Gear/Setup: Adj. Hero + 4 A104 amps(scope and 2 lasersights), Ghost+5b...
  11. Fat Fock Frank

    U Fat Cow!!!

    Didn't know a young cow could be so fat :D Click to enlarge all i have to say is YUM YUM
  12. Fat Fock Frank

    Fat Longu

    Fat Longu permalink practicly went OMFG and got disoriented... i said in soc chat time to kill some atrax.. off i went with my regular amount of ammo 200ped light cell and 30 ped med cell tp into atrax land killed couple of atrax prowlers b4 a stalker spawned behind me and took big chunk of my...
  13. Fat Fock Frank

    Ad or no Ad??!!

    Hey all!!! I've been wondering about the ad option in eu client. Is it proven that u get less loot if u have show ad toggled off? Can it be proven? Or is it in fact so it realy doesn't matter, it's just another lag factor? couple of questions that i personaly have no good answers for. So plz...