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  1. Legolas

    LG set up..:)Armors

    Infilator Armors Male I have this pices for sale: SOLD Helmet 82,19tt Hanress 155tt Arms 122tt Thights 171tt Shins 167tt Gloves 141tt ONLY this parts left I have some spare parts aswell Thights (M)131,87 tt Shins (M)135,27tt Thights (F) 171,50tt Shins (F) 167 tt Hermes...
  2. Legolas


    With drawn Sell: starkhov Adj -97 U can check wiki or some nice guy can post stats of it... Sell: startbid: +11,5k Buyout: +12,5k This is not a auction , its a salesthread but i can remove iteam s any time and sel lit to ho i want...ofc secreat buyer aswell....
  3. Legolas

    Sell Jaguar Hamres male

    As title says .. its not a auction its a sale thread.. Buyout is +3.3k I reserve that it could get sold in game anytime... but i keep a eye on this thread...
  4. Legolas

    Semi big ESI

    Sell: Semi BIG ESI TT value: 128.95 ped BUYOUT: 700%(but has to be a fast deal.) SOLD
  5. Legolas

    PC on ADJ-97//M2390 ME

    I like to know how much thoose 2 guns are worth..approx?? Anybody knows somebody who wants one send me a pm with offer plz.. Best wishes on the NEW YEAR!!
  6. Legolas

    SaVaK Pilot service

    SaVaK Pilots Service We present to yaa a service not seened in Entropia Universe... We gonna work as hard as we can to satisfy your needs. This a commercial flight to mighty Neverdie´s home CND And to the place GOD forgot CP I Legolas dif garath rented a hangar and start to fly as a work. I...
  7. Legolas


    As the title say, looking for a hangar. As many know i work as a finder before and now i want to find a hangar for a customer. His peds are ready, so plz come with your suggestions... Location is importent aswell, and it isint for for resell, The buyer wanna provide a really great pilot service...
  8. Legolas

    A Road from Hell

    Many of u guys maybee read my other thread, so maybee this wouldent be a great thing to post but after lots of thinking and support of friends i will show u guys what i achieved under 2 weeks play time. I want to make clear one thing all coast and gear was paid by my mentor. Old soc m8 and one...
  9. Legolas

    Big scam or ?

    Good help me plz... Give me the streanght to fight this battle iam responibly for. First off i will say couple of words to people who feel betrayed of me: Sorry for all mess i put you in. My name is Legolas dif garth I will start from the begining and try to explain this mess for you who cares...
  10. Legolas

    I Dare You

    Hi guys and girls i have a event comming on, the idea is simple and dosent have a time frame on it. Only thing you have to do is hunt and hunt hardcore style.... I DARE you to get 10 globols or hofs on 10 diffrent mobs were and wich mobs you like.Size of them dosent matter ,right girls? And you...