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  1. unufain8

    smartphone suggestions

    Cant believe you wrote like 10 pages for a 50$ phone.
  2. unufain8

    Is this new or old exploits?

    The guy didnt even tryed to outrun him.
  3. unufain8

    Is this new or old exploits?

    All ive seen here is an guy in supremacy dieing in front of an viceroy guy!
  4. unufain8

    Buying: Arkadian golden key

    Dont do it!
  5. unufain8

    Buying: Tezlapod pet or lock capacitor

    Crit dmg increase 5% , 10% and 13% + another healing buff, read it here
  6. unufain8

    Price Check Mayhem Scintillator Heliotrope

    I dont know what have you been drinking but putting a 68.5 dps / 62.2 eff weapon on a 50-60k its like 200m autoloot combo of that nuts guy. You are confusing the weapon with this one
  7. unufain8

    FAQ with MindArk

    The beauty of entropia (the randomness) died with 2.0.
  8. unufain8

    Drop L items as a "tokens"

    Bad ideea!
  9. unufain8

    i2870 (Omegaton M2870 Improved)

    I am the state police. And fyi its against forum rules to reply to an dead thread and it should be closed.
  10. unufain8

    Loot Raffel on Cyrene

    A raffle is not gambling.
  11. unufain8

    BP-70 Perfected

    Dont run away with it :D
  12. unufain8

    i2870 (Omegaton M2870 Improved)

    you do realise you just woke up an 2011 thread
  13. unufain8

    Comment by 'unufain8' in media 'halfmil.jpg'

    Gz vampy
  14. unufain8

    Question: Black Friday??

    moar beggars
  15. unufain8

    Migration 2021

    Modified Mercenary EWE EP 40 Big gz Sean! MM does it well in 2.0 also
  16. unufain8

    Price Check Ascension Armor (M)

    how much fuzz for free stuff. Suddenly everybody is streaming loving NI :))
  17. unufain8

    Question: Regarding the [EWE EP-40 Mercenary, Modified, Ancient]

    yeah saw eve shooting with it few times
  18. unufain8

    Question: Regarding the [EWE EP-40 Mercenary, Modified, Ancient]

    i doubt someone will come forward :)
  19. unufain8

    A Supercheap healing tool for Newcomers

    I wonder, do you ever play this game? I ask since you post every 5 minutes something on the forum.
  20. unufain8

    Help: No respons from Support Dev.

    It is not normal in 2021 that MA would not say anything about locking down an account, afterall its a game involving our money. Soon there will be laws that will have to do with this. Maybe an smart guy will demand accountability in court fo something like this, cause afterall money is money...
  21. unufain8

    Selling: 1M+ bulk skills, uber-ish items

    You should know better that if you do the trade for an acount at MA office its possible to buy the whole account, and also you can rename your account if you used part of your real name. For example, joda its like a second hand car, was sold like 10 times :)) only one was so crazy to transfer...
  22. unufain8

    Help: No respons from Support Dev.

    What did you do? Being locked for no reason is trash talk.
  23. unufain8

    Selling: 150.22 ESI

    lol dude, youre desperate to sell it at that MU
  24. unufain8

    Selling: SOLD - Angel female improved gloves tr180/200 fresh looted

    what do you mean with "we have"? it should be i have.