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  1. AVALON2

    Selling: Full Nemesis (M) Set

    Selling Full Set of Nemesis (M) Nemesis Helmet (M) T1.1 Nemesis Harness (M) T1.4 Nemesis Arm Guards (M) T2.3 Nemesis Gloves (M) T0.6 Nemesis Thigh Guards (M) T2.2 Nemesis Shin Guards (M) T2.3 Nemesis Foot Guards (M) T0.8 BO: tt+900 obo
  2. AVALON2

    Quest for Daily Tokens

    My Goal is to collect 4k-6k Daily Tokens for one of these Storm Coats. This will be a log of the journey. Current Stats: Daily Tokens: 194 Days Collecting: 14 Missions Completed: 77 Tracked Profit/Loss: -1042.83 PED Repeatable Daily Missions: Get the crystals - Kill 12 Feffiods (1 Daily...
  3. AVALON2

    Buying: Gravis GBR-34 Tier 2+

    As title says, send PM in game with your price. -Avalon.
  4. AVALON2

    General Armor Ranking

    I have recently been looking for some kind of current Armor Ranking. Not so much a mob specific armor ranking but more of a General Purpose Armor Ranking. I am sure I hunt like most of you and its kinda random. So anyone one wanna give a list from maybe the best general purpose armor to the...
  5. AVALON2

    Selling: Treasure Island City Platinum Apartment

    WTS: TI Platinum 1D Apartment. Perfect Location for your Apartment Shop! BO: 3k
  6. AVALON2

    Selling: Stackables-N-More

    Avalon's Stuff 4 Sale Message in game with the Quantity you need!
  7. AVALON2

    Help: Need Your Styling Inspiration!

    Ok so here is the deal, I am fulling embracing my Umbranoidness. I need an outfit that will really accent my character. What is your suggestion?? -Avalon.
  8. AVALON2

    Selling: Some Items!

    Please Close
  9. AVALON2

    <Removed Society Name> Scam?

    Is <removed> and Its Leader Scammers? You Decide! Read the Full Details <removed link to private chat> Thanks Serica for doing your Job moderating our Forum. Anyone wanting full details can Read #trade & #calytrade channels, Ad Screens or PM me in game.
  10. AVALON2

    Selling: Premium Shop At Genesis TP

    Premium Shop At Genesis TP [SOLD] If you are looking for a nice quick location to start your business I have the perfect location for you. Don't waste time making your customers hunt for your shop in a mall. Instead grab this shop which is located at the Genesis Headquarters Teleporter. The...
  11. AVALON2

    Selling: Uber Rare Umbranoid Body Suit (M)

    Selling this Uber Rare Umbranoid Set PM Offer.
  12. AVALON2

    Buying: Shopkeeper Swap

    I am looking to trade my Male Shopkeeper for another Male Shopkeeper. I am looking for a Tall Bald Shopkeeper. Please PM if you are willing to trade. Will add 25 PED for your time. Here is pic of my shopkeeper.
  13. AVALON2

    Selling: Aeglic Ring Perfected

    Selling: Aeglic Ring Perfected SB: 1800 PED BO: 2000 PED Wore on Right Hand. Gives 20 HP with 50% Increased Regeneration. Also would be willing to trade even for Female Shopkeeper.
  14. AVALON2

    Selling: Bulk Pet Liquidation

    I have way too many PETS so I am selling all. With 85 Pets you can start your own PET Biz or replenish your PET Stock. SB: 1530 PED / 18 ea BO: 2550 PED / 30 each. Ancient Daikiba Pet x4 Ancient Daikiba Pet (Level 3) Ancient Daikiba Pet (Level 7) Ancient Exarosaur Pet Ancient Exarosaur Pet...
  15. AVALON2

    Looking for alternative Contact.

    Hello, I am looking for an alternative contact for [larr larr delenclave] L' Enclave SOC or [Lolita Lovelife Lolly Papillion] Neither have been in game for at least 6 months from what I can tell. Not getting any response from sending messages via Forum. Hoping someone has a way of contacting...
  16. AVALON2

    10k Puny Mission Log

    Tracking overall process of 10k Puny Mission using Herman ASI-R & Vivo S10 Killed: 3600/10000 Ammo Used: 150.00 PED Ammo + Decay: 169.97 PED TT Return: 129.56 PED Overall +/-: -40.41 PED Looted Items For Sale Skildek Lancehead (L) x1 Sollomate Rubio (L) x4 ** NOTE: Run#1 I used 20 PED in ammo...
  17. AVALON2

    Buying: Herman ASI-R

    WTT:[Sollomate Opalo] or 30 PED for [Herman ASI-R] PM
  18. AVALON2

    Selling: Cute Blue Outfit (F)

    Selling: Cute Blue Outfit (F) Deluxe Bustier (F,C) Jungle Shorts (F,C) Queen Stiletto Boots (F,C) TT 96.60 + 40
  19. AVALON2

    Selling: Estates (Booth, Shop & Apartment)

    Selling Estates (Booth, Shop & Apartment) For More Info on Estates Listed below contact "Avalon Rychmon" in game. Nothing Available. **Estate Brokerage Available PM for details. [tr="bgcolor:#E6E6FA"] Recently Sold. Genesis Tower E, Booth#6 Genesis Tower B, Booth#5 Monria Hub Shop...
  20. AVALON2

    Buying: Stuff

    Gigantium Sign (PC) +40 PED Standing Sign +20 PED 20x Iron Ingot 103% 20x Ares Powder 102.5% 20x Simple II Conductors 105% Umbranoid Bag (Blue) Umbranoid Paste Pot
  21. AVALON2

    Selling: Super Rare Find: Genesis Tower B, Booth #5 & #8 Side By Side.

    Combined Threads Here ~Admin Please Close Thread.
  22. AVALON2

    Selling: Ninja High Jacket Stripes (M,C) 100% Vedacore

    Selling a One of a Kind Outfit which includes Ninja High Jacket Stripes (M,C) 100% Vedacore and colored with Cornsilk. Storm Jeans (M) Omegaton Sports (M,C)100% Vedacore and colored with Cornsilk. Asking TT+1.5k PED Want more pictures then have a look here. Just scroll down through...
  23. AVALON2

    Avalons - Twin Peaks Mall Entrance

    Just A Little Bit of What You Need! This Location is closed. Moved to Genesis Tower E, Booth #6
  24. AVALON2

    Buying: Shopkeeper & Gigantium Sign (PC)

    ✖✖ Buying: [Gigantium Sign (PC)]+40 PM ✖✖
  25. AVALON2

    Transport Cost??

    Whoa what is the deal with the Transport Cost? I could get a Warp to Pick Up Cheaper.