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  1. Zeebo19189

    Buying: Adjusted Maddox IV

    Hi, I'm considering trading My tier 5.1 Zero-Three + PED for an Adj Maddox IV. If anyone feels like downgrading to this gun or if this trade interests you at all, please pm me. I don't want to outright sell my gun to buy maddox, I would not have a gun for an undetermined amount of time and no...
  2. Zeebo19189

    Selling: Boiga, RSBx2, Trauma VI etc

    *This Post Contains No Loot* Well that was fast :yay:
  3. Zeebo19189

    Selling: GYRO Fap-14 Smuggler

    Sold :yay: Bye
  4. Zeebo19189

    Selling: Tier 5 Isis HL6 Unlimited and Full Bear(M) unlimited.

    All Items sold. Please close thread. :) Zeebo.
  5. Zeebo19189

    Selling: Trading Montgomery Anabolic UL

    New toy obtained! Please close thread :D
  6. Zeebo19189

    Selling: Montgomery Anabolic UL Tier 2.1 and more

    Montgomery Anabolic UL (Now Tier 3). Remaining Tier's are 67, 77, 92, 116, 119, 107, 106 Gun is full tt (4160ped) SB: tt+4k BO: tt+6k A203 Laser Amp SB: tt+900 BO: tt+1k Isis CB5 UL Tier 1.8 Remaining Tier's are 95, 95, 105, 146, 141, 104, 105, 110, 120 Gun is full tt (200ped) SB: tt+175 BO...
  7. Zeebo19189

    Selling: Energy Sources (L)

    Attention Mothership Owners!! Selling 2xfull tt Energy Sources (L) now for 200%. pm me if interested.:yay: Way cheaper than auction. I just want rid of them so anyone offering anything up to 200% can have them.
  8. Zeebo19189

    Buying: Buying full Gremlin (M)

    Want to buy full Gremlin (M) paying tt+250. PM me if you would like to sell me a set.
  9. Zeebo19189

    Selling: Selling Vivo Survivor (L) Blueprint

    SB +500ped BO +1000ped PM any offers. Bidding will stay open for one week after SB is met. :yay::yay::yay::yay: