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    Selling: Ranked Psy-blade T7.9 + Trauma Amp 6

    Selling a Ranked Psy-blade and a Trauma 6 Great combo while moving towards maxing a strong claw. The dps at this tier is similar to an untiered strong one. Ranked Psy-blade: +4.8k Trauma Amp 6: +900 SOLD Could make a better price if you buy the combo. PM
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    Selling: Ranked Psy-Blade T7.9

    Hey, Considering selling this amazing powerfist. It's perfect to fill the gap between weak & strong claw, which is what i've used it for. Looking for around +5.5k for this badboi. Offers thru PM, cheers.
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    Buying: Ranked Psy-Blade & Melee amp 6 or 7

    Hey, In the market for one. All tiers accepted! Also need an amp for it, Melee 6 or 7 will do :) PM with offers.
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    Selling: Lr-40 fen t2.99

    Hi :) Considering selling this grinding tool at 79.8% Efficiency. Instant BO: 25k Also looking for a Ranked Psy-blade & Melee amp 6 or 7. Offer thru PM
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    Buying: Lr-40 fen

    Hey, Looking to buy this gun, tiered or not. PM your offer. Thanks
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    Buying: Adj Resto

    looking to buy an adj resto chip PM your offers. zenct
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    Buying: I2870, Aug EP38, LR40FEN

    Hi, Looking to buy one of the following items; I2870 Aug EP38 LR40FEN Other high eff laser weapons, SIB or not. PM offers or contact me ingame. Thanks zenct
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    Selling: Ml35 t4.9

    Hi, The gun is looking for a new home. PM your bid /z
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    Selling: Adj A105

    Hi pricetag is somewhere around +1k PM if interested zenct
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    Buying: Phantom (F)

    Looking for this set, pm if you want to part from yours. Feel free to PC the armor in the thread. zenct
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    Selling: Full Viking (F) - Startbid TT+100! 24H Auction

    Long time no see fellow Entropians :sniper: Full Viking (F) T0.9 for sale. Start Bid: TT+100PED Current Bid: TT+300 from Eleni Ends 24H after last bid was made Disclaimer: I can sell the armor at any given time if i recive an offer im OK with. /zenct
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    Buying: Viking (F) Parts

    Looking for Viking F armor parts. Contact me here or ingame with offers. Thanks
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    Selling: Skills

    Skills for sale, all kinds but mainly hunting related. pm the skill, amount and price. might add a .csv file, time will tell :) regards, zenct
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    Selling: Full Phantom F + 5b,6b,6a plates

    Its up for sale Between tier 1-2. Tier stats and exact numbers will be provided if needed Offers thru PM, thanks.
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    Buying: Phantom (F)

    Pure peds for a full set of female phantom, got one? PM Me! /zenct
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    Buying: Improved 2870

    Time to start shooting again, looking for this gun... PM the details about your gun /z
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    Uber: 11k Dino shoes

    to bad i can't wear dem shoes =) /z
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    Selling: Dante Amp

    market price yadda yadda want it? PM /z
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    Selling: Mayhem + Angel Parts (F)

    Following pieces are for sale. Mayhem Harness SOLD Mayhem Helmet SOLD Angel Thighs Angel Arms Angel shins All parts are tier 0.9 except Arms that are at 1.x. Taking offers, prefered as a bulk deal, but not a must. PM your bid, thank you. /z
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    Selling: ESI's ~500tt

    198 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 97.91 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 199 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 15.85 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 200 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 11.95 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 201 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 11.26 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 202 Empty Skill Implant (L) 1 12.97 PED STORAGE (Calypso) 203...
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    Selling: Mayhem & Angels Parts (F)

    have the following parts for sale if the price is right. Mayhem Harness Mayhem Helmet Angel Shins Angel Arms (Tier1) Angel Thighs PM your offer, ppl.
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    Uber: 29k Scipulor

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    Buying: Dante

    Looking for this amp pm your price, ty.
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    Buying: Mayhem Harness & Helmet (F)

    as topic says. Selling? PM Me! Thanks