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  1. Tamn

    Selling: Level 24 Eudoracell Speed Bunny

    Level 24.5 Eudoracell Selling my mythic pet Eudoracell bunny, lvl 24.5 approximately, I'm using him every day so will be around this, probably a bit higher by the time he gets a new home. Will probably be fully or mostly fully fed as well since I re-feed him to full every 2 days or so. Speed...
  2. Tamn

    Selling: Adjusted nemesis male

    Adjusted nemesis male SOLD
  3. Tamn

    Selling: Level 23 Eudoracell

    Selling my mythic pet eudoracell bunny, lvl 23, 73,000~ xp approximately, I'm using him every day so will be around this, probably a bit higher by the time he gets a new home. Will probably be fully or umostly fully fed as well since I refeed him to full every 2 days or so. speed unlocked...
  4. Tamn

    Buying: Buying Swine Deluxe

    purchased, no more need.
  5. Tamn

    Selling: T5 Ecotron v.26 Prototype

    T5.9 Ecotron v.26 Prototype, Efficiency at 62.7% with imp 105 no scope/lasers 63.0% with bullseye8 + longreach 4 + imp 105 I believe it's the highest tier v26 ecotron currently? Next tier cost is around 1050-1100 peds. last tier was around 950-1000 remaining tier rates: tier 6: 59 tier 7...
  6. Tamn

    Selling: Augmented Ares / EST (M)

    Selling my augmented ares Asking 10,700 Nearly full tt EST set (m), off my head I think the set is only taken 2-3 ped of decay. I also have another pair of Est male foot guards full tt. Asking 1600% Pm me if interested, thanks Edit: willing to accept items in partial trades with ped...
  7. Tamn

    2.0 Hunting Logs till 100

    I've been lurking too much, never bothering to post. Figured I'd put something back into the community again. All runs post 2.0 loot update, overall goal level 100 hit/dmg in laser rifle, started playing again with under 1k total skills in Jan 2017 from total sell out 2011 era. Gear Used: Main...
  8. Tamn

    Buying: Mod 2600 / Adjusted Resto Chip

    Bought both, thread closed.
  9. Tamn

    Selling: Selling Over 97k CFD

    Selling a bit Over 97k CFD PM ME, thx 90 peds takes em home if you buy it all. otherwise 1 ped per 1k
  10. Tamn

    Selling: Finder F-211 BP (18 QR)

    Selling my Finder F-211 (L) Blueprint, 18.5 QR ATM. 2.5k pure peds/ may consider some cheap gambling blueprints + peds.
  11. Tamn

    Selling: Some BP's

    Finder F-211 18.3 QR - 4k SB 4.5k BO Auctions end one week after SB being met.
  12. Tamn

    Selling: Selling Level 3 Mining Amplifier Unlimited.

    102-OA Unlimited / Level 3 Mining Amplifier Unlimited Looking to sell this tool and get more into the crafting scene because of recent changes. Some simple math, price of 102 OA's today, 108%. 4000 drops per day which I do easily on F.O.M.A in about a 8 hour period, and I've reached 5-6k per...
  13. Tamn

    FYI: I think they should just condense all weapons into 2 items.

    Hunting is overcomplicated, I think they should take all weapons and convert them into 2 actual weapon items. 1 - Pistol (L) 2 - Rifle (L) Take the average MAX TT for all rifles, and make that the the same for pistols. Melee users...well..we'll pay you the TT for your items. Weapons...
  14. Tamn

    Question: Claimsize "fixed" yet?

    Wondering if the FOMA Claimsizes are fixed to the usual levels yet?
  15. Tamn

    Buying: GEC Coil Springs 2M BP

    GEC Coil Springs 2M BP Thanks :)
  16. Tamn


    Mining Key Stats Most globals today: Iron Stone Total value today: 44,901 PED (-68.99 %)* Total globals today: 341 (-52.37 %)* Dont worry, nothing is wrong. nearly 70% drop in loot, 0.o and 52% globals, 0.o
  17. Tamn

    Achievement: I finally did it!

    I finally got the top 3 crafted hofs for an item!!!! W00000T!!!!!!!! As well as the number one crafter of level 7's ever!!! :yay::yay::yay::yay:
  18. Tamn

    Selling: OA 102 (L) & OA 104 (L) below auction

    OA 102 (L) & OA 104 (L) below auction rates! Toss me a PM, get your amps for cnd cheaper than auction pricing! :yay:
  19. Tamn

    Unlocked BPC

    Unlocked BPC and that other skill too. Shhhh, I wont tell about the chips if you dont tell. :flip:
  20. Tamn

    Buying: Apis LP485

    Buying an unlimited Apis LP485 Blueprint. Toss me a PM -Tamn
  21. Tamn

    Uber: 5th Uber from UL amp.

    5th and largest claimsize so far!!!!! :dunce::yay::yay::yay::yay: 3k is at the end of the video. =D
  22. Tamn

    Item Repair Bug

    Seriously, please fix the item repair bug. I have to repair my mining amp 40-50 times a day and having to relog every several times is insanely annoying. I repair my amp...head back to the dome..."item is broken" or I look at it. It took my ped off the card for the repair...the...
  23. Tamn

    Selling: Cb 24 ul/t2.6

  24. Tamn

    Buying: Trading my Tier1.9 Cb24 for YOUR R150

    Trading my T1.9 Cb24 + peds for YOUR Assassin R150. Pm me details, Thanks. Trade down a tiny bit and make some extra cash! :yay:
  25. Tamn

    Selling: Trading/Selling 102 OA UL for Adj Fap+Peds

    102-OA Unlimited Looking to trade/sell this tool and get more into the hunting scene of things. I've been using this simply awesome tool for 10 months or so. Well worth the cost for any dedicated miner. I'm looking for an Adjusted Fap, Martial SGA / Angel / Angel SGA / Shadow parts considered...