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    Manufacture Methodology!

    Yay!!! :yay: :yay: :yay:
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    Question: What do you think MindArk's top priorities should be?

    You can choose up to 2 answers from the list below: 1. Deployment of Unreal Engine 5 for Entropia As has been announced recently, MindArk has made the decision to port Entropia over to UE5. If you pick this answer, you are basically saying they should put their main focus on this and forget...
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    Selling: [SOLD] 6 parts of Paneleon Spec (F)

    I have 6 parts of Paneleon Spec (F) to sell, just missing the foot. SB: +5k BO: +6.5k Cheers, Legends
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    Paneleon Spec (F) all parts except foot

    I have 6 parts of Paneleon Spec (F) to sell, just missing the foot. SB: +6k BO: +7.5k Cheers, Legends
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    New Armor Upgrade missions for all Planet Partners

    MindArk seems to be engaged in introducing new Armor Upgrade missions on every planet right now. It all started about a year and a half ago in Ancient Greece when MA introduced the new Gorgon Wave and Gorgon Armor upgrade mission. The this was followed up with an Armor Upgrade mission on Cyrene...
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    Official Rankings

    Here's where you can find your new Official Entropia Ranking below: From Level To Level Official Rank 0 24 Uberdom of N00bness 25 49 Mega Ultra N00b 50 74 Sooper Dooper N00ber 75 99 Great Big Noob 100 132 Beginner Noob 133 165 Intermediate Noob 166 199...
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    Selling: SOLD

    Asking TT+9.5k The tier numbers aren't too bad on it, but I can't list them right now as I am out of town. I will be back tomorrow night so if interested message me in game and we can meet up. The price isn't negotiable atm since it's currently the cheapest one to be found anywhere (others...
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    The future of computing (and game engines)

    This is a topic that comes up from time to time, like for example in recent AMAs and also in Suggestion threads. I thought I'd share my perspective on this and invite others to also share theirs. I'm not by any means a computer programmer or software/game developer, but I am tech savvy and I can...
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    How to revive the Healer business?

    Recently a had a long chat with a socmate on Discord and he made me realize that this Healer business is practically dead right now compared to how it used to be before. He was telling me that the Mayhem amps with the life steal pretty much killed it, just the simple fact of putting all of this...
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    Selling: Legends' ⚠⚠ Armor Clearance ⚠⚠

    At this time I find myself unable to put all the Armors I would like to put up for sale in my shops for reason of not having enough item points to do so. One day I might be able to but for the next little while I think it's very unlikely. So rather than hang on to these indefinitely, I've...
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    Price Check Augmented Mk. 5B set

    It's been over a year since these plates have come out and I haven't personally seen or heard of a set having been sold. Does anyone know what a set of these plates would cost right now? Do you know of a recent sale? Thanks, Legends
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    Question: Should MindArk bring back the Cyrene Armors?

    I understand that there is already a thread here with a lot of discussion on this topic but I was hoping to get more clarity through a poll such as this one. I'm beginning to think that maybe the reason MindArk is unable to make a decision as to whether they should bring those Armors back to...
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    Buying: DNA Fragment 'D' and Aurli Bone piece

    I'm currently paying top dollar for these. Whatever quantity you have, please PM me: Inherent Marxus Legends
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    Inventory not remembering where things were placed

    Once again the carried inventory is not remembering on next login where things were placed.. Spent a couple of hours reorganizing all my armors/plates in inventory (twice now) only to find them all mixed up again the next time I log in..
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    Suggestion: Legends' Wishlist of Game Updates/Expansions

    Hunting 1. Roles better defined for each type of gun, i.e. Laser, BLP, Plasma and Gauss What is the difference between these? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? I believe that traditionally BLP has always had a higher firing rate than Laser but less range, though this may not be...
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    Question: What is your attitude toward new Item Releases in Entropia?

    The last scandal with the new Cyrene armors being disabled has got me thinking a lot about how I should feel towards new items released in Entropia and I'm really curious how you all feel towards them as well. There have been many broken promises in the past (for example Smuggler armor...
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    Are you happy with MindArk's engagement/communication with the community?

    The recent fiasco with the new Cyrene Armor upgrade mission NPCs and the lack of any official statement from MindArk (since more than 4 weeks now) has me thinking that MindArk perhaps never really understood what the community actually meant when they were complaining about "the lack of...
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    Please add Yellow & Pink color options to Text in Signs

    MA could you please add Yellow and Pink as color options for the custom text in Signs/Screens/Displays inside Entropia? It would also be very useful to have more size options; going from 32 to 48 to 64 are big jumps and some in-between sizes would be very useful, not to mention going from 72 to...
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    Suggestion: Solution for external Shop Directory (external API)

    A Shop Directory is something that has been requested since time immemorial (as far back as we can all remember). To prove this, here is a short list of some of the threads that were created over time requesting one...
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    Buying: Paneleon Spec (M) set

    If you have a male Paneleon Spec set for sale, please pm me with price and details. Thank you, Legends
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    Question: Investing in Entropia going forward

    For the last 2 days I have been thinking about what to ask... It is not easy given that we only get 1 question this time... But I think I know what is the most important thing for me to know about for my future involvement with Entropia: First I just want to set the context for the question...
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    Congrats to MA for a flawless VU

    I am impressed. A Version Update of this size and scope and not a single bug reported so far. We as a community like to find fault with MindArk and it has been very easy in the past given that every time they have released something big in Entropia, they always seem to break something else, but...
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    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    Sector A1 and Sector B1 seem very similar in design. The mobs are approximately 20% stronger in Sector B1. Sector C1 is not yet released. Sample Room (Tezlapod): To unlock the terminal that gives you 'free' buffs, your team will need 50 Triphased Wires. You will get 6 PED TT back as Shrapnel so...
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    Graphical glitches

    Over the last couple of months I've noticed a few graphical issues in Entropia so I thought I would share the specifics in case MA is interested to look into it. 1. Twin Peaks mall interior graphics not loading: When: 30th of August 2020 Where: on the 2nd floor of Twin Peaks mall (approx...
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    FYI: Consolidated Crafting guide/info

    There has been a lot of questions about crafting recently and a lot of experienced crafters have offered tips and information. But all of this is found in various threads and could prove very difficult to find again in the future. So I offer you here quotes and links to all of this information...