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  1. superunknown

    Should support cases really take this long?

    History for support case 185304 2010-04-22 18:34 - You wrote: Hello i have got a problem im mining in cnd and one of my global claims is stuck in a rock i have tried to extract it without success can you please help i have got a screen shot if that helps force nexus 69320,72056 regards ray...
  2. superunknown

    Question: Register with rock entropia get free weapon?

    Cant remember but wasn't there a thing about a free weapon when you register on the rockentropia site before the game was finished?
  3. superunknown

    Entropiatracker - maybe should use Ajax

    Thought i would post not sure if this is the right place, was just using your site and had an idea of an improvment, i have noticed that your not using partial refreshes have you thought about Ajax? :)
  4. superunknown

    oo got my xmas snowman today

    I thought i was the only one who never got there snowman at xmas. thanks MA lol
  5. superunknown

    Selling: Jaguar Foot Guards Female UL

    Jaguar Foot Guards Female Unlimited Starting bid +1800 Buyout +2000
  6. superunknown

    **Warning** Potential new scam

  7. superunknown

    Broken Atrox Statue need help

    Got my trusted Atrox statue from sodi and freya on the last london meet however the arms fell off about a week getting it now it fell off the computer and lost its legs maybe its a sign. btw had no looted inside it :)
  8. superunknown

    Selling: SKILLS in chips one price for all

    Selling Skills need a price for bulk sale one price for all Anatomy Skill Implant (L)--------------------------2.83 tt Athletics Skill Implant (L)--------------------------2.05 tt Attachments Technology Skill Implant (L)-----------8.08 tt Combat Reflexes Skill Implant...
  9. superunknown

    Selling: Skills inserted in ESI's

    Hey guys im selling my skills again will update as i go along when i have extracted the skills will add to selling listing Items will have a buy out and starting bid auction will end when i am happy with offer and i will remove listing Pm or public bid excepted over starting value. Blue Print...
  10. superunknown

    Discovery: Opto sign bp + Opto sign bp

    Hi guys got two dicoverys for you all got a 51 click opto sign bp used two clicks to make one would like to know a price check on these if possible :)
  11. superunknown

    Selling: Hanashi Cupboard Blueprint L (56 clicks)

    Selling Hanashi Cupboard Blueprint L (56 clicks) Starting bid 3k BO 6k excepting all offers over the starting bid either post a offer or PM me
  12. superunknown

    Selling: Full Gremlin male tt+200ped

    If anyone is interested in the set pm and will meet up in game first come first servered Full gremlin male set tt+200 or find me at twins @ vote or new oxford bank :)
  13. superunknown

    Entropia Tracker showing a true number of active players?

    Just a quick post about entropia tracker does it show a true number of active players in game? i don't count none global players as active until they get there first 50ped global, is there any data on this i know MA reports 779642 accounts created but how many of them accounts are active and...
  14. superunknown

    Entropia shop owners

    Hi guys and girls im working on something at the moment but becasue i don't own a shop i cant answer it could someone tell me when you login to the my item section on the entropiauniverse website what category do items stored in a shop come under for example an item i have on me comes under...
  15. superunknown

    Selling: New Item Sheer XR60

    Be the first to own this in game if your interested ammo burn 2 Damage Penetration 2 Damage burn 11 Durability good Starting bid 100ped
  16. superunknown

    Selling mining Skills already in Implants

    Hi guys just selling all my mining skills i have stuck them all in ESI's to prevent any delay anyway, need offers for a bulk sale for all implants highest bid gets them Prospecting 31.62 tt Surveying 13.70 tt CGA 5.50 tt Geology 18.57 tt Extraction 7.72...
  17. superunknown

    Selling Dodge Skill Implant 1.88TT

    Hi guys selling all my skills so i thought i would start with my dodge skill implant All offers are valid and will be looked at, when i feel i have a nice price i will sell to that person. Also selling other skills so request are excepted usally provided my own chips so need to bring ESI...
  18. superunknown need shop owners to signup

    Posted in general part of forum
  19. superunknown

    Shop directory need shop owners to signup

    Hi all not sure where to put this one well so i stuck it here, me and a friend have created a shop directory where shop owners can put all the stock they hold in there shops into are database and all users can view the data its for ppl who like to check items rather than running around to all...
  20. superunknown

    Funny pic moon walking

    logged in on the moon today
  21. superunknown

    claim on a claim

    hi guys got this strange thing up in cnd
  22. superunknown

    Selling Full Gremlin(M)

    Hi guys im selling full gremlin male need offers buyout TT+200
  23. superunknown

    second Tower 4425k lyst

    second Tower 4425ped lyst Wooot another tower :)
  24. superunknown

    Selling Mining Skills Including Chip

    Calypso Ground Assessment chip TT 3.98 after insertion 1079 Drilling chip TT 18.08 after insertion 2462 Extraction chip TT 4.90 after insertion 1252 Mining chip TT 26.74 after...
  25. superunknown

    Selling 7000ped cald

    Hello guys im selling 7000ped cald unrefined need offers regards ray :D