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  1. Sofia

    Selling: Vrex SGA 2000 Tier4, Imp Exc

    ... ... ...
  2. Sofia

    Selling: Vrex SGA 2000 Tier4, Imp Exc

    edit, you can bid using those investment land deeds also.
  3. Sofia

    Selling: Vrex SGA 2000 Tier4, Imp Exc

    Vrex SGA 2000 Tier 4.0 SB 18k BO 20k Imp excavator Tier 0.9 SB 8k BO 10k Only peds please or 1xCal land investment deed =1000 ped in trade. Auc ends 1 week after the first bid. gl :)
  4. Sofia

    Can MA logs be bugged?

    Don't restart the ramble but carefully read through all of the comments. - Yes MA does sometimes ignore inquiries for loot return (especially since their balance has been into red, 2 years ago I had a claim returned due to VU update logout though), and in case of Strash, MA did follow his...
  5. Sofia

    Share your beacon experiences

    Especially with Warlocks and Legionaires dropping the once-unique Beacon loot still roaming around 24/7.
  6. let's destiny

    let's destiny

  7. Sofia

    Share your beacon experiences

    Surely, you meant - sell your beacons NOW while you can, cus after everybody discovers the tt profit is gone, they'll become worthless? :rolleyes:
  8. Sofia

    Ingame prices head lower... for high end items?

    Well, high price EU items are on a constant downwards slope anyways so I totally see this happening.
  9. Sofia

    Are you a happy EU participant?

    Well, I have nothing to sulk about, losing couple ks here and there sometimes, as usual, still a withdrawer (i.e. not depositor) :)
  10. Sofia

    Achievement: Avoid new -rep in forum

    Well, if damage is hidden from chat box only misses and skill gains accumulate there. :rolleyes: Anyway gz to mj, wow is that avoidance even working that way oh no it's a ...c-c-combo breaker!!! A -rep from me, sry I couldn't resist. :lolup: It was actually a +rep.
  11. Sofia

    Uber: Combat Sense Open with a nice ESI

    gz, and for those uber aurlis in the other threads, too.:cool:
  12. Sofia

    F@#K Calypso

    Not really the case, while tt returns might be the same and the system too, Arkadia does have a way more even tt distribution among hunts/mining runs. Thus no weeks/months of 50-70% tt runs only... which irritates many players here on Calypso... (on the other hand, 5 digit hofs on Arkadia are...
  13. Sofia

    Thanks ma for listening!!!!!

    They did release the Space update at the same time as Eve Online released their Planet update... But guess what, even in Eve unsecure PVP areas are only in outer Galaxy districts, 70-80% of players preferring to stay at safe zone at all times!!! Indeed, only MA themselves from this whole blue...
  14. Sofia

    HoF: 321ped esi

    holy cow man, gz :P
  15. Sofia

    Entropia Universe 12.0.4 Release Notes

    Yeah, guess I won't be able to join in on the fun when the Arkadia finally implements their innovative and game-breaking Artifacts :( All-out forced lootable pvp for real life money, this is totally what we all started to play this game for, eh?:confused:
  16. Sofia

    Entropia Universe 12.0.4 Release Notes

    They never explained to what extent they are going to punish players for affecting economy. It is only your personal opinion. Being just a player, you cannot know that they'd use them only against people bidding for themselves... or that they would do something about them at all... (selling to...
  17. Sofia

    new content as told by ma-official

    This will give the Jammer profession/skill some use. And yeah, ofc it is made to drain more ped, just look at 5+ mil USD losses for MA they had this year. Any new FEATURES and IMPROVEMENTS would be geared towards that. :silly2: Besides it is not such a bad change, games like Monster Hunter...
  18. Sofia

    Info: The Latest Team VTOL hunt AKA Exploit

    Yup, that's the best solution I see. The thing is, nubs have always been able to hunt bigger, slower mobs like malc by: - outrunning them on feet (Young/Mat only now), - TPing out of their range then getting back, - driving out of their range with car, - using speed MF chip etc etc... but that...
  19. Sofia

    "VTOL-hunting" IS an exploit, now confirmed by support!

    Yeah they do, I was always wondering about it so I once checked this by continuously dragging proterons from a LA on its border until I globalled for the first time. They still show their origin LA name on the global and I presume the tax still counts as well. So the LA owners can feel safe.
  20. Sofia

    LA Owner Should Disclose Their Conflict of Interest When Commenting On Other Planets

    The planet partners are interested themselves in creating such conflicts of interest because buying a potentially valuable asset on their planet would make those investors promote that planet for their own good. -by Sofia, owning no virtual estates for a reason. :)
  21. Sofia

    The Safety Bubble

  22. Safety Bubble

    Safety Bubble

  23. Sofia

    Rate the Moderator JohnCapital

    Oh and one more thing, if you want people to leave you alone then maybe you should Try it out. It really helps. I recommend it. ^_^