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  1. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: CDF XTLC 1000 T10 taking offers

    You selling m83 tier10 for 69k and saying 100k SB for xtlc tier10 will solve the dilema? brain damage too high or what?
  2. LaMoarrrr

    Suggestion: "Bumping"

    Bumped 6th time? Believe it or not - straight to jail
  3. LaMoarrrr

    Account Locked After First Deposit

    This has happened to me once after depositing twenty five million times. I deposited mid hunt and got locked instantly. Nothing to be worry about, they only taking extra care to protect your bank account, wich is good. You will be unlocked as soon as they read the support ticket, which will...
  4. LaMoarrrr

    Halloween Mayhem 2020

    I personaly do not have any lagg in annihilation instance. Problem i have is when i try to enter survival instance, it doesn't let me in saying "You must wait untill your team leader has entered", which makes no common sence whatsoever. Have fun with the event everyone :handgun:
  5. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: SOLD

    I would like to see your reaction in future if/when someone will be selling theyrs lower lvl gun and try to compare it to yours wich is much higher gun. I hope it wont ever happen to you like it happend in this thread in above posts. It happens from time to time on these forums on different idea...
  6. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: SOLD

    So basicly if you put few turbos into a Lada, you will have more effective results than having a Ferrari. I wouldn't bother comparing LR40FEN WITH LR60 Augmented. It's god damb Lada vs Ferrari bro. Goodluck.
  7. LaMoarrrr

    Buying: WTB Zorra's HK T9

    But there is no tier9 Zorra yet, or there is? I tiried mine to tier 8 like 3 or 4 months ago and i was first to do it. Meybe i missed someone tiering it to tier 9 and or even tier 9!
  8. LaMoarrrr

    Hello again from the Community Relations Manager

    You know you don't need an account here to be able to "look through the forum". And your question is even more disturbing "another AMA in the future". We tought you gona be on our side, not one of them. Best of luck.
  9. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: Weapons, Eon M etc

    These exact 4 Eon parts was sold for 12k ped about a year ago. Price for Eon armor hasnt changed much since then. So if you payd that much for these parts and now trying to get your peds back, sorry to say but you was scammed big time. But in another case, if you payd 12k and now trying to get...
  10. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: Weapons, Eon M etc

    Your price for Eon pieces is double than what the real value is.
  11. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: 10.000 Rare Pleak Wings that can be traded for 1 Stamina

    Not quite right. 9.25 Stamina gives 1hp 40 Agility gives 1hp Agility also make your avatar run "faster" if you can even call it like that nowdays because its been changed and the speed increase is so hard to notice. Its the rings and pills that can make you outrun others, not Agility anymore...
  12. LaMoarrrr

    Suggestion: Stealing useful features from other games to improve the universe

    I will quit EU at same moment when i will see bunch of features implemented/copyed from other games. I play EU because its one of a kind. If i wanted it to be similar to other games, i would simply play thouse games instead. RIP OP
  13. LaMoarrrr

    Selling: Eon Armor

    You should be looking for tt+5%. Because by my understanding when you say Harnes is 300ped TT + 105%, it means its 300ped + 315ped = 615ped for a Harnes piece. Best way to advertise your selling Limited item is to say "Selling Angel Harnes L 300pedTT FOR 105%" so its quickly abvious its 315ped...
  14. LaMoarrrr

    Soc Chat

    New release note: $4.99 for extra 10 messages in society chat after the limit has been reached.
  15. LaMoarrrr

    price on high tier ZORRA HK

    I can't answer to that because I never tracked any statistics regarding enhancers burn rate. Altho I am using multiple different laser rifles at different skill req lvls for different occasions and what I can tell is Zorra is burning least amount of enhancers. Edit: Forgot to mention that all...
  16. LaMoarrrr

    price on high tier ZORRA HK

    Thank you for correction wizz. I have totally forgot about that's, please accept my apologies for misleading regarding burn rate of dmg enhancers. Altho I am standing strong behind all the rest that I have mentioned above.
  17. LaMoarrrr

    price on high tier ZORRA HK

    I use Zorra tier8. Few months ago I got a hof for first one to tier it to tier8. So there might be another tier8 one but none above. I would never consider selling it for under 15k. Yes, Zorra is not 80% eff. but this should not affect the price dramatically. It's insane great gun for all...
  18. LaMoarrrr

    Hussk Sunday Dec 15th

    "Bad boys, bad boys Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do When he comes for your Huusk loot?" :wise:
  19. LaMoarrrr

    Question: Black Friday Deals?

    "Buy 2 boxes for price of 1" :woot:
  20. LaMoarrrr

    Merry Mayhem Annihilation Bug

    Perhaps :wise:
  21. LaMoarrrr

    Halloween Mayhem 2019 Results

    Survival mode this mayhem needed more luck than annihilation. No competition at all. I could of lasted double than my current time of 1h16min. But got timer automatically stoped just like everybody else did. Tryed 30 times to set beat time, only 2 attempts I was allowed to last longer than an...
  22. LaMoarrrr

    HoF: Mayhem luck 7170 ped Zombie

    Big Gratz !
  23. LaMoarrrr

    Strongbox keys

    Contact me in game Theone LaMoar GR, I'll give you boxes for free. When I buy keys I always buy them with boxes in case this happens to me too.
  24. LaMoarrrr

    M I K S ' IMP fap healing service

    Realy great dedicated healer, always does the job great, much appriciated for your healing service!
  25. LaMoarrrr

    MIKS' Hunt Shop MEDUSA 3F Shop#4

    Great shop, very convenient, always stocked and prices are real nice. Thank you mate!