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  1. smoothee

    Split Hunting HOF Lists by Individual and Shared/Team

    While I understand that shared hunting events like Old Fred are a great time and am in no way saying that they should go, it does cause a problem with the HOF list. For most of the day today, it was possible to hit an uber loot (1000+) and not be on the HOF list at all. I myself hit an 800 ped...
  2. smoothee

    TT Buyback

    Picture, if you will, a small change in the way that the TT machines work. Imagine a "Buyback" screen where you can see a list of all the things you've sold to the TT in the last 7 days and how much you sold them for. You can choose things from this list and BUY THEM BACK for the same amount...
  3. smoothee

    Selling: Improved Omegaton M2870 T6

    I have a t6 i2870 for sale. A fun weapon with great econ. Price: +10k
  4. smoothee

    Buying: Mod Merc - Low Tier

    Looking to pick up a Mod Merc. The lower the tier the better. Pure ped, no bs, quick sale. As for pricing, it's a bit tough to nail down the exact price of this gun. I see this sale back in March as the most recent actual sale...
  5. smoothee

    Buying: Starkhov LPR-30 (L)

    I need 3 of these at full TT to upgrade my ML35. BP Gun Anyone with this bp want to make some quick cash? Send me your price. Also, I'm looking for 50 GEC...
  6. smoothee

    Selling: Kamaldon Tongue & Korwil Heart

    Selling these two Ark DNA pieces: Kamaldon Tongue : SB 200ped : BO 500ped Korwil Heart : SB 200 ped : BO 500ped
  7. smoothee

    Selling: Korwil Spine (Ark DNA Part)

    This was looted a couple days ago as a discovery so it's unique. The Korwil is a pretty tough mob but might be popular if there was a LA filled with youngs. Drops Aquila armor, cap-44. AUCTION: Ends on Aug 16th at 18:00 MA time Current...
  8. smoothee

    Discovery: Korwil Spine

    Ripped this out of the back of a young a few minutes ago. This is an Ark DNA part. For sale if interested.
  9. smoothee

    Shortblade Damage Types! Maybe 5 cut, 15 stab and 60 electric?
  10. smoothee

    Dutch Supreme Court: Forcing teen to drop virtual objects in online game was real-world theft

    Article here: Court Ruling...
  11. smoothee

    Stuck at Next Island due to the Nub Club

    I'm at Next Island and ran out of ped but have more in storage at calypso. I had about 300 ped of Noob Clubs sitting in storage in NI and just as I was about to leave, MA made them all disappear! I don't plan on coming back to NI for a few months so I don't want to just leave that stuff in...
  12. smoothee

    Selling: Imp Fap

    Selling an Imp Fap that I've had since forever at 170k.
  13. smoothee

    Selling: Imp 2870

    Selling an imp2870. TT is at max. BO: tt+36k . . . .
  14. smoothee

    Selling: Salamander M

    All 7 parts of (non-sga) sala for sale as a set. Ped only. Buyout: TT+8.0k All parts are at full TT.
  15. smoothee

    Selling: and the domain: Including exclusive ownership of the most complete auction history database available. It has over 2.5 million auctions on file and 5800 categorized items. PEA serves auction data to WIKI, PEAss, jdegre's chipper, BOB, entropiabay, etc. It...
  16. smoothee

    An error occurred when trying to download a file.

    I had to reload EU on my comp and so I go to the EU website and download the client loader and install. It then tries to download the game files but times out with: An error occurred when trying to download a file. The error code is: entropia_universe_10.3.0.36270_setup.exe Has anyone...
  17. smoothee

    Note to the MA network coders

    First off, in certain locations and during certain times of the day there is some serious network lag and that's to be expected until this new version is a little more mature. However, I think you have a bug in your implementation and I'll explain: Some background for the 99.99999% of people...
  18. smoothee

    Mobs (and avatars) can't run through trees!

    This means that when I'm hunting and I tag a hogg and it runs into 2 trees it will happily just jam it's stupid self in between them and stop. It immediately goes into the "can't be shot" mode and you'll have to run around the back of it to unjam it. This is fine unless there's 20 other mobs...
  19. smoothee Database Update

    After a whopping 18 months of slacking and a marathon 15 hours of eye burning database work, I've finally revamped the PEAuction database to bring it into the here and now. Changes include: 1: Categorize all new items that came out in the last year and a half. 2: Remove duplicates due to MA...
  20. smoothee

    Selling: Full Male Salamander

    Full set sala including boots. Buyout at +12.5k I also have a couple other parts in storage that are not part of this set: Sala M Gloves (+700) Sala M Harness (+1400) Buy the set and get a FREE 30 min of fap service with an imp fap*. :D * (no cnd unless you buy the ticket up and down)
  21. smoothee

    Selling: OA-109 (L) Blueprint (L) 22 clicks

    As the title says, selling this BP i just looted. I don't have the skill to max it atm. The ingame market info and other bs is shown in the pic below: Click to enlarge This is what PEA says: This guy tried to sell the same thing a few months back...
  22. smoothee

    Mining Robot Ship Etiquette

    Scenario: You are on a drone hunt north of Twin(not pvp) and a small robot ship appears 10m in front of you. You see a green dot on the edge of your radar and assume that this person is the miner that triggered it but you cannot see who it is. Do you: 1: Stand there and let the miner get it...
  23. smoothee

    Selling: Full Male Viking (with feet)

    Set no longer for sale. Sorry
  24. smoothee

    Kesmek Vass (L) blueprint (L) with FOUR(4) clicks

    For Sale: Kesmek Vass (L) blueprint (L) with FOUR(4) clicks It is a level 3, limited shortblades blueprint with 4 clicks. To my knowledge, it is totally unique. The TT value of a Kesmek Vass (L) is 760 ped so you’re almost guaranteed to get 4 small HoFs from this sucker. This BP has never been...
  25. smoothee

    Buying HANDGUN Skill

    I have lots of ESIs but am also equally happy to buy skill already on chips. LARGE amount needed. PM me with your offer.