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  1. Wistrel

    "Project Entropia" Music by NoBion
  2. Wistrel

    Python tools

    Yeh have to say I concur... I concluded it wasn't really worth the effort too.
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    "Project Entropia" Music by NoBion

    Managed to sort my log in/connection issue somehow... not sure if it will last but step one anyhow...
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    Connection Lost when trying to login (or 10-15 seconds after)

    Weird... tried the VPN no luck, then got in when I dropped to 56 k (just a random "start at bottom" guess - fairly certain I done that one before though) and it worked. Then turned off the VPN tried again. And all ok on normal internet... (at 56k - weirdness). Didn't try anything else yet...
  5. Wistrel

    Buying: Thunderbird Armor Set (F) unlimited OR L parts

    I thought I had a harness or something but alas no... according to my item list I do not have any. Sorry about that. Good luck finding through. It might be worth scouting the shops.
  6. Wistrel

    The "It's not Gambling" Paradox

    Well... I look at STARS
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    Python tools

    I seem to remember there was an option to turn off loot window and have loot in chat instead... I've never done this but guessing it would maybe work like team loot does? Not sure... possibly though you still won't get the TT value. Interesting on the "problem" I actually had the exact same...
  8. Wistrel

    "Project Entropia" Music by NoBion

    Alas while I'd love to go there (just for your music if nothing else) I can't login any more it seems. Not sure why... keep getting lost connection on login or can only stay in for about 20 seconds before lost connection again.
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    Connection Lost when trying to login (or 10-15 seconds after)

    I can't really believe it's a PC speed problem. I've seen how little data is involved and mine has 12GHz of procressing power
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    Python tools

    I didn't check for sure, but I suspect it is being referenced/used by the javascript in the items table that you can see on your account on the website. I note that table has some dynamic functionality that allows re-ordering based on which column you click so suspect that is enabled by way of...
  11. Wistrel

    "Project Entropia" Music by NoBion

    Not especially... is there a video? Trailer? Pictures? Some sort of indication of what sort of area it is... All I could find was some nonce dancing in purple coridor... I can see MS9 everywhere...
  12. Wistrel

    Connection Lost when trying to login (or 10-15 seconds after)

    By connection types do you mean the speed option in the client loader options? Glad I'm not alone with the issue. I did manage to get in just now (after changing connection to 2mbit) for probably around 4 mins (will time if it happens again) not sure if that is maybe significant... could be...
  13. Wistrel

    Connection Lost when trying to login (or 10-15 seconds after)

    Anyone else having trouble logging in? I've not been playing for some months but now having trouble. Sometimes I can get in, but just for a few seconds. I've tried changing the speed connection settings to several different values, also turning off onedrive. Have updated my account info with MA...
  14. Wistrel

    Python tools

    Just had a read through the descriptions. That sounds super useful (and didn't know about the existence of the json file). I really like the before and after thing and nice to see an open source skill scanner that could be build upon/re-used if needed. Must have taken ages to do the log...
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    I feel you and I could be friends... I typically spent most of my time in game exploring and taking pretty pictures.
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    Unreal Engine 5

    Nutter I know what you mean... I think I'm somewhere in the middle.... i.e. they screwed up big time by changing the general colour/patterning of the armour that existed originally... I kinda prefer that our bums are not exposed these days but not everything got moved ok. Rascal for example was...
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    "Project Entropia" Music by NoBion

    What is virtualsense and DSEC?
  18. Wistrel

    Space - State of the Universe - an overview and outlook of past and future

    Ah... the space update... ,-)
  19. Wistrel

    News: Server Downtime for Patch

    Probably mainly because the concept was never explained/built on, the website links to RT signup, the Neverdie API is offline, the VRica claims it has something to do with crypto and tha the game doesn't support such things either inherantly or via a dead 3rd party API. So it's surprising to...
  20. Wistrel

    Unable to run Entropia Tracker suite

    Who actually writes/maintains that program? Is it open source? (it really should be)
  21. Wistrel

    Is Evade really effective ?

    I'm just posting to say "Hi il!!!" that is all. OK maybe adding, glad you are OK and the big bad didn't get you. Myself and Az are fine too. Not heard from DD for years though.
  22. Wistrel

    Question: Could you tell us about an interesting or hard to find or fix bug you've encountered since working on Entropia?

    One for the Developers, and obviously not asking for anyone to spill anything "top secret" here, but there are quite a few people who would be interested in hearing about what it's like working with the Entropia code, especially with it having been around for so many years now. It must present...
  23. Wistrel

    Project-Entropia - Myth's, Rumor's and Legend's.

    Does anyone remember another "secret island" of sorts... IIRC it was a giant cube in the middle of the sea? I think it might have been a location with an inside and had something to do with the AR game on swedish TV that was connected with all the code breaking stuff in Entropia, the Orbs, the...
  24. Wistrel

    Project-Entropia - Myth's, Rumor's and Legend's.

    I remember secret island