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  1. nutrageti

    16.11.2020 18:00 - EU working? can't log in

    For half an hour now been unable to log in...server down? i was in space i think
  2. nutrageti

    A random video speaking of EU and interview with former CEO

    Nevermind, i stand corrected, pls delete this thread
  3. nutrageti

    Buying: Paradox Shin Guards M

    Yes, I already have all the other parts. No, I'm not willing to buy your complete set. Yes, I know it will take forever this way, I have on average another 50 years lifespan awaiting me. Price: give me a message, if you're asking for enough money to buy cars however, better don't!
  4. nutrageti

    Happy New Year!

    It's that time of year again: Happy New Year! Wish you all the best for 2020! :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: :beerchug::beerchug::beerchug::beerchug::beerchug::beerchug::beerchug:
  5. nutrageti

    HoF: A102 Rare Find

    Just killed a few Atrax Young (shout out to OLA 04) and got a 4 ped tt A102 :yay: Ironically today is the same day one sold in auction for 10 ped... Still, it's something :))
  6. nutrageti

    Question: Team Missions

    I am building a question here after I saw another post that complained about less team hunting since the introduction of hunting missions. Would it be feasible to introduce team missions? Something that would reward only active participants of the same team. Say daily kill 100 mobs missions that...
  7. nutrageti

    Buying: Vigilante Harness + Foot Guards Male SGA Edition

    So I've already got 5 parts Vigilante SGA and am using adj Vigi to get the full bonus but the difference in look really annoys me... So I'm looking to either buy or trade for the above mentioned parts. If you want to trade Vigi sga for adj Vigi i'm up for it :)) mu and protection are similar...
  8. nutrageti

    Happy New Year!

    It's the time to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Enjoy the day and start the next round well rested and ready for everything! :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:
  9. nutrageti

    HoF: 860 Merry Annihilation Daikiba 02

    It's the largest HOF I've had this year, also the largest solo hunting HOF I've ever had :) Quite unexpected but welcome :) pure shrapnel.
  10. nutrageti

    Merry Christmas!

    It's Christmas Eve and due time to wish everyone all the best, lots of happiness and a peaceful holiday! Enjoy the evening, forget the loot and the lag for one day and just say: Merry Christmas! :xsmile::xsmile::xsmile::xsmile:
  11. nutrageti

    Time for a MM plan

    So it would seem I'm cat 3 this year with a nice middle value for that category 131 hp and I 'm not really sure what max dps that would be, probably some Armatrix LP-25 or similar for me this year. I'm bored so let's discuss what you guys think will come out of this :)) (yes, let's open the...
  12. nutrageti

    Buying: Buying Zombie M, UNL Foot guards

    So when I told a friend of mine I'd be helping him get a Zombie unL set, I was pretty confident :)) I got mine rather easily. Needless to say, I'm stuck on the last piece: the foot guards. So buying UNL, M Zombie Foot guards. Paying whatever within decent limits. I bought my own pair at about...
  13. nutrageti

    Lost a book title

    I think it was about 2 years ago, was on a week long trip and found and finished a whole series. A few days ago I remembered about it and decided to reread it. Only problem? What was it's name? Who was the author? Name of the main character? I know the world was made up of island continents and...
  14. nutrageti

    Merry Mayhem Category 1 SOLO

    First hour Start time: 02:00 PM MA Time End time: 03:01 PM MA time Damage inflicted: 105725 Damage received: 1332 Heal Points on Self: 848 Number of Critical Hits: 66 Times Died: 1 Creatures killed - 193 Notable Items (All were from Kerberos): Aurora Foot Guards M,L - 32.68 PED tt Corrosive...
  15. nutrageti

    Saturday Baby Trox

    This Saturday, the 17th of October, at 20:00 MA time, I'm hosting a Highest Single Loot event on OLA 02 Atrox Paradise (North of Nate Valley teleporter). Event will last 60 minutes. Maturity is set to Mature-Guardian, allowing all Iron/Bronze/Silver Atrox missions to be worked upon whilst...
  16. nutrageti

    Saturday Baby Trox !

    OLA 02 Atrox Paradise (North of Nate Valley) invites you this Saturday to an Atrox sampling of the highest quality Young-Old variety :) Event will start at 19:00 MA time and will last for 90 minutes :) Highest Single Loot wins! 300 PED prizes! Register in-game using the Event List!
  17. nutrageti

    Sunday Baby Trox

    What's EU life without an Atrox event? This Sunday, tomorrow that is, at 19:00 MA time at OLA 02 Atrox Paradise, Highest Single Loot Event, 90 minutes long, 300 PED prizes :D Come hunt, have fun, and Lootius willing, hof :D Questions can be posted here or message me ingame :)(hitman...
  18. nutrageti

    FYI: 47's Mentoring

    Since I've been active a lot lately but not been truly busy ingame, decided it's time to share some more knowledge :) Accepting disciples! Timezone: GMT+2 Experience: I have been playing from 2007 :) Know all the planets, been to all but based on Calypso though :) What I want from a...
  19. nutrageti

    Selling: Level 7 Arret

    Cyrene pet: Arret Level: 7 Experience: 1044.2 Currently fed: 90% New SB: 60 PED BO:80 PED Post a reply, leave me a message ingame or PM me here :) Can deliver it to any planet. Ingame name: hitman nutrageti 47
  20. nutrageti

    Question: Disciple and Explosive Projectiles Blueprint I

    Say I had a a disciple who wanted that armor fast, would it be feasible to give him an Explosive Projectiles Blueprint I at High QR and 100 ped and tell him to just leave that clicking. Anyone tried it? I'm guessing he should get some skills and good progress but am curious if anyone has tried...
  21. nutrageti

    47's Taming Tour

    Hello everyone! Since MM wasn't working a few days ago I decided at the time to get off Calypso and get myself every pet there is :) I had already made 1 of each pets that were made available on Calypso (Bristlehog, Combibo, Cornundacauda) so I decided to start with the most desired one: the...
  22. nutrageti

    Selling: Level 7 Panther

    Level 7 and a few more %(i'm still playing with it) = 175 ped or make me an offer :) Also got any pets you want at level 1 (panthers, pandi, tab tab, arret, bristles, bibos, corns, nusul)
  23. nutrageti

    MM Cat 2-3-4 support shooter/fapper

    Avatar: hitman nutrageti 47 Hp: 120 (have pet with buff capabilities so 130) Armor: Viceroy, Vigilante, Paladin, Knight (whatever works) Skills: Laser Pistoleer : 29 ; Ranged Laser : 28 ; Laser Sniper : 28 ; Paramedic : 22(Vivo T20 maxed, Gyro Fap -22 maxed) Looking for teams that need...
  24. nutrageti

    Help: Continuous download with windows 8.1

    So, new laptop that only has drivers for windows 8 so Hello windows 8.1 for me :) I downloaded the EU installer and left it downloading calypso. I returned when it was 95%, left for another few minutes, came back and it was done. I clicked Launch and calypso download started again... In total...
  25. nutrageti

    Buying: L whip - low tt preferably but whatever :)

    So i need a whip or 2 :) looking for something around 5-40 ped tt :) don't have ped for unL unless u sell that cheap :))