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    Realization, Clarification and Apology

    To all: I recently created a thread in this forum with a title that I didn't properly word. Several posters stated that they didn't like my thread title and I couldn't understand why. (Me <---- clueless.) Now that the title has been edited (thanks!) with explanation I understand. [I guess I...
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    No player ever comes out ahead.

    We know this because players profit from other players and NOT from MindArk. I didn't want to take the other thread off track so I'm posting a new thread. (%-ages in this post are just examples and not literally known.) In my opinion MindArk couldn't care less about individual players...
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    FYI: "All Systems are Online"

    "All Systems are Online" is what my launcher is saying as I log in for the first time after 10.0.7. Is Mindforce back? I didn't see the topic anywhere and thought if "All Systems are Online" means anything that maybe MF is reinstated. Has anyone tried to sweat something? /\
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    Fishing Rod (UL)

    How many "Fishing Rod" (UL) since the first was found last year? I have to admit I didn't even know they were in the game and for a minute thought it was an SGA item. [Of course, not.] On the same drop I received a "DNA B" and a bunch of animal oils all less than 50ped for the lot. Are the...
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    FYI: Great Banner!

    [Edit: Whoops, was in wrong forum - mod plz move as appropriate. ] Sorry for the distraction but I want to say Gratz to Team Eudoria for their recruitment banner ad. Very well done! :cool::cool::cool: Let me know who to credit in the team and I'll give them a +rep! Again, sorry for the...
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    Achievement: First-time Megan hit was a Global

    ... and it wasn't even a mining trip LOL! Sorry I don't have the "Money Shot" of the loot window; this was a hunting trip. So, would this be a hidden HoF after MU?
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    HoF: How much does a ton of feathers weigh?

    My Very First HoF Money Shot: A ton of feathers! :yay::yay::yay: I was going to mention the puny 63 pedder Blaus global I got before this HoF; but ... :laugh:
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    Narc Global FTW

    Hey, hey!! Another global - this time in Narcanisum!! And now the money shot... !!
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    Achievement: My 1st Global

    This occurred less than a week after I began training mining. Even though I was mining solo; give ALL the credit to the Pathfinder Academy and specifically Dragoney Draco aka Shereaper my accomplished mentor. Details: Great XIV Lysterium deposit valued at 80 PED. This wouldn't have happened...
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    Help: Are the EU Servers Down?

    False alarm :redfaced: I tried for the 7th time and I got in. :( Sorry for the alarmist post.