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    Info: My mining log

    Hey hey, Bit bored of hunting so I thought I would start a mining log. Bought an improved excavator. Looking to buy a chikara refiner and perfected hermetic ring if anyone has one for sale. I don't have as much time to play as I used to but hopefully can get a few runs a week in. Mark up will...
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    Steve punisher graham

    Hey, Anyone know how to contact this guys nowadays? Steve punisher graham thanks in advance
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    Anyone else frusturated?

    Hey, Anyone else frustrated by how active the compet representatives are on this forum. Could they possibly devot any resources to the game that got them here. You remember, Entropia?
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    Selling: various things

    Hey, Selling, Female armor: Liakon +2.9K Mahketta +350 Level 4 mountain gorilla - Auto loot not unlocked yet 900 PRX Superstar vehicle Message me here or ingame. "Dar Hammer Dei"
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    Selling: Selling Privateer

    Hey, Looking to sell my privateer. The XXX . It has 10402.8 SI SB: 52000 BO: 55000 GL HF
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    Kool kat LA 1600 ped of prizes

    Hey, Event setup at rocktropia LA(kool kats). 1600 ped of prizes. check event register for sign up and details. 1st prize: 1000peds 2nd prize: 500peds 3rd prize: 100peds LA is at the bottom of map. "isle of lost avatars". MA time: 19/3/2016 02:30 is start time TP and mission broker on LA...
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    Kool kat mission introduced

    Hey, Kool Kat mission is live with VU on Rocktropia: Kool Kat mission broker: [135328, 82373, 108] nearest TP: [135328, 82358, 112] young: 2 points mature: 2 points old: 3 points provider: 4 points guardian: 5 points dominant: 5 points alpha: 6 points old alpha 7 points prowler: 8 points...
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    Buying: mod ek-2600, ares ring improved

    WTB mod ek-2600 - 9500 peds - Bought ares ring improved - 4500 peds Contact me here or ingame "Dar Hammer Dei" Just need ares ring now
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    Selling: Aud

    Selling AUD. 71.5ped each Dar hammer dei - in game name
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    Buying: WTB marcorp kallous-7

    wtb marcorp kallous-7. PM offers here or in game. dar hammer dei
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    My Entropia story

    Hey guys and gals, There is so many negative threads out there I thought I would post my story of my life in Entropia. This thread was not to gloat about how I have done but more to show that there is many opportunities in this game if your willing to be patient and stick to your goals...
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    Ethical issues in game

    Hey, Can we please remove a few things from game. I find them unethical. Shooting of living creatures. Slavery of living creatures. Over mining our universe. Guns/weapons The crafting of such guns and weapons Any clothes that do not cover at least 90% of peoples skin Over proportional avatars...
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    Buying: buying alot of aud

    buying a lot of aud. Message me here or in game. Dar hammer dei
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    FYI: Event at rocktropia LA

    Hey, I am offering some prizes as a new mob DNA has been put onto the Rocktropia land area. Kool Kats Complete stage 3 12800 kill points: 500 peds Complete stage 4 12800 kill points: 500 peds Complete stage 5 25600 kill points: 1500 peds Complete stage 5 25600 kill points - repetable: 1500...
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    Selling rocktropia shops

    Hey, Selling 2 530 item point shops in tangerine. 1, 60 item point stall in hell. Hit me up here. Can try to contact me in game, I am not on much at the moment. gl hf
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    Buying: wtb female thunderbird

    wtb female thunderbird unlimted
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    Rocktropia LA claimed

    Hey, Finally claimed the Land area on rock for 150k TT of bananas. All part owners in the Land area: Narfi Spike aliana kitty zzuki Blighter cardamine Thanks to all Big thanks...
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    Buying: xent tech light rifle x3

    wtb xent tech light rifle x3
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    Buying: Hedoc mayhem +1100

    wtb Hedoc mayhem +1100
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    Selling: Vixen android deed

    WTS Vixen android deed
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    patch tonight?

    Is there supposed to be a patch tonight?
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    Bio ID verification

    Hey, So finally the bidding on BIO ID Verification chips has begun. We have bids of 112%, 125% and now 150% in threads on calypso forums. Has anyone done the math for the TT cost of the mission or is no one far enough into it yet to actually know? Thanks in advance
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    Selling: Tier 7.3 Genesis Dragons Breath+ Melee VI

    Hey, Looking to sell Genesis Dragons Breath tier 7.3 and a melee trauma amp VI. I will not sell the amp until the sword is sold. Genesis Dragons Breath SIB starts at 34 No amp and no enhancers: 47.65dps at 2.895eco Sword and VI amp: 58.68dps at 2.936eco Sword VI amp and 7 enhancers...
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    Info: Rocktropia guide

    Hey all, So I spend so much time showing people where mission brokers are on Rocktropia I though I would just make a guide for it. Follow this guide and you will end up with all kill count missions. Have fun and good luck. Kool Kat: [135328, 82373, 108] nearest TP: [135328, 82358, 112] D...
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    Buying: female liakon harness

    Buying female liakon harness Dar hammer dei - hit me up in game or here. Best bet is in game though