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    Radio arkadia thirsty thursday

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    Atlas haven radio where variety is the spice of life :-) :yay:
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    THIRSTY THURSDAY Pre Week-end Party

    Why wait until the week-end to have a good time? :beerchug::drink::yay: It's Thirsty Thursday Pre Week-end party NOW on RADIO ARKADIA all rock, all the time!
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    Rock with me

    @ all rock, all the time :yay: :beerchug::cool::yup::clap::drink::banana::dancing::woohoo::dj:
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    :-) :-) :-) :-) happy father's day :-) :-) :-) :-)

    Celebrating this very special day @ :yay::yup::woot::D:clap::dance::hug::king::dancing::dj:
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    Early week-end party continues!!!! @ radio arkadia :yay:::silly2::yay::yup::yay::D :beerchug::smoke::cheer::clap::dance::drink::headbang::woohoo::dancing::shots::dj:
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    RADIO ARKADIA early week-end party

    Are you missing out on week-ends because of real life work? This Wednesday and Thursday celebrate an early week-end with Radio Arkadia :-) :yay: :yup:
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    Radio arkadia

    Rock with me at all rock all the time :):yay::yup:
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    Variety is the spice of life

    Shoes with good lateral support and comfortable clothing recommended. :yay: Party with me at
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    Trade CLDs for Aniera Class Mothership

    Would like to trade my CLDs in exchange for a mothership Please message me with the the amount of SI your mothership (I will buy a mothership with 0 added SI that is fine) and the minimum number of CLDs you will accept as trade for your mothership. My full avatar name is Yoshii Yoshii Lem.
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    Buying: BUYING: Aniara class mothership

    Sitting on a mothership that is not making you any ped? Trade it for CLDs that will make you income every week :-) Offering 42 Calypso Land Deeds in exchange for an Aniara Class Mothership My full avatar name: Yoshii Yoshii Lem
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    Variety is the spice of life

    Im on now doing my MOSHPIT show. Rock, Pop, Alternative and who knows what else! :-) If it makes you move it qualifies for my show :yup: ATLAS HAVEN RADIO
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    What is the best movie you ever saw and why?

    Babylon 5: In The Beginning (1998) Great storytelling about conflict and human nature set in the future.
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    Dave "Obscured in the clouds"

    Listening to awesome rock tunes :-)
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    Our Wild Rose

    She is LOUD She is BOLD She is our Wild New York Rose and she is giving a GREAT show!!!! Tune in
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    Wasp in space

    On my show Tuesday 12:00 to 15:00 EU time on I will be doing readings from the story "Wasp in Space" written in the first person by one of our own fellow entropians. Dance to tunes that make you shake your booty and hear tidbits of "Wasp In Space" Check out our...