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    Tracker for CP share

    So, first payout from 3 rd may to 13 may 0.0580 peds per deed If we consider 11 day, that convert to about 0.037 ped by week, meaning 270-271 week to get back 1 deed, thats 19% by year.
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    2 Hof on monria

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    eastern mayhem mob

    for a lvl 6 instance
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    HoF: Upload the third : Eomons, proterons, and other mons ( LT mostly)

    a few global I got this week
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    HoF: Last week batch : prot , osseo, kerb, plongu and other

    Well here is a few Global of this week. I missed some but well...
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    Formicacida need no prote(r/cti)on from the plongu

    a small video of the global I got those few last day
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    small glob 111 ped neomex

    here they are
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    Double, bonus, loot: picture

    As you can see : a "normal" loot of 3.xx ped and a second line, at 10 time that, as a bonus loot 1.02 and 28 ped
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    Achievement: Iron challenge Argo V : all elite

    From entrolife, during those 10k kill, I had 118 global. I do not have a screenshot for all of them, however, here is a few. All done whith shagadi sword+ trauma VI + damage enhancer I unL jarhead+5b fap 2600 and vivo s10. I had 2 HoF, 1701 ped and 394.
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    1701 argo scavenger elite

    Not shown : a knife (l) lvl 95 min
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    new jumpsuit

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    Easter bo(to)x : their content

    Well since they are not released yet. i wonder what novelity item it will contain : probably some bunny ear and or eggs, but what else? a few hours later : easter egg, only *common* drop
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    new OJ

    The new OJ look like this . Look like Rubber/leather. it is an Onesie, feet included. It seems that you can't wear armor over it ( except face mask)
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    Skynet is upon us,be afraid, be very afraid

    5'9'' and 180 lbs, thats a huge baby ( 1M80 for 82 kilos)
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    christmas boxes

    only opened 50 boxes. Spécific christmass loot displayed below (and got a nice athenic ring adjusted in them)
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    Halloween boxe's

    So, I just got 50 halloween boxes I got 2 skelleton gloves white ( 1x F, 1xM) 2 skelleton gloves purple (2 M) curiosly those gloves are considered as an armor ( replace your gloves) 1 skeleton mask (M,C) 1 skeleton pant Red (MC) 2 skeleton shirt red (M,C) 1 hermetic ring (L) 2* 50 halloween...
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    Uber: uber feffox, retail value of 1300 ped

    616 ped hof, but with a nice ESI..
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    chirin dragon

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    eudorian devil

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    halloween 2014 : the gift

    well there is 2 gift :
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    pet : what do they do, what it look like

    SOOO... Just got a bristle, will post pics. and explanation. But basically: Your pet start starved ( 1% fed), 100 nutrio bar fill 25% of t(@ lvl 1 bristlehog) Seem that the filling is dependant of the tamed mob. you can make the pet do trick ( greet and dance at level 1 bristle,bow at lvl 2...
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    Monria mobs

    Monria mob, copy of 4 Iron so far , start with 100 mob kill,500,1000... seems that it's the usual Cultist. Occasionnaly give dodge, slow regen. Cultist - Lvl 7 to 35 Cultist adherent lvl 7 350 HP Cultist apostole lvl 8 410 HP Cultist...
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    eye twitching change

    It iseems that the BLP ammo icon is slightly darker than before. Any other noticeable change? What does it mean? ( cue double rainbow)
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    444 ped Feff

    It's been a while, so... a Zero-eight (L) and Tbird foot M (L)
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    Calypso flore : Origins

    Some of the vegetation in Entropia Universe look weird. Well, it seem that most of it come from earth. DiD we use those plant to terraform it? it is...