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  1. Faalagorn

    Info: Little advice about your first hunting setup

    It's also worth noting that Bukin's Spare Rifle have better range than other newbie rifles. I used to keep my Opalo in inventory because of it's range, but now Bukin's Spare Rifle took it's place. Also, the Bukin's Spare Rifle comes with 5TT value that will last a few shots, so even if you don't...
  2. Faalagorn

    Buying: 200k Shrapnel @ 100.8%

    I want to buy up to 200k Shrapnel to save a bit on ammo in the upcoming hunts, and I'm willing to pay a little premium for it :) I'm willing to buy up to 200k Shrapnel @ 100.8% Markup (20.16 PED value), but I can buy lower amounts that I will substract from the amount (I'll update the thread)...
  3. Faalagorn

    Info: settings-ce,your tweak and GFX card

    Try to force no AA (along with no gamma AA correction and transparent AA) in your graphic card panel. Although there is no official Triple Buffering build in NVIDIA/ATI drivers for Direct3D, but some tools, such as RivaTuner allows you to enable it. More info here (down the page). Triple...
  4. Faalagorn

    Help: Black screenshot in fullscreen

    Also, the Fraps 3.0.0 (and probably all the other versions) works well (I have Aero turned on, Win7 Pro x64)
  5. Faalagorn

    Help: Black screenshot in fullscreen

    It seems to be a common problem, as it happens to me too ^^. However, the screenshots works flawlessly in windowed mode. I haven't tried any programs like Fraps, Xfire or GrabCaptureScreen, I just tried doing a printscreen-paint grab.
  6. Faalagorn

    FYI: Do you want to be able to tweak your gfx settings in eu?

    Just my 2 pecs :twocents: about the default MA settings. On this laptop I'm playing barely on low with just certain settings set to medium/high (textures etc, which look ugly... - oh well, even worse - on the low settings) even if it's a higher-end laptop where Crysis was running quite smoothly...
  7. Faalagorn

    PE Assistant

    I second that!
  8. Faalagorn

    FYI: Official: VU 10 not fully implemented, VU 20 announced

    It's an early beta/alpha. Don't suspect them so early, it's a lot things to model. Ontopic - nice post-processing - what's the game engine name? CryEngine 7 v0. pre-alpha nightly build?
  9. Faalagorn

    EU Development & Planning Advisory Board

    Full focus on 10.0... So, the 10 will be out September, am I right ^^?
  10. Faalagorn

    Virtual worlds are getting a second life (Guardian Unlimited)

    They counted "MMORPGs" as "virtual worlds". Or, at least, WoW. WoW is a game, not a VW btw v.v.
  11. Faalagorn

    Question: Which are better? (pants)

    Well, lately I got a new pants from a friend (with texture and color), but I also have a basic pattern pants and my OJs, which fits very well to my colorless (white) and texturless Basic Pattern Shirt. It's also worth note I have a plain (no color or texture) Reilly Boots in my storage. Or...
  12. Different Pants Types

    Different Pants Types

    My different pants type, which one should I choose for me o.o?
  13. Faalagorn

    Achievement: Meaningless Personal Goal Completed - 1 Million Sweat

    So the max for stack is 1M? Interesting... And that 10PED ^^. Well, just don't TT it now but hey, It would give you an Opalo and some ammo xD.
  14. Faalagorn

    Skill Scanner

    Well, I think there is some miscalculation in the "Robot Investigator" and "Animal Investigator" professions. The scanner shows me them as Animal Investigation at 0.11 and Robot at 0.10, while in the game, they have the same value, and moreover, Robot Investigator is above the animal profession...
  15. Faalagorn

    Help: No MP3 playback ingame

    Bump. No idea? It would be cool not to wait for CE2 for it to be fixed for me, lol :P.
  16. Faalagorn

    Question: Clothes look vs Clothes condition

    I also have my OJs @ 100%, unfortunately :X Though, I almost forgot about them and that they are broken from the beginning ^^
  17. Faalagorn

    Question: Clothes look vs Clothes condition

    Okay, I was looking in EF to find any info about how the clothes look is changing along with the percentage condition of them? Also, do any of you know what are the breakpoints when the items change it's look? Any graphical representation would be cool too, so if anyone want to do spend some...
  18. Faalagorn

    What frustrates you today in Entropia Universe?

    Some ideas was already said by previous Entropians, but I'll repeat, because that's the thing that are the most important to me. I'll also post everything that's important to me, not only 5 ideas. If it's too much, just truncate the list - it's sorted by the importance. The things that annoys...
  19. Faalagorn

    Help: No MP3 playback ingame

    No A lot of them are indeed mp3s with wrong exttension. Do not ask me, why MA did that. Like I said, no :). I tried unchecking->launching->closing->checking->launching, and didn't work either. I also did a fresh install with setting in CL resetted, and I was clicking on the default button @...
  20. Faalagorn

    Help: No MP3 playback ingame

  21. Faalagorn

    Help: No MP3 playback ingame

    I have this problem for some time so far, I don't have a music playback ingame. It happened quite some time ago, quite suddenly after one of VU. I had some minor problems before though, like no music while dying. I made sure that I don't have sound muted either in launcher nor ingame, I tried...
  22. Faalagorn

    I just hope you don't have PM inbox full now, Witte ^^.

    I just hope you don't have PM inbox full now, Witte ^^.
  23. Faalagorn

    Problem or something I'm doing wrong?

    I have completely rebinded almost all the keys on my layout, really. It wasn't so suitable for me after all. If you are curious, I may post a screen of my current keybindings, but actually - everything was changed :).
  24. Faalagorn

    EntropiaForum Maintenance

    Isn't RAID 0 raising the probability to failure chance twice? I didn't know, that there are servers using RAID 0 ^^. I guess you'll have to take making a backups just in case more than others, lol. Anyway, great work 711. Hearing of upgrades is always a thing ^^.
  25. Faalagorn

    Xfire new bug

    To fix it, just go to your C:\ProgramData\Xfire\, find and open a "xfire_games.ini" file, find in it a line LongName=Entropia Universe and then, a little below, just after the InGameFlags= add DISABLE_FOR_VISTA| entry. It should look like that: That will disable the Xfire-In Game completely...