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  1. burnsey

    Introducing the Entropia Universe Merchandise Store

    Where is the option to pay with peds?
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    Ok MindArk...

  3. burnsey

    In the god name remove the avatar update !

    You have the right to recreate your avatar. Anything you change can and will become part of your new look. You have the right to try any new look before hitting accept and to have an all options unlocked for this one time recreation and one more future recreation in the next VU. If you do not...
  4. burnsey

    Meeting Entropia Universe players

    Thank you, David. It was great meeting you and everyone else! Viva Las Vegas!
  5. burnsey

    FYI: Dreadnought shooting down friendly ship

    I don't trust Goldy, he shot down a privateer I was hunting on and tried to loot the crew at the dropship spawn.
  6. burnsey

    Server Downtime for Release

    Big VU...
  7. by


  8. burnsey

    The Future of PVP??

    :popcorn: Get out of the kitchen.
  9. burnsey

    Accidental sale of 15 CLD's for 1700 ped

    Mindark did a similar thing with 460 deeds. Not very hard to do at all.
  10. burnsey

    Halloween Fun!

    My Halloween Pumpkin.
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  12. burnsey

    Create waypoint with specified coordinates

    edit... different question.
  13. burnsey

    FYI: Taming: the waiting... 75 days until 2013... Tick Tock MA.
  14. burnsey

    Launch button disabled

    What version of Windows are you all using?
  15. burnsey

    Help: Regeneration Chip X decay

    Technically correct is the best kind of correct :wise:
  16. burnsey

    My legs hurt!!!!

    You can sit down in a comfy vehicle seat.
  17. burnsey

    Calypso developers and communication

    There's still the same question for future updates: Do we as the Calypso player base need to rely on the Planet Arkadia Staff for our updates?
  18. burnsey

    Annual Migration 2012 Ending

    You should've asked the Arkadia Staff when the migration was ending, they seem to have more info than the Calypso developers.
  19. burnsey

    Calypso developers and communication

    The last mention of an update was from Kim saying it would be last Wednesday, possibly longer. There is a member of Arkadia staff saying there will be an update tomorrow. Is this correct? If it is correct, why do Arkadians get a heads up of when updates are coming but Calypso players do not?
  20. burnsey

    Preview of August 21 release?

    That looks like a crashed privateer.
  21. burnsey

    Preview of August 21 release?

    Wow, taming is coming back!! Thanks Kim!!!
  22. burnsey

    Should the new Attribute Tokens be tradable?

    Yes, they should be trade-able and you should be able to chip out your attributes to sell.
  23. burnsey

    New Formulae?????

    Everyone's on vacation until august, you'll be lucky if you get an answer before Taming is implemented.
  24. burnsey

    FYI: Mentoring program :: School of The Hawk

    Good-bye Mr. Hawk, good luck on your sequel.