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  1. starcollector

    FYI: ROCKtropia: Forum Hacked

    Rocktropia forum Hacked Picture:
  2. starcollector

    Selling: Heavy Metal ROCK T-shirt

    Hy ! I am selling Heavy Metal ROCK T-shirt(M)(C)!! MU from AH is TT+150 ped Accepting offers via PM SB: TT+75 ped BO: TT+100 ped
  3. starcollector

    Info: WARNING: Do not use unauthorized 3rd party programs!!!

    Do not use something like this: I dont think is so easy to add PED to your PED CARD.....The only way that I know is by depositing them :D Or if so easy MA should investigate this :)) Read EULA and ToU Also read this too Participant Content Policy and Privacy Policy Edit: Reason Removed Link...
  4. starcollector

    Info: Rocktropia:NEWSFLASH! Banana Deadline Extended until August 27th

    DEADLINE EXTENDED Until August 27th... Word on the Street is that the Zombies have been found with bigger Bunches of Bananas.. Still No Explanation as to why? A rumor has spread across Entropia Universe of the discovery of rotten bananas found on Zombies on the Planet ROCKtropia! It is...
  5. starcollector

    ROCKtropia: NEVERDIE IS DEAD! Long Live Tutankhamun!

    NEVERDIE is dead. Long Live Tutankhamun! It appears an anonymous hacker group hacked into the ROCKtropia source code and obliterated almost all NEVERDIE branding and mythology from ROCKtropia and replaced it with the name of an ancient boy king. A note assumed to be from the hacker group was...
  6. starcollector

    ROCKtropia Event: Kill Zombies! Collect Rotten Bananas! Get paid! What more do you want???

    A rumor has spread across Entropia Universe of the discovery of rotten bananas found on Zombies on the Planet ROCKtropia! It is suspected that the bananas originate from a Warehouse located Somewhere in Zomhattan. The Trade terminal Value per 100 bananas is 10 Cents US (1 ped) . NEVERDIE is...
  7. starcollector

    Selling: Blueprints for cloths and decoration

    WTF Trucker Hat (C) Blueprint CND Live Trucker Hat (C) Blueprint Motorhead Trucker Hat (C) Blueprint AFK Trucker Hat (C) Blueprint Short Bailey Curtail Blueprint(L)--33 clicks Short Tied Polka Curtain (C) Blueprint(L) --79 clicks Towel(C) Blueprint(L)--12 clicks Medium Harlequin Curtain...
  8. starcollector

    Info: Skill Increase Bonus Chart 2013

    Proffesion: Laser Sniper (Hit) Carabines& Rifles Level 0 Chikara Vamachara Mk.I (L) Herman LAW-TT R S.I. HK110 SmallFry-1 Laser Rifle (L)...
  9. starcollector

    Quest Bomb

    Watch out! A Quest Bomb has been detonated and now there is a new way to earn cash in the whacky virtual world of ROCKtropia. If you fancy yourself a connoisseur of virtual reality and pop culture and think you can write with panache, then why not get paid for it? ROCKtropia the wild and...
  10. starcollector

    New guns on Calypso...

    I saw some new guns on Calypso ...Jester D series with SIB can some one tell what is the decay on them... I should max soon Jester D-4 (L) I need info for Jester D-5(L) too ..
  11. starcollector

    Skilling crafting Rk-5 vs Lesser Elysia :P

    Well I wanted to start some skills in crafting and I discovered that Lesser Elysia(sweat and lysterium) is good skilling bp . 1st of all I have TT return,2nd no need to buy sweat cause I gather and for me is free,3rd no need to go in Space(each time I have to spend 2 ped fax planet),4th why to...
  12. starcollector

    Noob mobs for fast skilling

    I noticed that the village boar(Next Island) give the same amount of skills like carabok(Arkadia) or even more skills .. Have anyone noticed that or tryed the experiment..
  13. starcollector

    TT machine bug! :D

    I sended support case in this bug yesterday when I noticed... On ped card 237 ped and few pecs...sell @ 14 ped loot to TT the balance in TT window remain the same 237 ped only it is updating on ped card to 251 peds... To buy ammo I get some error(maybe because the balance not updating).I close...
  14. starcollector

    Selling: Sell 100 rare fugabarba skin

    Selling Rare Fugabarba Skin....atm I have 100.. maybe in next days a few more... add StarCollector to FL and contact me in game
  15. starcollector

    Failed: Why?....from healing to on my reapair Toll on my Quad...

    Can say MA to us what means Failed? Heal Hunting with my gun Repair with my rk-5 my ship ....Why I loose decay and ammo burn on Failed?
  16. starcollector

    Selling: Vixen Hunter Selling vixen loot for crafters on calypso... looking for crafters

    Ill warp evry week to caly now to sell loot from vixen girls to crafters on Calypso: The loot that I have with me from them is : Vixen android gears Robot Low-Loss link cable Robot Component Residue Vixen Android F-O-X Drive Rocktropia Record Vixen android oil filter Vixen android visual optics...
  17. starcollector

    FYI: 1 new mission chain that make hunters to explore other planets

    1 new mission chain that make move up hunters to see other planets in 2-3 stages: Stage 1: •kill 100 Mob on Calypso •kill 100 Mob on Cyrene •kill 100 Mob on Arkadia •kill 100 Mob on Next Island •kill 100 Mob on ROCKtropia Stage 2: •kill 1000 Mob on Calypso •kill 1000 Mob on Cyrene •kill 1000...
  18. starcollector

    Race tracks for the new cars

    Yesterday I saw the new car PRX Pirate SE(L) and I want some race tracks nearby CND Lagoon(the place I saw the car) If we can race in game and make race events I'll never close the game for playing NFS :D
  19. starcollector

    Question: Blueprint mixed loot from other planets?

    What do you think? If MA make new blueprints that sound like this 1 item looted(mined) from calypso,1 item looted(mined) from Next Island,1 item looted(mined) from Rocktropia......This thing will make economy work better or no? originaly posted here...
  20. starcollector

    Paramedic !

    Hy! I am Gradinaru StarCollector Mihai level paramedic 5 toys i use : 5 herb boxes 1 Vivo T10(L) 1 Reg Chip Lvl 1
  21. starcollector

    Star Fap Service!!!

    Hy! I am Paramedic level 4.... I have with me 5 herb box , 1 Vivo T10 (L), or I can use any fap that you provide... GL Hunters!
  22. starcollector

    Healing service

    Hy my ingame name is StarCollector... I have with me 4 herb boxes filled, Fap Vivo T10 (L), and i am close to level 4 paramedic ....I have an armour, for transport I am using sleipnir Mk I...
  23. starcollector

    Healing service!

    if you need a level 1 paramedic fapper in game contact me...if someone provide the fap i will heal for free that avatar.
  24. starcollector

    Healing service!

    Now I have a herb box ... Level 1 Unskilled Paramedic if someone need's me pls contact ingame StarCollector...
  25. starcollector

    Fap service!!! for hunters

    Hy! I have only a Vivo T1...I learn medical skills,if you need my help contact me Starcollector in game...