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  1. AVALON2

    Achievement: Great Master Laser Sniper

    Gratz on a Great Achievement LuisArkadov -AvalonRychmon
  2. AVALON2

    Selling: Full Nemesis (M) Set

    For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  3. AVALON2

    Selling: Full Nemesis (M) Set

    I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness -Anonymous
  4. AVALON2

    Selling: Full Nemesis (M) Set

    Little by little, day by day, what is mean for you WILL find its way -Anonymous
  5. AVALON2

    Selling: Full Nemesis (M) Set

    Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe -Anonymous
  6. AVALON2

    Selling: Full Nemesis (M) Set

    The grass is greener where you water it -NeilBarringham
  7. AVALON2

    Selling: Full Nemesis (M) Set

    When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine -Anonymous
  8. AVALON2

    Selling: Full Nemesis (M) Set

    Selling Full Set of Nemesis (M) Nemesis Helmet (M) T1.1 Nemesis Harness (M) T1.4 Nemesis Arm Guards (M) T2.3 Nemesis Gloves (M) T0.6 Nemesis Thigh Guards (M) T2.2 Nemesis Shin Guards (M) T2.3 Nemesis Foot Guards (M) T0.8 BO: tt+900 obo
  9. AVALON2

    Uber: My 4th Uber...4.1k Kreltin Mature

    Gratz, while limited at least there were items in this HOF. -AvalonRychmon
  10. AVALON2

    Uber: My first 5 digits

    Gratz Mishgun on your uber HOF. I still dream of days when MA puts items back in the loot pool for us. -AvalonRychmon
  11. AVALON2

    EntropiaWiki hosting issues

    Let me know what resources you are currently using, I may be able to assist. -AvalonRychmon
  12. AVALON2

    Uber: First tower after almost 13 year :)

    Gratz umu, hopefully you don't have to wait another 13 years for another Tower. -AvalonRychmon
  13. AVALON2

    Info: Gift List

    Not sure but I dont open them so would be hard for me to keep track of that list. -AvalonRychmon
  14. AVALON2

    Achievement: 60k Combibo - Bronze Challenge done

    Gratz on your accomplishment and dedication Stelios. -AvalonRychmon
  15. AVALON2

    Uber: 12k LT OA :D

    Gratz Lazz, looks like you got it on the last kill. -AvalonRychmon
  16. AVALON2

    Uber: Longtooth

    Grats Justine, I could use one of these myself. Seems to be a money pit for me these days. -AvalonRychmon
  17. AVALON2

    Uber: 13k LT Dom

    Gratz on the Uber HOF, really with MA would bring items back to the loot. So much excitement lost when its just shrapnel. -AvalonRychmon
  18. AVALON2

    Uber: Lost My Uber Cherry

    Wow Gratz Bones, I am surprised you have never got a Uber HOF all this time. Hope the HOF wave stays on you buddy. -AvalonRychmon
  19. AVALON2

    Uber: Long overdue

    Gratz Lucky Angel, saw in game. Super Awesome. -AvalonRychmon
  20. AVALON2

    Uber: First 5 digit hof

    Gratz Taz, I am still searching for my 5 digit. :( -AvalonRychmon
  21. AVALON2

    Little Longtooth

    Haha Rose. Nice Screenie. -AvalonRychmon
  22. AVALON2

    Uber: Formicacida :)

    Grats on a nice Uber HOF, need to update that sig now. -AvalonRychmon
  23. AVALON2

    Quest for Daily Tokens

    Sorry guys I took a break, will get back on track soon. There are a plenty of coats left and I am not sure how many people are working on getting one. The daily missions can be very boring and costly some day. -AvalonRychmon
  24. AVALON2

    Uber: Magic craftday

    Gratz on a very nice success. -AvalonRychmon
  25. AVALON2

    Achievement: KillStrike

    Gratz on the achievement. -AvalonRychmon