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  1. Gibby

    EntropiaInvest presents: June Jumpers Hunting - HSL Bonus on Scipulor/Sumimas (Sumimas drop highest output amps on Calypso)

    Register me I'm about to hunt 50 Sumima so register me just in case I get some good loot :) Gibborim Gibby Avatar
  2. Gibby

    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    Register Gibborim Gibby Avatar please :)
  3. Gibby

    EntropiaFund Progressive Jackpot event

    Add me: Gibborim Gibby Avatar :)
  4. Gibby

    50K PED Summer Showdown - BIG Industries

    Gibborim Gibby Avatar is in too :cool:
  5. Gibby

    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    Add me too Gibborim Gibby Avatar :)
  6. Gibby

    Compiled help for issues or errors installing VU10.0 client

    Thnx it worked great with Windows 7 :yay: I just installed the VisualC++ :wtg:
  7. Gibby

    POST your VU 8.12 Screenies HERE!!

    new mobs tsk tsk here are the new robots: [/url]Click to enlarge[/IMG]
  8. New Mob Tsk Tsk

    New Mob Tsk Tsk

    These can be found around the new TP Ishiri Hearts coords 7040,39000
  9. Gibby

    Who should loot?

    I think u the issue here was if it matters if u have more perception or other skills to get bigger loots, not the way the loot is divided :) As u can see here the loot is not divided fairly :laugh: I...
  10. Gibby

    Drones worked for me today :)

    ty very much! :D :D
  11. Gibby

    Drones worked for me today :)

    Had some luck with the Drones today :D Picture here: And here: btw this is my first post on this forum :)
  12. Cornundos Old

    Cornundos Old

    678 PED HOF
  13. Drone Generation 01

    Drone Generation 01

    59 PED Global
  14. Drone Generation 02

    Drone Generation 02

    179 PED Global
  15. Atrox Young

    Atrox Young

    73 PED Global
  16. Atrax Young

    Atrax Young

    119 PED Global (Team)
  17. Molisk Adult

    Molisk Adult

    111 PED Global
  18. Feffoid Raider

    Feffoid Raider

    102 PED Global
  19. Warrior Generation 01

    Warrior Generation 01

    65 PED Global
  20. Argonaut Gatherer

    Argonaut Gatherer

    120 PED Global
  21. Allophyl Old

    Allophyl Old

    89 PED Global
  22. Allophyl Young

    Allophyl Young

    73 PED Global