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    Buying: Maddox 4 adj. / EWE EP-41 Military adj. or similar

    Hi, i'm looking to buy a new Gun. If you want to sell one that I might be interested in, please send me pm with current Tier & Price. Thanks Cross
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    Selling: Angel (M/UL) Full Set ; Tier 2.2 - 3.5

    Hi, I'm Selling a Full Set Angel (M) . Angel Harness: Tier 3.5 Angel Helmet: Tier 2.5 Angel Gloves: Tier 2.2 Angel Arm Guards: Tier 2.6 Angel Thigh Guards Tier 2.8 Angel Shin Guards Tier 2.2 Angel Foot Guards Tier 2.5 SOLD Auction ends 1 week after SB is met. Action ended - SOLD for BO
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    Selling: Emik X5 , Imp Evil, Adj Hedoc Mayhem, Angel(M) & FF ARR 8000M

    Because i don't have enough time to play i'm selling my Emik X5 & other Items after the Emik is sold. Prices are negotiable, so feel free to make an offer. :cool: Emik X5 Tier 8.6 Emik X5 DPS (full enhanced+ImpEvil): 135.2 BO: TT+48k Following items are for sale when the X5 is sold: Edit...
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    Selling: Storage Cleanout - Assassin R150, Hedoc Mayhem, Thunderbird and more

    Hi, i want to clean out my storage to free some Peds, so there are several Items for sale. Prices are negotiable, so feel free to make an offer.:cool: Weapons Assassin R150 T7.7 Remaining Tiers 93 56 100 Great Gun and maxed @ LvL...
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    Selling: Angel(M), Assassin R150 & Dante Amp

    Assassin R150 T7.6 Remaining Tiers 93 56 100 SB TT+13,5k BO TT +16k Dante Amp TT+1500 SOLD Please send offers here via pm because i don't have much time to be ingame atm.:wise:
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    Selling: CLDs, AUDs, Philosophers (T3), F105 (T4), Armors

    Hi Everyone, i'd like to sell some of the Stuff laying around in my Storage. 7x Calypso Land Deed SOLD 50x Arkadia Underground Deed 45 PED each Philosopher's Sword (Tier3) tt+175 PED (tt=1,89 PED) Hunter Armor (Full Set,M) SOLD Vigilante Armor (Full Set,M) tt+150 PED (tt=202,37 PED)...
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    Selling: Full Phantom(M), Angel Harness(M), Dune Rider Footguards(M)

    Hi, the following Items are for sale. Full Phantom Armor(M) Tier 0.9 Sold Angel Harness(M) Tier 0.6 SOLD Dune Rider Foot Guards Tier 1,6 SB: tt+1,4k BO: tt+1,7k Prices adjusted Offers via Forum or Ingame Cheers:yay: Crosskeeper
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    Uber: Sometimes MA's ways are curious...

    The last week i crafted thousands of clicks on my OA101-bp. Since friday i got about 440 crafting globals/hofs. But all in all my pedcard went down. Because i had only 900 ped left i brought a very small z20-orefinder (9 ped left) 2 mining range enhancers & one oa-109. amred with this i went...
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    Cross’ Crafting – Attachments, Gambling & more

    Bored of waiting for cheap mining Amps at Auction ? Want to gamble a bit on crafting Attachments but don’t have enough skills to do it? Don’t know what to do with Crafting Supplies you have in Storage? Not enough time to produce components you need for crafting? Starting from now on I offer a...
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    Buying: HL-11/12 & Hedok SK50 Adj.

    Hi! looking to buy an unlimited version of an Isis HL11 or HL12 and a Hedok SK50 adjusted. Pay in pure PEDs, so let me know if you have one of the items for sale. greetz Crosskeeper
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    Buying: I2870,HL12 or HL14

    Closed this one
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    Buying: Fap-69 sga

    Hi! Like title say, i'm looking for a fap69 SGA. PM me with offers greetz Crosskeeper
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    Price-Check for HL12/14 & Imp2870

    Hi, I'd like to ask the current prices for: Isis HL12, HL14 Imp 2870 thx Crosskeeper
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    ATH: 68712 ped oa-101

    still totally confused^^ Did many runs on OA101 in the last days, and started a bit before VU10.1 was released to craft today. When the servers went down i took a break of several hours and after downloading the new VU i wanted to check the new introduced autoclicker. after 3 100-click-runs...
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    Buying: Thunderbird Set (uL,m)

    Hi! I consider to buy an unlimited Thunderbird(m) set. If you want to sell your set plz let me know how much i have to pay for it. Taking offers till my money is shipped to my entropia-account, then i'll take the lowest offer. don't know how much time the bank transfer will require. I...
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    Price Check Thunderbird (m,uL)

    Hi! I want to buy an unlimited Thunderbird set male and would like to know what i have to pay for it actually. Have seen an offer of tt+6k. Is this price ok, or are there cheaper offers around? Thx & greetz Crosskeeper
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    Selling: (l) BP's Attachment (Ore & EnMatAmps)

    I'd like to sell them in Bulk, but if there is no one who wants to buy all together i'd take offers on specific BPs. Starting Bid: 3000 PED Current Bid: 3500 PED BuyOut: 5000 PED Auction Ends on BuyOut or Sunday 15:00 Calypso Time OreAmp OA-102(l) blueprint(l) 34 clicks (value: 520 ped)...
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    Buying: Hunter Set (M)

    Like title says, I'm buying hunter set male. pme me or post in thread
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    Buying: Embra C1

    Like title says: Buying Embra Laser Sword C1 unlimited PM me offers
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    ATH: Gambling for Life ;)

    Don't know what to say... Went down from CND for a Falxhunt with my Socmates, but the loot was really worse so we stopped hunting. Thought for myself... try a little run on OA-101, perhaps this willl be better than hunting... Bought res for about 200 clicks and started... Return was bad and i...
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    Uber: Oa-101

    Last Monday i deposited a bit and thought by myself: why not trying a bit OA-101? Havn't crafted them for month because it was an unlucky time. After 50 clicks and some globals this one popped up :D Click to enlarge
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    Uber: Some simple plastic :)

    After a 1,2k ped uber last friday and an about 600 ped hof n monday on simple I plastic springs i got this one yesterday :D Click to enlarge
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    Discovery: Old Suitcase

    Hmm... 3rd feffrun today cause they looted well... suddenly: Click to enlarge Don't really know if its just a decoration, its from the early colonists^^ Click to enlarge Click to enlarge It's the first time i discovered a new item, so im happy although i dont have any idea what it is for...
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    Uber: Some little Panties =)

    After spending the rest of my ped for Hunting i made several hundred clicks on plastic springs with one global.. thought, perhaps there will be more, but where will i get the peds for crafting. Checking storage and i saw... about 20 clicks on urban pattern pants... hmm... lets give it a try...
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    Uber: First Crafting Uber :D

    After really bad loots while Hunting i tried out a bit OA-101... And suddenly tere was this nice little present =) Click to enlarge