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  1. trixsteruk

    Paysafecard Error

    Has anyone else had problems with paysafecard. As soon as i enter the amount to deposit and press ok it comes up with an error about failing to communicate to the provider. Theres no information anywhere that i can find about maintenance. Also i have tried getting a friend to deposit via...
  2. trixsteruk

    Beware!!!!!!! AMD FX doesn't currently run EU

    I'd just like to inform anyone thats planning to upgrade or buy a new pc that the AMD FX chips do not seem to run EU, Idon't pretend to know why or which exact chips fail to run the game. I suggest researching properly before making the mistake that I have, preventing u from getting as annoyed...
  3. trixsteruk

    Selling: Selling Generic fuse

    Selling generic fuse, PM me with offers!!
  4. trixsteruk

    New "fish"

    Has anyone seen this new "fish mentioned" in the content, if so has anyone got a screenie?
  5. trixsteruk

    Hogg spawnyness the II

    Well after my nice hof earlier on i decided to shoot a few more and lone behold after about 4 mobs of getting critted and dying this one came along :D
  6. trixsteruk

    Hogg spawnyness :P

    Decided to go and shoot some hoggs, and after i had a hogg stolen off me that globalled i was raging, luckily for me MA recognised this and hooked me up :D
  7. trixsteruk

    Buying: Pk armour parts

    I wish to buy some pk armour parts, e.g. infiltrator, eon, hermes, shadow M,L The parts i need are, arms, I'd prefer low tt but all offers will be considered Please PM me with any offers.
  8. trixsteruk

    Proper uber :D

    Decided to craft some Simple I conductors again and got this :D
  9. trixsteruk

    Another uber

    They're really rolling in atm :D
  10. trixsteruk

    :D P1a HoF

    EMW's trusty P1a BP :)
  11. trixsteruk

    My first crafting Uber!!!

    I decided to continue upping my very low crafting skills today so i borrowed a p1a blueprint off EMW, then i got this My first crafting uber hopefully there will be many more :) A year and a half without a loot over 500 ped then i get 3 ubers in a week :D Dynamic indeed
  12. trixsteruk

    1st crafting HoF

    Well as I had my first uber in a year and a half today i thought id give 101 lights a go with the ped and lone behold: 3 HoF's in one day good going for me :D
  13. trixsteruk

    Number 1 of many (hopefully)

    Me and sevvy decided to go halves on 4 103 amps up on cnd, after many globals the highest being 178 iron we ended up with a 70 ped profit each. Later on after tp'ing down and splitting the profits etc i decided to get a couple of 105's for myself, i then proceeded to solfais tp and decided to...
  14. trixsteruk

    Selling: Racer shades Female.

    Selling racer shades female on auction TT+70 ped
  15. trixsteruk

    Warewolfs little wife, i need to find this ava.

    Well i dont post much on ef, but i have a problem. I was at twin peaks tp, an ava called warewolfs little wife offered to chat to me. She then proceeded to explain that she wanted a tp run to nymph, so i asked if he/she had a weapon, she explained that she had a sword which turned out to be a...
  16. trixsteruk


    Anyone else unable to play? Lags out instantly :(, i wonder if theres a config file to edit my gfx options without having to go in game anyone know?
  17. trixsteruk

    system requirements.

    Has anyone got a link to actual confirmed system requirements? Or have they not been issued yet?
  18. trixsteruk

    Buying: Martial Helmet + Shins (M,L)

    I would like to buy the above items if anyone has them for sale :) Thank you :)
  19. trixsteruk

    First solo hunting HoF

    After camping troxies for a few days barely keeping myself afloat i was down to my last bit of ammo and gun. I thought to myslef i might as well carry on and finish it off then i finally after ovver 6 months of playing hit my first ever solo hunting hof :)
  20. trixsteruk

    My 3rd mining hof woot :P

    After scraping my last ped together to buy an oa-105 i found this :)
  21. trixsteruk

    Help: Broadband usage

    Right im having a very annoying problem with downloading updates. My father has only paid for 1 GB usage off plusnet and refuses top pay for more, or even allow me to. The required ports for updates are closed (i'm assuming) , so is there another way to get the update apart from hauling my pc...