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  1. Pirate

    Allnighter's locked thread

    Let me start this thread by providing the original link to the discussed topic : This thread was made, as a informative loss by a society member, and what occured to them recently regarding some...
  2. Pirate

    Selling: Omegaton Epsilon Highrise Apartment

    Hi all, Selling society storage apartment, Omegaton West habitat, Epsilon Building, 20th Floor, apartment C. Apartment is the second largest size available, sporting two spacious room's and a balcony. Apartment accomodates up to 25 guests at once, and second largest item capacity (150 or more...
  3. Pirate

    Careful Who You Meet

    Post removed as per violation of rule 2.6. Whoop's. Sorry folks
  4. Pirate

    Buying: Apartments/Homes (Bilton) (TI) (Genesis)

    Hello Again Everyone! Want to take a second and thank everyone from our last post that submitted and apartment for sale. We had A really good time touring and visiting each apartment! There were quite a few entries, and we made purchase of a few offer's! Were hoping for much the same this...
  5. Pirate

    Selling: Display Screen's and Sign's (Low TT)

    Hello everyone, I have a few customizable display screen's and signs available for sale, awesome for spicing up shop's or apartment's with, a couple of which support full animations and movies. Plasma Display 7.42 of 427.00 TT Megaview Screen 25.77 of 322.00 TT Reon-S Screen 5.98 of 200.00 TT...
  6. Pirate

    Buying: Apartment/House (Eudoria/Amethera)

    Hi All, Currently seeking apartment/house for my society venues, gathering spot/storage or pretty much whatever it get's deemed neccesary for. Location, Price, and Floorplan all make a difference. Currently, im open for anything and everything. 75th floor apartment with zero windows, no...
  7. Pirate

    Selling: All Must Go!

    Hi all, Looking to liquidate my inventory as fast as possible. 1. 40+ Material Blueprint Collection. Zero Duplicates. No sense spending week's finding your's, and probably more than what im asking spent, pretty good starter to mid collection right here. 65Ped or best offer. 2. 40+ Armor...
  8. Pirate

    Selling: Bulk Sweat

    Hi All, Looking to sell 62.5k Sweat. Great buy for the ME crafter on a large scale. Will sell one of three way's 1. Bulk One Time Trade @ 281.25 (4.5Ped/1K) 2. Will craft into ME for you, 100k = 17Ped 3. Will sell individually @ 4.75Ped/K Also Selling Common Dung 1. 2855 Common Dung
  9. Pirate

    Selling: Hard to Find Goodies :)

    Hi all, Looking to sell some random part's I have left. Door's open to PED offer's, or reasonable trades on all of it :) 1. SOLD Unlimited Colorator CCT-1 (Coloring Gun, Max TT 2.00) 2. SOLD SGA Pixie Harness and Face Mask, Male Hard to find Pixie Parts TT+90 for Both, or TT+60...
  10. Pirate

    Selling: Material Textures BP Collection

    Hi all, Looking to sell my Material Texture's BP collection. Quite a variety here including over 40 blueprints! Should be great for the novice looking to get into material texturing, or even good for the mid-level texturer. List of Included BP's : Generic Leather Texture Midastree Texture...
  11. Pirate

    Selling: Armor Engineering BP Collection

    Hi all, Originally part of a cluster thread, I've decided to break up my individual Set's for sale into separate post's. Up for sale is my armor engineering collection of BP's (The Book's go as well if you want em). Taken some time to amass, and far from complete, but some very niche and a few...
  12. Pirate

    Question: Female Unlimited Zombie Harness Price Check Please :)

    Hey all, looking for a price check for Unlimited Female Zombie Harness : Impact = 17 Cut = 12 Stab = 10 Burn = 10 Cold = 10 Electric = 10 Penetration = 1 Acid = 1 Seem's to be quite rare, with three showing sold in MU history (One being from when i Xferred it over to my avatar) over a decade...
  13. Pirate

    Selling: UL Zombie Harness

    Hi All, Looking to sell, mostly a collector's item for the armor enthusiast. Stat's rival Ghost however, not a bad set atall. 3 Ever sold in auction history since the game began. Female Zombie Harness Unlimited Edition. Have price checked here on forum's, as well as asked around in game...
  14. Pirate

    Selling: Skills, Gear and Crafting O My!

    Hello All! Quite a few thing's up for grab's here, combining a few thread's into one major one First, Blueprint Sets' :) 1. Material Texture Blueprint Set (Over 40 included BP's) Generic Leather Texture Midastree Texture Brukite Stone Texture Nissit Stone Texture Kaldon Stone Texture Rutol...
  15. Pirate

    Selling: 2000 Electrokenesis Skill

    Hi all, Looking to sell some of my electrokenesis skill, and make a move to rifle :) 2000 Electrokensis skill up for grab's. :yay: ESI Size Needed : 14.96 ESI Cost : 85.07 Chip Size : 13.46 Markup : 2643% (Avg)
  16. Pirate

    Selling: Selling/Trading Ghost Male Armor Set

    Hi All, Looking to trade or just sell my ghost collection. Male Set Harness Thighs Shin Guards Face Guard Arm Guards Gloves No Boots >.< Looking to let all go for TT+100. Also would love to hear a swap offer for Nemesis/Phantom possibly. Also don't mind switching our for Gremlin...
  17. Pirate

    Selling: Trading /// Selling Full Vigilante Male Armor Set

    Hey all. Looking to sell my full male, fully repaired Vigilante set. The drone killer armor, handles most robot's fairly well, with good stat's to boot, and a wonderful dura of 2550. Been a great set. Here's what im hunting, and willing to trade for : Ghost Set + 150 Ped (Just to common guys...
  18. Pirate

    Selling: Vigilante / Rascal / Pixie / Goblin

    Few thing's for Trade/Sale here : 1. Omegaton Colorator CCT-1. :scratch2: (2.00 Ped @ Full TT) Old School no longer available coloring tool. (Would like to hear offer's,Ped is fine, would prefer rare armor/weapon offers) 2. QR 100 Leather Texture Blueprint :ahh: (Somewhat common...