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  1. Hardicus

    Selling: Many CCA/Chikara LR-1 Arrival (L)'s

    I have found myself with a storage full of these guns at various TT's. If anyone is interested in buying one/some/all of them feel free to give me a PM on here or ingame (Alexa Hardicus Barrish). Asking price is 105%.
  2. Hardicus

    Selling: 2 Awesome Outfits

    Hi all, I'm selling these 2 outfits. Outfit 1 Angel Microskirt: TT = 42.66 Lodod Tanktop: TT = 34.82 Trix Stilletto Heels: TT = 32.26 Tiger Stockings TT = 38.86 Total TT = 148.6 Textures: Untextured. Colours: All Fields Coloured. Crimson & Mauve. Outfit 2 Beach Shorts: TT = 73.88 Foxy...
  3. Hardicus

    Selling: Female Armours + Plates

    Hi all, I am selling the following armour sets, all are full (including feet) and all are F. Auction will run until Sunday 10th August at 4PM. There are no buyouts and I will not split any of the sets. Also, I reserve the right to do anything I want. Rascal TT=56.98 SB:TT+30...
  4. Hardicus

    Selling: Bulk Blueprints (Mostly Tailoring)

    Selling all my BP's, would ideally like to sell as 1 lot or 2. I've split it into L BP's and UL BP's. It's mostly Tailoring BP's, mostly low-level, so SB is TT+1 and there is no buyout. I've sorted the lists by TT value so the high QR ones are at the top. The auction will run until Sunday...
  5. Hardicus

    Selling: Duchev Logs 1 & 2

    Hi all, I'm selling the below 2 items: 121 Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 1 1 9.29 PED CARRIED 122 Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 2 1 17.67 PED CARRIED I will sell to the first decent offer.
  6. Hardicus

    PC: Sexy Outfit

    Hi all, I am looking for a pricecheck on my outfit, I can't take pictures of it because my gfx card is too crap to show the textures, but it's a lovely Female Trox outfit containing: Trox Texture all fields, uncoloured: Master Coat Gem Bustier Foxy High Stillettos Rancher Hat Beach Shorts...
  7. Hardicus

    Firefox 3 - Slow Scrolling on EF?

    Just a quick question to any FF3 users out there. Am I the only one who has noticed the scrolling on EF and some other sites seems to be a bit slow and 'sticky'? It's not all sites, so I think it's probably something specific to certain sites. Just wanted to know if anyone has any ideas how to...
  8. Hardicus

    Need advice from players who changed strategy

    Hi all, I've been taking a break from EU recently, and must say I barely miss it. But i've been thinking about my future in the game, and wanted advice from people who have severely changed their strategy of playing. Basically i've hit a stage where i'm no longer comfortable depositing into...
  9. Hardicus

    Radeon 9200 Problems

    Hi all, My graphics card died the other day, and i've been forced to fall back to my previous card, a Radeon 9200. Now, I know this card is a POS nowadays, but I can't get it to play EU even on lowest settings, I get huge flashing artifacts on all avatars, which causes the game to 'stutter'...
  10. Hardicus

    B: Rascal Face Mask F

    Hi all, I foolishly TT'ed my Rascal face mask (damn argos gave me 100's of Paladin masks that look pretty much the same), and MA won't replace it for me. So, i'm interested in buying one, since there doesn't seem to be any in auction at the moment. Not willing to pay any more than +5 for it...
  11. Hardicus

    PC: Fresher Boots BP, Molisk Claw

    Hi all, I need an idea of how much these 2 items are worth, my estimates are: Fresher Boots BP (0.03 QR) - 400 PED Molisk Claw - 900 PED
  12. Hardicus

    Damn Aurli Ruined my Screenshot!

    Hoffed 3 times in 4 days, can't really complain.
  13. Hardicus

    2nd HoF in as many hunts

    Looks like our luck's finally picking up...let's hope they keep getting bigger ;)
  14. Hardicus

    First HOF since Top100

    Finally managed to hit a HOF since they changed the rules on us. Never would have though it would be so hard to get anything over 150ish PED :laugh:
  15. Hardicus

    No 'Gens' on Beacon?

    So a question...I recently went on a Beacon Mission (23 PED), and noticed that none of the bots had a 'Gen' after their name. All bots were 'Drone', 'Drone Coordinator' and 'Warrior'...without any maturity attached to them. So what's the deal? Has anyone else had this on recent Beacons? ANyone...
  16. Hardicus

    Selling: Unlimited Embra Laser Sword C1

    Selling this fine piece of unlimited SIB weaponry. Entropedia Link The SIB period becomes active at Level 7 Swordsman, so a good weapon that maxes easily. This is not an auction, i'm looking for around TT+4k for this weapon, first person to make me an offer I like, I will sell to...
  17. Hardicus

    After 2 Years, My First Uber!

    Well, after playing EU for nearly 2 years, and constantly being haunted by my previous Personal ATH, I finally hit something worthy of being posted in the Uberloots section. I decided to take a break from hunting big mobs to do a bit of cheap skilling on noob mobs, and now i'm glad I did...
  18. Hardicus

    Pricecheck - Salamander F

    Hi all, Want to know what sort of price Salamander F is going for these days, couldn't find anything recent for the F set on here. Look forward to your replies. -Hardicus
  19. Hardicus

    Good weekend for new stuff

    Well after getting some Polaris shins yesterday, I was quite excited when another new item popped into my lootwindow today. We each got 1 Topaz from this :)
  20. Hardicus

    Pricecheck: Polaris Shins F

    Any idea what these are going for? None have sold on auction so far. If anybody's interested feel free to PM me with offers. WIKI Entry
  21. Hardicus

    First decent item i've (L)ooted

    Today the wife and I looted something a bit out of the ordinary. First real markup item we've ever looted, not counting ESI's.
  22. Hardicus

    Selling: 158 PED of ESI

    Hi, I'm selling these ESI's. Prefer to sell in one lot, but if there's no interest I may consider splitting them. SB: 650% BO:725% Current Bid: 660% Auction Ends: Friday 22nd 16:00 MA Time. Bids either here or by PM.
  23. Hardicus

    Selling: Caldorite

    Selling 638.01 PED of Caldorite. Trying to avoid the auction fees. Seems the general price right now is around 137%, first person to offer this amount gets it (unless of course the price goes up dramatically before someone bids). 137% Would put the price to 874 PED. This is not an auction...
  24. Hardicus

    Two in a row

    Got a nice 2 globals in a row today, gotta love it. Promised myself only 5 more before I quit (loot was awful). These were number 4 and 5 ;)
  25. Hardicus

    My First Mining HOF

    Finally I got a mining HOF...lost a lot this weekend on CND...but this nearly makes up for it ;) edit - forgot to mention, this was unamped :)