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    Suggestion: Access storage from other planets.

    How many times have you travelled to another planet and forgotten something? Happens to us all. I left my bloody amp on calypso, now I'm annoyed, I got to fly back and get it. What I propose is to be able to access your storage on another planet, and deliver an item to the planet you are on...
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    Suggestion: HP Progress Tracker

    So we all value our skills and attributes differently, but for me, after looter professions, HP is the next most important metric for my avatar, and I bet this is a similar prioritisation for many other players. This is why it baffles me that the Progress Tracker allows you to track literally...
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    Suggestion: Lahar swamp improvement.

    Hey. So I do the Lahar swamp wave event regularly, and it’s a lot of fun, but there is one grievance that I have with it. On the second stage, once you break the egg sacks 8 extremely high agro Calamusoids come out. This isn’t a big deal for players geared for it, but I find a lot of players...
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    Price Check Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Improved

    Hey, Starting my hunt for one of these and upgrade from my Adjusted FAP, I don't see a lot of recent data on sales in game or selling threads, so i'd like to ask what would be a fair price on these, so I can avoid getting ripped off or offending people. Ta.
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    Next Laptop recommendation.

    Heya. I am looking to get what we in the car world would call a “beater”. I already have a gaming rig for hunting but I feel that a lot of CPU hours and Watts are wasted on a lot of the less intensive tasks. For when I spend my time doing long crafting runs, auction tarting, spamming...
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    Suggestion: Reinstate confirmation screens.

    Mindark, please for the love of god give us the ability to toggle back on confirmation screens, especially, shrapnel conversion. So many times I’ve gone to split off some shrapnel for sale and accidentally converted my stack. I spread my play on 3-4 different computers Depending where I am I’m...
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    Selling: **SOLD**[Argonaut Claws, Weak, FEN Edition][Melee Trauma Amplifier 2, FEN Edition]

    COMBO HAS BEEN SOLD Hi, Due to change in direction I want to take in my mindset and avatar, I am looking to sell this nice combo. Argonaut Claw, Weak, FEN, Melee Trauma Amp 2 FEN T:2.99 TIR:154/200 I will have 2 separate starting bid options, claw+amp and claw only, once a bid is placed for...
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    Buying: Ozpyn RLB S1X2

    Hi y’all. Looking to get my hands on this weapon. Contact me here or in game. Considering upgrading to a melee trauma 7/8 for it too if one comes along. Thanks ?
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    Selling: Selling Adjusted Jaguar/Boar F "Set" *SOLD

    ***SOLD*** Heyz. :cool: Due to my desire to invest my monies elsewhere, I am looking to part from my "Jaguboar" armour set. Because Adj. Boar and Adj. Jaguar are fairly similar I purposely decided to create a combo with 3 pieces of each. this was done to allow me to enjoy the full strength...
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    Skill boost rings and their effect.

    Hi Guys! So I have been running around with this little bugger on my finger. Summer 19 ring. Normally when I get skill buffs, I don't question a good thing, and I just thank the Mindark gods for my supposed elevated progression. But seeing as this rings value is somewhat tied to these skill...