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  1. Faalagorn

    Buying: 200k Shrapnel @ 100.8%

    I want to buy up to 200k Shrapnel to save a bit on ammo in the upcoming hunts, and I'm willing to pay a little premium for it :) I'm willing to buy up to 200k Shrapnel @ 100.8% Markup (20.16 PED value), but I can buy lower amounts that I will substract from the amount (I'll update the thread)...
  2. Faalagorn

    Question: Which are better? (pants)

    Well, lately I got a new pants from a friend (with texture and color), but I also have a basic pattern pants and my OJs, which fits very well to my colorless (white) and texturless Basic Pattern Shirt. It's also worth note I have a plain (no color or texture) Reilly Boots in my storage. Or...
  3. Faalagorn

    Question: Clothes look vs Clothes condition

    Okay, I was looking in EF to find any info about how the clothes look is changing along with the percentage condition of them? Also, do any of you know what are the breakpoints when the items change it's look? Any graphical representation would be cool too, so if anyone want to do spend some...
  4. Faalagorn

    Help: No MP3 playback ingame

    I have this problem for some time so far, I don't have a music playback ingame. It happened quite some time ago, quite suddenly after one of VU. I had some minor problems before though, like no music while dying. I made sure that I don't have sound muted either in launcher nor ingame, I tried...
  5. Faalagorn

    Question: How many tutorials are there in-game to unlock?

    We all know (I hope :P) the blue blinking icon showing you that you had just discovered a new tutorial. There is an option to see again or confirm it. Then it is available at the tutorial list window (i don't know the default shortcut, though, I changed it - you can find it however by pressing...
  6. Faalagorn

    Achievement: All Eudoria TPs!

    Finally, after moving from TP to TP, doing a lot of the latter ones all by myself, without any piece of armour and a single ammo in equip, i finally completed finding all the 35 Eudoria teleporters ending at Fort Pandora :). I don't have all the dots (outposts, estate areas and a PvP area)...
  7. Faalagorn

    FYI: Vu 9.4

    From the launcher news: That's completly new VU, not the mini-update. Nor it isn't CE2.
  8. Faalagorn

    My first team global!

    I got my first EU global in the team I was on, being also the first global related to me in EU ever :). The fact is I don't get anything from it, since I wasn't hunting it, but the global is global xD.
  9. Faalagorn

    Help: EF adverts and Adblock Plus

    Hi. I have installed ABP for a long time, it works flawlessly, when it comes to not showing any adverts :). However, since all the ads in EF are Entropia-related, I have no point to disable it, because I'm only losing valuable infos about events, shops, etc. in EU :]. I tried adding an...
  10. Faalagorn

    Question: One more question about the Promoter Rating and Reputation…

    I’m really curious, why Promoter Rating and Reputation skills (as seen in game) aren’t counted as skills, say, in Entropedia and other EU fansites? They are shown on skill window, have their own descripyion, points and ranks and the only difference is that they don’t belong to the specified...