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  1. burnsey

    Calypso developers and communication

    The last mention of an update was from Kim saying it would be last Wednesday, possibly longer. There is a member of Arkadia staff saying there will be an update tomorrow. Is this correct? If it is correct, why do Arkadians get a heads up of when updates are coming but Calypso players do not?
  2. burnsey

    Renting Privateer

    Get ready for Cyrene by renting a privateer. There will be many people looking for flights. PM me if you are interested.
  3. burnsey

    Selling: CLDs - name your amount

    Selling CLDS 1200 a piece.
  4. burnsey

    Selling: Selling Privateer/Thruster/Amps/L-Armor

    I will accept peds or CLDs for the following: Privateer Space Thruster Omegaton A204 All these have sold. Omegaton A106 Omegaton A105 Salamander Arm Guards SGA T1 Serum Arm Guards (M,L) 1 90.88 PED Serum Foot Guards (M,L) 1 90.90 PED Serum Gloves (M,L) 1 90.84 PED Serum Harness (M,L) 1...
  5. burnsey

    Selling: Embra laser sword C1

    TT is around 2300. Taking offers on this sword for two days. Otherwise to the TT machine it goes. SB +1, any takers?
  6. burnsey

    If shared loot mobs are 'teams' why isn't loot shown in chat?

    Since the globals and hofs say shared loot are teams then they should also display the loot in the chat window of all team members and what they got. Is this difficult to add?
  7. burnsey

    Selling: Salamander SGA Harness, Arms, and feet all are Tier 1

    Taking offers by PM. You can check them out at my booth in Cape Corinth.
  8. burnsey

    Selling: Cape Corinth Marketplace #18 - you can't miss it!

    Taking offers on Cape Corinth Marketplace #18. High Visibility High foot traffic 70 outdoor item points! PM me if interested, will accept Land Lot deeds as payment.
  9. burnsey

    Buying: Land area

    Looking for a land area. Will trade Privateer, hangar, and thruster for one.
  10. burnsey

    Upgrades for Land Areas

    This is very badly need. First off, MA needs to remove all ore and enmatter spawns from player owned land areas for a period of no less than 2 years. After that period of time, MA should re-implement the ore and enmatters spawns but make a new fertilizer station which you have to upgrade in...
  11. burnsey

    Trapped in a privateer

    I am currently docked at Calypso Space station and cannot leave the privateer. I have left and re-entered the safe zone and each time it tells me I have docked with the space station but the Space Station teleport does not show up in the list. I have relogged multiple times and I still cannot...
  12. burnsey

    Support website bugged

    Is this happening for anyone else? Support cases that are entered through the ingame support menu go to the "My Old Cases" tab on the Planet Calypso support page. When you try to open the case from the website, it just opens the page in a new frame. See below as an example. I entered a...
  13. burnsey

    Arkadia - All new TT items (including blp pistol and rifle)

    Musca Armor Herman ASI 10 Herman Ark 10 Herman Law 10 Mako Fal 1 Manta K 1 Terramaster 1 Rock ripper 1 Gyro Fap 2
  14. burnsey

    Arkadia Map

    For those who can't get ingame yet
  15. burnsey

    Buying: Hangar(s)

    PM me with your price.
  16. burnsey

    Selling: Taking offers Tier V Improved Justifier Mk.II

    128 damage with a204 and damage enhancers 60 attacks/min 104.5 range
  17. burnsey

    Does Mindark want the player base on Rocktropia so they make more money? Thinking back to the Financial statement linked above, there was mention of a separate agreement with MA and SDS where SDS paid extra money to receive more revenue. This is the planet partner business...
  18. burnsey

    Buying: Hangars

    Let me know if you are selling.
  19. burnsey

    Selling: Limited Texture BPs - batch

    Selling this as a batch only. Taking offers staring at TT+1 Buy out 186 ped. Total Blueprints: 193 total TT: 77.76 TT+MV: 186.1
  20. burnsey

    Who is in charge of monitoring planet partners?

    With the arrival of new planets, it brings some serious questions of balance to the universe. Are the limitations to which the planets partners can create? Mjukis makes a great point here: Here are some questions, that should be answered before I, or anyone chooses to put money into...
  21. burnsey

    Medusa Shops have 65535 display point!!!

    Buy now So not a programming error :)
  22. burnsey

    Show loot on shared loot mobs

    Shared loot should show up in chat as if it were a team where all items are listed. I would also love to have the option to show all loot even solo in chat.
  23. burnsey

    Tiering Compensation

    I agree, the first system was badly implemented and needed change. The new changes are great and welcomed, this is the system that we should have had all along. The old Tier system stood as is with no player expecting any changes to it. It had been accepted into the game mechanics as a final...
  24. burnsey

    The replicator was a lie Thanks for the confidence in your system, Marco. :(
  25. burnsey

    I'm in an EU state of mind

    Nobody saw this in MS9's thread so here it is again: Some folks like to get away Take a holiday from the planet side Hop a flight to Crystal Palace Or Club NEVERDIE But I'm taking a Pitbull On the Limnadian River Line I'm in an EU state of mind I've seen all the UBER stars In their fancy...