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    Selling: Sigyn Thigh Guards M

    Selling Sigyn Thigh Guards (M) Pm me your best offers here or ingame
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    THE Armor Shop - Arkadia thank you mining event.

    Listen up all miners and those who still hang on to at least some mining skills. This is an event for you. I has been a while since i last hosted an event, so it is about time to do something. It is not a secret that at the moment Arkadian L armors make up the majority of L armors used in...
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    Tier 6-9 Perseus

    THE Armor Shop is renting out Tier 6-9 Perseus. Works super good for the Core event with some electric plates (Pulsar 2, Mark.5E, or for max defense Fulmen II) for those pesky little bots. Look at those defenses! Perseus Helmet Tier 7 Perseus Gloves Tier 7 Perseus Harness Tier 6 Perseus Arm...
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    Selling: Selling Modiefied Fi/Ra/Co Evil

    Selling Modified Fi/Ra/Co Evil TT+6.5k
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    Fun with THE Armor Shop

    When 2018-02-04 (tomorrow or today (depends on your time zone)). Meet up at 11:30 MA time. Start time 12:00 MA time. End at 16:00 MA time. Or you can join in at any time. There is no need to be present start to finish. Prizes The main prize for this event is fun. It will not take place on an...
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    Random Treasures at THE Armor Shop

    Random Treasure at THE Armor Shop Since i want to make shopping at THE Armor Shop more than just going to get the stuff you need. To make it a more fun experience, I am starting a completely random event. During the duration of this event i will add random items to the shop for the minimal...
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    Selling: A204, Evil, DOA Loudmouth, UL armor sets

    The time has come to clean out my storage and boy did i find some goodies :). Entropedia links on all names. If you think the price is not fair give me a fair offer. Phantom M set T1 TT+2200 Viking M set T1 TT+3000 Thunderbird shins, foot guards, helmet a fair offer. Vigilante M set TT+400...
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    Treasure hunt at THE Armor Shop

    Treasure Hunt at THE Armor Shop Last week i have been reworking one of my rooms (the 5B one). Starting today it will be a high tier number armor shop. For all those who want high tier armors. To make this happen i had to clear out all the other armors that were in the shop there and now i am...
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    THE Armor Shop - Everything for your defense

    Welcome to THE Armor Shop Everything for your defense in one place Find us at: Genesis Amethera Headquaters (TP coords: 34255, 48216) Tower B (right at the TP; go east) Apartment-shops: 5B (floor 5 apt B) --> High Tier number Armor parts an enhancers 5E (floor 5 apt E) --> Crafted Armor sets...