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  1. John B Knight

    Price Check Titan Gloves F

    60 impact 60 stab 30 cold 30 electric durability 5200 max TT 286 ped ----- EDIT: aprrently as posted by ni dev Socrates the Titan armor set is supposed to have additional buffs: 20% evade 25% reduced crit damage ---- Seemingly the perfect gloves for summer migration. (Against Eomons as good as...
  2. John B Knight

    Highest known Looter Professions in Entropia

    Arguably since Loot 2.0 the most important professions to skill up are the ones who directly impact your average TT return. List of official statments pertaining to loot post 2.0 Animal / Mutant and Robot Looter will help you to a more steady hunting experience that is less volatile and provides...
  3. John B Knight

    Buying: Ascension Armor M

    Buying Ascension armor M - still need all 7 pieces Paying 250 ped a piece
  4. John B Knight

    Buying: Buying Tier 8 comps

    Buying Tier 8 comps - message me here or ingame - i need alot and im happy over every single one you can find
  5. John B Knight

    Selling: JBK sales thread

    Taking offers on a few items in pm only. Ark Royal mothership deed (ship at ~14k structural integrity) - SOLD Summer Ring 2018 - SOLD Set (x7) of Smuggler Armour Plate 1's - serious offers 10k+ ped only / Instant buyout 11k DOA Slugstorm T10 - SOLD Prebuy-option for 357 Arkadia Moon Deeds -...
  6. John B Knight

    weight reduction containers & equus/firebirds

    Hello, here is another of my old support cases from 5 years ago which i thought to put up for public discussion and more community/mindark awareness in the age of #yoggate - if we fix bugs that effect the playerbase in events can we please also fix bugs that effect universal means of transport ...
  7. John B Knight

    Suggestion: ingame jewelry balancing

    Hello, i am reposting an old support case of mine from 5 years ago as i am not sure that it really ever was considered. History for support case 313564: 2015-12-03 17:31 You wrote: Hello, i have been following the introduction of strongboxes and the droprates of limited and unlimited...
  8. John B Knight

    please fix autoloot buff stacking

    Most players usually use one way of autoloot be it pill,item or pet which do come in various range, however like with all buffs the autoloot buff icon does show the categories Strength,Item, Action, Total were it differs is that its missing a maximum cap in the icon. After some testing i can say...
  9. John B Knight

    Loot X.0 - or how to generate lasting mu in an economy

    I have seen many threads talking about what was good or bad on loot 1.0,2.0 even some asking for 3.0 but the most important matter to make hunting/mining/crafting work is lasting mu's througout the chain so that all players can make up for the tt return they might be lacking. So how to build...
  10. John B Knight

    Some lessons to be taken away from the recent official field chip fiasco...

    Please add your constructive ideas how Mindark can improve the system to reduce the risk of potential 'fraud' or the appearance of it - to keep the perception of a fair system as high as possible. Here is some ideas: There is no need for official avatar items to be tradeable, make them avatar...
  11. John B Knight

    Selling: Trading Deep Space Knowledge Skill

    Trading Deep Space Knowledge Skill (DSK) 1 ped DSK for 3 ped Spacecraft Pilot (exchange rate) up to 200 ped DSK for 600 ped Spacecraft pilot max per person only skilltrades on prefilled esi's
  12. John B Knight

    Selling: Adjusted Maddox Tier10 + Rage20 blp amp (unique)

    Selling my beloved weapon combo: Adjusted Maddox Tier10 + Rage20 blp amp (unique) according to DPP without enhancers: 2.93699 / DPS: 59.8026 DPP with 10 dmg enhancers(320%mu): 2.82529 / DPS: 99.6710 At 29% faster reload you hit the cap of...
  13. John B Knight

    Feedback to the start of updating space

    Thank you Mindark for finally addressing space and having started with making some long needed important changes :) The recent update introduced non-lootable pvp areas on planet adjacent space servers, these changes allow for many players to experience space hunting as well as travel in the...
  14. John B Knight

    Info: Gunners list

    It may be to early, but since i saw recently some people wanting a gunners list i figured - lets start one ;) For the following reasons it is 'early' (even though we have had the gunner profession for 8years now): Mindark disabled the impact of the gunner profession on mothership/privateer...
  15. John B Knight

    Info: Highest known Intelligence in Entropia

    Couldnt find this anywhere on pcf so figured we need one more list ;) Why is Intelligence important to me ? Its the only attribute that matters in space :cool: Please join by posting your avatars intelligence, you can provide proof (eg screenshot) but its not mandatory. You can not enlist...
  16. John B Knight

    Are we still going to get the remaining AMA answers ?

    Are we still going to get the remaining AMA answers ? (As of this moment still one and a half pages of unanswered questions) My specific interest would have been in my space related question, which got skipped while lots of later questions got answered. Q1: What are Mindarks actions...
  17. John B Knight

    Info: The History of Spacecrafts II

    Since the original thread - 'The History of Spacecrafts' can no longer be updated, here the continuation - i think we may need some recent updates as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As years flew by, i have kept an eye on various...
  18. John B Knight

    Suggestion: Import/export office/terminal

    Just wrote this in another thread, but figured this deserves a discussion thread on its own since its a wholey different aproach to made space proposals from the past and could have huge potential for the universe as a whole if done right...
  19. John B Knight

    Question: Q2: Will you allow players to help 'develop' space ?

    Considering that we are now in the 8th year of 'new' space and are still waiting on many promised features that will finally enable players and ship owners alike to persue opportunities in space in trade, transport, mining, hunting, events and management - i have often wondered if Mindark is...
  20. John B Knight

    Question: Q1: What are Mindarks actions (short/longterm) to keep their promises for space ?

    This is the list of promises made by Mindark over the last 8 years regarding space: Most of which has still not been acted uppon, but many promises were renewed...
  21. John B Knight

    Suggestion: Longrange Ping

    For close to 8 years now have i been searching space mobs - thats right its more a search then a hunt cause whenever one gets in range a single gunner can kill it before it reaches the ship and for whatever reason mindark seems to be unwilling to increase spawn density even for a single mob...
  22. John B Knight

    Avatar Statue deed sales - mindark sales in general

    Over a year ago i purchases the avatar statue deed for twin peaks main - while the auction was still running i sent in some questions to clarify the sales criteria - however i didnt get an 'answer' until 9 month after i already had won the auction. And now i seemingly having been passed on to...
  23. John B Knight

    Loot 2.0 and Space

    I very much look forward to the announced loot 2.0 update, hoping that it not only will make hunting more fair planetside but also in space. Some of my most recent feedback to mindark regarding loot and space was from march this year and it seems to have been incorporated to some degree in the...
  24. John B Knight

    Achievement: 100 Great Master Vehicle Structural Engineer

    First to make it to 100 Great Master Vehicle Structural Engineer :yay::yay::yay: ToS Normandie crew, ship and service ftw :D :wtg:
  25. John B Knight

    Which slogan do you prefer ?

    Which slogan do you prefer ? :cool: