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  1. Zwarka

    I would like to say "Thank You" to the EU Community

    Want to send you the best wishes for your future Greetings - Zwarky
  2. Zwarka

    PSA: Stop repairing my Sleip without asking me.

    Fast and Easy ... Invest into two Sleips ... the decayed one for Space and the fully repaired for Planet Travel. And please don't blame Player for be a little bit helpfull. Greetings - Zwarky
  3. Zwarka

    Great to read it got solved. And a very big +Rep on you, Pitbull M.R.

    Great to read it got solved. And a very big +Rep on you, Pitbull M.R.
  4. Zwarka

    Please Help 120k peds Mistake!

    Great to read it got solved. And a very big +Rep on Pitbull M.R. :yay: Greetings - Zwarky
  5. Zwarka

    Gold card reader - Please help if in UK

    Is the Gold Card Reader fully lost or are maybe only the Batterie empty? GoldCard-Reader-101 (How to change Batterie) Greetings - Zwarky
  6. Zwarka

    how to profit on mining

    You should invest into "10 Hints for profitable Trading" only now for the cheapest Summer-Special-Price you could ever get. Greetings - Zwarky
  7. Zwarka

    Name that Asteroid and win 5000 peds!!!

    First Asteroid (FA) or was this Shortcut for Fun Asteroid ;-) Greetings - Zwarka
  8. Zwarka

    Help: Stuck in loop when trying to resync gold card!

    If get asked for first and second code again, why enter two new? Greetings - Zwarka
  9. Zwarka

    mindforce refining

    There was a Thread about that shortly: Greetings - Zwarka
  10. Zwarka

    This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever encountered... Greetings - Zwarka
  11. Zwarka

    FYI: Now i know why my loot is poor :D

    Loot is great, but only on Tuesdays :D Greetings - Zwarka
  12. Zwarka

    Question: Does Crafting Send Loot back into the Loot Pool?

    Why Factors? X=random("10000") ;) Greetings - Zwarka
  13. Zwarka

    Am I getting scammed for 200K? Help please!

    Invest 200k US$ was more easy ;) Greetings - Zwarka
  14. Zwarka

    Question: Blue Lines in Landscape :(

    How you could make visible the mystical Mining-Vains? :laugh: Greetings - Zwarka
  15. Zwarka

    Think About That...

    Simple Test of that ... write "Hello all" in the local Chat of a Town like PA or Twin. Even if Radar is full with Players you get often enough not single Answer. Greetings - Zwarka
  16. Zwarka

    ESI, does size mather?

    Inserter Decay Greetings - Zwarka
  17. Zwarka

    Help: I NEED Ade Baha0x Ade

    again? you make jokes with us? Greetings - Zwarka
  18. Zwarka


    VU10 LoginScreen still not changed. Greetings - Zwarka
  19. Zwarka

    Project: Not logging in

    You are right ... we should on every "This Creature contain no Loot" get a big smile all over the Face ;) Greetings - Zwarka
  20. Zwarka

    Stuck Need aTP Chip

    TP Chip is "worthless" until Mindforce get added again Greetings - Zwarka
  21. Zwarka

    SGE: Second Golden End?

    Investment Suggestion (L) SGA: ESI :laugh: Greetings - Zwarka
  22. Zwarka

    Mod fap sga looted...

    This Screeni will cost many Daspletors his life. Gratz to this nice Healkit :) Greetings - Zwarka
  23. Zwarka

    Mindark Financials Q2 2009

    You can be sure, that the Amount of ESI around is well choose from them. Greetings - Zwarka
  24. Zwarka

    This is our everyday >> whining thread, dont read if u dont like whining

    VU-Notes 10.0.15 ... Problem with unwanted yellow Busy-Message solved, it's now blue :D Greetings - Zwarka
  25. Zwarka

    You know you get to much EU when...

    ... you add the HOF-Sound as Ringtone to your Mobile Greetings - Zwarka