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  1. Gente Malparido

    Selling: sold

  2. Gente Malparido

    Selling: WTS rare pets and UL items and Monria apt.

    [Embra Laser Sword C1, Improved] T4.89 bo +3k [Omegaton Power Claw, Mentor Edition] T.92 bo +1.25k<<<< sold [Katsuichi Determination, Adjusted] T3.99 bo +1.2k<<<<<<<<<sold [Castorian Combat EnBlade-10, SGA Edition] T1.23 bo +1.2k<<<<<<sold [Electric Attack Nanochip 8] T5.85 bo +1.8k [Atrox...
  3. Gente Malparido

    People's Armor Shop

    Selling full sets of UL armor , Shopkeeper has deeds rings and vehicles, L armor and plates on table at entrance Current UL armor set stock: Akitus (F) TT+75 Gorgon (F) TT+90
  4. Gente Malparido

    Buying: WTB Ancient Red Scorpion

    WTB Ancient Red Scorpion please message me here or in game
  5. Gente Malparido

    Selling: WTS Giant Lxurious Fountain

    Luxurious Fountain approx 25m in diameter a great piece for a large luxurious estate or la asking 2.6k PM me ingame or message me here for current display location and price
  6. Gente Malparido

    Buying: WTB 35 Hardening nano adjuster A01's x35 PM me in game or message me here with quantity and price
  7. Gente Malparido

    Selling: UL Armor and Plates

    WTS Full set of (M) Adj. nemesis t0-t2 tt+2k = 2,235 ped for set <Sold> full set of (M) adj. musca tt+42 =70 ped for set 7x 5b plates = 500 ped for all 7 7x 6a plates = 250 ped for all 7 selling all as sets no individual pieces all pieces are full tt value will consider trades
  8. Gente Malparido

    Selling: Camo Arms Jungle Stalker tier 5.99

    Selling Tier 5.99 pm me in game Gente Madman Malparido
  9. Gente Malparido

    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier 10

    no longer looking ty
  10. Gente Malparido

    Selling: Selling [Adjusted Embra Laser Sword C1]

    tier 4.7 current M/U is 950 + tt atm low tt total price at current mu would be 1039.05 will sell or trade it for less than current mu pm me in game or mail thank you