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  1. TeesMaarKhan

    Selling: SOLD

    Hi as above great tier rate tt+700 Regards Tees
  2. TeesMaarKhan

    Opinion/ input deleted

    EDIT I decided not to go ahead and rewrite the whole thing again, i honestly dont have the time or the energy. Regards Tees
  3. TeesMaarKhan

    Price Check ArcSpark tier 8

    As above please and if anyone has one get in contact as a friend is looking for one. Warmest Regards Tees
  4. TeesMaarKhan

    Yoshii Lem please fix this...regarding like fryer Perry.

    Hi Yoshii you made this post on your Facebook a few days ago and after a few of us clarifying it is still up...reason to post it here is it will really clear it up and I'm sure Mike himself will stop by. Regards Tees
  5. TeesMaarKhan

    29th 30th 31st

    Hi Guys Did anyone notice a difference with their loot on these 3 or 4 days? as in was it or has it been amazing or has been consistent to previous days or are you still on a bad streak for a few months. Reason i ask is Mine was amazing and not any amazing, fucking amazing. I would say in my...
  6. TeesMaarKhan

    instance 07 ATH
  7. TeesMaarKhan

    Selling: lvl 32 eudoracell 18% speed unlocked

    as above 1200 Ped Regards Tees
  8. TeesMaarKhan

    FYI: Shaolin streaming FFA 45

    FFA 4 hunt
  9. TeesMaarKhan

    HoF: Prophet cracked santas code, I cracked his nutz

    A nice start to a beautiful sunny sat Regards Tees
  10. TeesMaarKhan

    Buying: genesis firefly or a Mace IV

    as above please tier 5+ Regards Tees
  11. TeesMaarKhan

    genesis firefly tier 5 - 7

    Price check on the above pls and if anyone has one for sale get in contact. Regards Tees
  12. TeesMaarKhan

    Selling: Pink Eudoracell bunny lvl32. all buffs unlocked

    As above all buffs unlocked inc 18% run speed open to sensible offers Regards Tees
  13. TeesMaarKhan

    ranked combat knife tier 5.8

    hi Guys As above what would you say is a fair price for the above? Regards Tees
  14. TeesMaarKhan

    Buying: ranked combat knife

    as above tier 3 or more would be great
  15. TeesMaarKhan

    A-3 Justifier Mk. 5, Mentor Edition

    as above tier 6 or 7 Regards Tees
  16. TeesMaarKhan

    Question: windowed mode issue

    HI all Even though the window mode is in stickies it doesn't solve my issue so i have a wide monitor running at 3440 x 1440p i want to run in window mode at 2560x1080 which i login choose from the res and check window mode and save ...when i close the client and then reopen it opens a...
  17. TeesMaarKhan

    Selling: Level 31.68% Eudoracell (Pink Bunny)

    HI I have a Eudoracell lvl 31.68% for only have to do .32% to unlock to lvl32 to get 18% speed buff which should take you no more than a day or 2. I will also provide the rare and normal essence so all you have to do is spend 40 ped to unlock to lvl 32. Reason for sale don't have...
  18. TeesMaarKhan

    HoF: nearly 4k Shadow shell

    This time my socmate DarkSky with the infamous wise words of (BRB Smoke) decided to join moi to own some mercimex as we started, his enlightened words were( one of these is due anytime now) and the result was as follows after a few shadowshells in Prosperity and strength in unity Regards Tees
  19. TeesMaarKhan

    perfected Tegratov

    Hi Guys As above how many are there in game and what tiers and how much should they be? Regards Tees
  20. TeesMaarKhan

    HoF: 5K feffox

    So the story goes, i was out hunting big feffs and had just finished my 60k stage V feffox mission, went and handed mission in got my reward and back to hunting big feffs again by that time i had realised my gun had jumped 2 tiers so i asked my awesome soc mate Photon to make me some V & VI...
  21. TeesMaarKhan

    Achievement: Could This Be?

    So i was left with 120 ped and decided to hunt a little...After all how many shots can a LR60+50B matrix amp get you with 120 ped hey...But that doesn't seem to be the case...No hofs just normal loot and globals made me stretch it to over 3k peds of shots and it didnt end there. The night...
  22. TeesMaarKhan

    Omegaton M83 Predator

    As above maybe a tier 8 and above Kind Regards Tees
  23. TeesMaarKhan

    Buying: [Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg]

    as above. Pm me here or in game with your price Regards Tees
  24. TeesMaarKhan

    Get your old settings back...Near enough

    As i cant post in tutorials can mods please move this to the right section the following settings should get you back to how things used to be as much as possible providing this is how you used to have them ...give it a shot Regards Tees
  25. TeesMaarKhan

    HoF: grinding away on spiders

    was at 1300ish from 10k and this happened...No items but that's cool Regards Tees