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  1. chrisdors3

    Buying: Songkra Corrosive Dagger

    Anyone able to help an old timer find a Songkra Corrosive Dagger... please PM me if you have one available. Thanks, Chris Dakota Dors
  2. chrisdors3

    Price Check Ghoul (F) set sell price?

    Anyone have an idea of what a set of Ghoul F would sell for these days? 6 parts tier 0, 1 part tier 1 Chris Dakota Dors
  3. chrisdors3

    Selling: Atrox Sapphire Pup Autoloot Pet (Level 24)... 1600 PED

    SOLD I have a level 24 Atrox Sapphire Pup for sale... 1600 PED. Also accepting trades. 5M autoloot unlocked, 60 energy per hour, pet and taming skill unlock at level 25. Not too many of these out there. Chris Dakota Dors
  4. chrisdors3

    Buying: Sacred Fire Skull & Sacred Water Skull

    PM me please if you have one of these skulls for sale: Sacred Fire Skull Sacred Water Skull Thanks! Chris Dakota Dors
  5. chrisdors3

    Buying: Atrox Sapphire Pet

    Got one for sale? Please send me a PM if so. Thanks!! Chris Dakota Dors
  6. chrisdors3

    Huge Thanks to Summer! Such an asset to this game.

    I just wanted to thank Summer for being such a great entropian. Always responsive and has helped me many times over the years with various coloring and texture requests. It’s a rare thing when one of the most skilled at something is one of the most approachable and decent. Deserving of an ATH...
  7. chrisdors3

    Selling: Summer Ring 2019

    +6500 PM here if interested. Chris Dakota Dors
  8. chrisdors3

    Selling: Mod 2350

    T0.99 Mod 2350 for sale +Sold PM me if interested
  9. chrisdors3

    Selling: Tier 8 Songkra Corrosive Dagger + Melee Trauma 6

    I have a Tier 8.29 Songkra Dagger and a Melee Trauma Amp 6 for sale. EntropiaWiki weapon compare says ~110 DPS enhanced with imp Ares. I'd prefer to sell together. Remaining tiers on Songkra: Tier 8 97 Tier 9 126 Tier 10 97 Not a lot of sales history for such high tier Songkras...
  10. chrisdors3

    Buying: Trophy Heads - Longu. Got one?

    Looking for the following old school looted trophy heads: Got em all- can close. Hoping to complete the old trophy heads collection, PM me if you have one you can sell. Chris Dakota Dors
  11. chrisdors3

    Achievement: Completed collection of every Plant,Tree & Flower

    Looks like the reintroduction of Calamusoids has allowed for a few Small Squid Plants to finally start dropping again... Thus allowing me to complete the collection! I know its not a major accomplishment, but its nice to finally complete the collection after so many years. All 26 different...
  12. chrisdors3

    Anyone have a Candle Skull Blueprint (L)?

    Curious if anybody still has one with a click or two left on it? If so, lemme know. Chris Dakota Dors
  13. chrisdors3

    Buying: Jango Mask (old school housing item)

    Heya- looking for a Jango mask... got one??? Chris Dakota Dors
  14. chrisdors3

    Buying: Herman LAW-10 or LAW-20 Smuggler Stand....housing decoration item

    Got em all... can close Got one of these decoration guns? Herman LAW-10 Smuggler Stand Herman LAW-20 Smuggler Stand Herman ARK-10 Smuggler Stand
  15. chrisdors3

    Selling: Combustive Attack 5 TEN & Kinetic Amp 4

    Combustive Attack 5 TEN T2.5 TT+1450 NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 4 SOLD 73M range on that Combustive 5 TEN :) Great tagger for Melee
  16. chrisdors3

    Buying: Archon's Sword

    Can close Thanks!
  17. chrisdors3

    Buying: Khonzai Tree. Paying over markup. Help

    Khonzai Tree. Paying over markup. Old Timers Help? Can close- found one! Thanks Buying 1 Khonzai Tree. Looking for help completing my tree/plant collection... needing this old school item. All other plants/trees are on display in Minopolis #5 house (87777, 85111)... check it out...
  18. chrisdors3

    Buying: Small Squid Plant & Khonzai Tree to help complete my collection

    Small Squid Plant to help complete my collection Looking for a small squid plant... anyone have one they can sell? I have all the rest of the plants and trees on display in Minopolis #5 if you'd like to check them out. Found one- looks like they started dropping from Calamusoids again...
  19. chrisdors3

    Buying: High Tier Songkra Corrosive Dagger (Tier 7 or above?)

    Acquired..... can close
  20. chrisdors3

    Selling: Combustive Attack Nanochip 5, TEN Edition

    SOLD Awesome MF Range of 73.7 meters Located in my shopkeeper at Minopolis #5 (87777, 85111)
  21. chrisdors3

    Selling: Corrosive Attack Nanochip 5, TEN Edition

    SOLD Tier 4.5 +2000 In my shopkeeper at Minopolis #5. (87777, 85111) feel free to PM me offers or trades
  22. chrisdors3

    Buying: UL NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier 4

    Can close- got one. Thanks, Chris Dakota Dors
  23. chrisdors3

    Selling: Hypercharged A105

    SOLD Type: Energy Amp Weight: 0.3 kg Stats Damage: 21 HP Economy Decay: 2.470 PEC Ammo: 228 cells Cost: 4.750 PEC Maximal TT: 184 PED Minimal TT: 5.52 PED Total Uses: 7226 Damage/PEC: 4.421 HP Efficiency: 72.1 % Damage types...
  24. chrisdors3

    Selling: Mountain Gorilla Pet lvl 10 (Auto Loot @ lvl 13)

    SOLD Currently resting in my shopkeeper outside Minopolis #5 (87777, 85111) PM me any offers or trades :)
  25. chrisdors3

    Minopolis #5 Shop (updated inventory)

    Shopkeeper sold, but feel free to check out the house :)