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  1. Dreamdancer

    Any Entropia Player joins the WGT in Leipzig?

    Well, Leipzig looks more like this:
  2. Dreamdancer

    Any Entropia Player joins the WGT in Leipzig?

    Yeah, I'll be there. Like every year. We already connected on Twitter, I would propose the Necroweb Meeting ( as an EU folks meeting point. What do you think? Regards, DD
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    Info: How to repair Entropia Universe when a VU breaks!

    A bump for that one, MrP. Just had my whole comp freeze on patching. Now where's that thumbdrive, i need it for the backup i will do in 4 hrs... :mad:
  4. Dreamdancer

    The new Swedish surveillance law,00.shtml :woot:
  5. Dreamdancer

    Are melee users draining the loot pool

    The loot pool is a lie.
  6. Dreamdancer

    The new Swedish surveillance law The best of luck to them. This could become a precedent for european human rights legislation. Pull this one off, and you will have made headway for the whole of Europe. Swedes, support the Centrum för Rättvisa!!! Regards, DD
  7. Dreamdancer

    RL LOGO competition - win a pig + efds

    Good choice! Would have been my no. 1 also. Again the best of luck with your venture, one has to encourage the lovers of whisky everywhere on this world :D BTW, PM me when you have the first promotional material so I can send you my contact data, ok? Regards, DD
  8. Dreamdancer

    The new Swedish surveillance law

    Balls... haha. First off, I believe you should reread what burnsey quoted, and understand it, lest I have to review my impression of your mental powers, which would be sad. With secret services and the military monitoring comm, it is completely different. This is not stuff a government would...
  9. Dreamdancer

    The new Swedish surveillance law

    Check out Plausible Deniability. Regards, DD
  10. Dreamdancer

    The new Swedish surveillance law

    This like WARRANTLESSLY opening letters. No control whatsoever who is looking at your comm. I hold you a very intelligent person, Etopia, you should know that what legally CAN be done, will be done. As long as the law does not say "in case of child abuse or terrorism" (terrorism? what terrorism...
  11. Dreamdancer

    The new Swedish surveillance law

    Swedes massively protest wiretap law I wish the Swedish public all the best. You seem to have been taken for a ride by the leaders you voted to represent you. This is really bad. I do not believe I can continue to do financial transactions with a company in this country. No more depositing, no...
  12. Dreamdancer

    Home Ownership - by popular request

    This sounds nice, so far, but let me expand on this. We are talking about MA/EU here: You will need someone who has an Omegaton Cement Mixer Truck (costs shoot up to the price of hangars 1 week after they are introduced because certain participants -- miraculously -- deposited obscene amounts...
  13. Dreamdancer

    RL LOGO competition - win a pig + efds

    Well, actually I have a nearby dealer that has exclusive stock and where I can taste. But now, IF the "water of life" came with the Nun's and the Priest's blessing, things would be COMPLETELY different... ;) Think about trying to create your own blend, Lootius Whisky?!? Would be all the rage in...
  14. Dreamdancer

    RL LOGO competition - win a pig + efds

    Oooooooooh, Uisge :D Wish you good luck with that. Now, if I lived in Denmark, I would know where to get my Ardbeg and Caol Ila from now on :D Regards, DD
  15. Dreamdancer

    Home Ownership - by popular request

    Correct. What you propose might actually be doable. To all the others: FORGET the notion of crafted housing. MA created the houses to get PED into the economy... I'd say about 40% of all EU housing is in the hands of speculants. MA CANNOT piss these people off, as they have significant PED tied...
  16. Dreamdancer


    :yay::yay::yay: Great work, MA. Not the fix, but TELLING US ABOUT WHAT IS FIXED. Keep up the informing of participants. :woot: Regards, DD
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    Absolutely correct. Might be problematic considering we dunno how the chunks of the message are stored im memory, at least that's my guess. I personally believe the german translation still has a long way to go. But give the MA localization team a bit of time, I know from my own experience that...
  18. Dreamdancer

    Very Rude & Mean !!!!

    The magic words here are: "Please stop harassing". Works for me in 95% of cases. Seems like simply articulating what they are doing (this is blatant harassment), makes them stop. If they still fsck up your experience in EU, screenie them and walk away... Regards, DD
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    FYI: Run time errors

    Take some classes on abstract classes... :rofl: Regards, DD
  20. Dreamdancer

    FYI: Run time errors

    It's the standard reason for CTDs on XP. Dunno why, but I blame MS for it. But then, I always blame MS... Regards, DD
  21. Dreamdancer

    Who will the winners of Euro 2008 be?

    Yeah definitely the better team won. I salute the Spanish soccer team for their continuous phantastic performance. It is always nice to see the best team win such a tournament, the last big soccer events didn't work out that way... Regards, DD
  22. Dreamdancer

    EU on Linux (WINE)

    That is cool, +rep for constantly testing and updating WineHQ, Doer :D! I believe it is time to put the heron on my AthlonXP machine and see what gives... it already gives me Greyblob Avas when running EU in Windoze on there. I might also try Darwine on my 2.33 Core2Duo MBP here, and see what...
  23. Dreamdancer

    For quite a while now your EF Avatar appeared strangely familiar to me... and now i KNOW! It's...

    For quite a while now your EF Avatar appeared strangely familiar to me... and now i KNOW! It's from Interstella 5555, or one of the Daft Punk videos. Oh how I love Daft Punk. Greetz, DD
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    Name that Cheese.....

    Pu Erh and Mate are actually quite nice, hot or cold. I love all varieties of tea. Ah yes, the thread was about cheese. Regards, DD
  25. Dreamdancer

    Question: What view is better to hunt?

    Real Gamers use butterflies. :silly2: Regards, DD