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  1. Jimmy B

    Discovery: Plongu Spike

    Woot, my third discovery! Not getting carried away yet as I have no idea what it'll prove to be worth, but we'll see, and nice moment regardless. FYI, refiner likes the look of it.
  2. Jimmy B

    Selling: Space Loot (Generic Fuse, etc)

    I have: 3 Generic Fuse 1 Robot Tracking Sensor 1 Propulsion Connector 1 Generic Transformer All for sale, individually or otherwise.
  3. Jimmy B

    Selling: Or Buying Raven (F) pieces.

    I'll buy any Raven F pieces I don't have for +100. I currently have Harness, Shins, Gloves. There are two other pieces existing in-game currently I believe, two undiscovered as yet. It probably won't get much use from me even when the set is complete, although it'll be a nice novelty armour. So...
  4. Jimmy B

    Selling: Aurora (F) (L) set (complete)

    Selling full Aurora F set that's sitting in storage not getting used. The tt is about 264 PED. The lowest tt piece is the 16.08 PED Shins (they don't currently drop from anything), everything else is over 30 PED. SB and Buyout: 105% Stats are 15 Impact, 14 Cut, 12 Stab, 11 Burn, 11 Electric, 7...
  5. Jimmy B

    Achievement: Commando

    I took quite a long time to do it (avatar created a little over 6.5 years ago) but Oni finally unlocked Commando last weekend. :D All natural. After the first few months of making all sorts of mistakes, I focussed on amped Opalo for a few years until the amp nerf. At that point options for...
  6. Jimmy B

    Question: Exceptional Optical Lens stopped dropping?

    Have these completely stopped dropping, or are they still being looted somewhere I'm not hunting? Since yesterday I'm still getting hyper chargers but no lens.
  7. Jimmy B

    Selling: Imp LR53 L, Tier 7

    For sale: Imp LR53 L, currently at Tier 7.4 with 524.77 PED tt left. I use it on boss mobs and occasionally when in trouble hunting so tt will slowly go down. I'll update daily the current tt. It's probably going to be stuck at Tier 7 for the rest of its life, tiers 9 and 10 are both in the...
  8. Jimmy B

    Equip Message to Chat Window (and loot messages on Shared Loot mobs )

    A really useful addition to chat window output and log would be messages like "Equipped Isis LR53 (L)" and "Equipped Vivo UR125 (L)". For most people admittedly it's just extra clutter so it could do with being filterable. But anyone who likes analysing stuff with the chat log would love it...
  9. Jimmy B

    Rextelum Wave Today 1804 MA time

    Come play, the Sand King must be killed!
  10. Jimmy B

    Selling: Unlimited LR53, Tier 5.4

    **SOLD** The time has come to sell this nice gun. It should be in the hands of someone who'll use it more than I do. Unamped it does max 89 damage, with 38 attacks per minute. It is maxed above level 30 Ranged Laser & Laser Sniper Hit. See...
  11. Jimmy B

    Fuzzy Rocks on High Settings

    Does anyone else have this problem? If I switch Object Quality from Medium up to High, rocks in the distance go from: to The fuzziness kind of flickers about as you approach the rock and slowly fades away when you're close.
  12. Jimmy B

    How to answer a question on the internet

    Mostly common sense, but easily forgotten (taken from here): Almost every day someone teaches me something new and hopefully I can help others by sharing that knowledge. This is really rewarding but I have noticed some pitfalls I and others have made in this process so thought I’d try to write...
  13. Jimmy B

    Wave Start Times in Client Loader

    Would surely improve participation if the start time of the next wave for the those with a 3hr cooldown was listed in the client loader.
  14. Jimmy B

    Info: List of Missions

    This is a continuation of this thread which has been discontinued by its author but contained a lot of useful information gathered by the community. Post updates here and I'll maintain the first post as and when I can. Thanks to Tass for doing this previously. Contents Iron Missions More to be...
  15. Jimmy B

    Discovery: Traeskeron Matriarch Blood Sample

    I've been quite busy at the new waves. Enjoyed the big Rex waves while those were popular. Since then I've been doing lots of Raging Bull waves, decided to do the whole Daiki Iron mission on them and see if I could loot a set of Raven. Got some gloves on my second or third but not seen anything...
  16. Jimmy B

    Chat Channel Toggle

    Sorry if someone else has already suggested this, but I think it'd be really useful to have a chat channel toggle so that you can switch off all but one channel in one-click. Something like: right-click on a channel = toggle all other channels (ie. any open channels become closed and vice...
  17. Jimmy B

    Screen Grabbing Software

    Global Screen Capture: EU tailored screen capture software that will automatically grab screenshots of globals and hofs. Author: dandy Thread Link: Here JIIIS Autoscreen: Another screen capture program that will automatically grab screenshots of globals and hofs. Also has some personal...
  18. Jimmy B

    Info: Skill-Related Utilities

    Chipping Optimiser: Calculates your profession levels from your skill levels, and let's you work out the cost of chipping to your desired goal in the cheapest manner possible. Author: jdegre Thread Link: Here Direct Link: Here Skill Scanner: Extracts your skill levels from screenshots...
  19. Jimmy B

    Uber: Spider Quest Hof

    Been a couple of years I posted one as big as this. I was doing the final one of the 100 mob missions I had left, busily blasting through some Spider Youngs when happily a Bristlehog carrying 3.9k PED of oils got in the way. Fap35 and full H400 L, rest oils. Slots into second on my all...
  20. Jimmy B

    Achievement: 10000 posts...

    ...and only 8200 LWT. I should shoot more! :dance:
  21. Jimmy B

    Scientific Mode

    Let's have a setting in the Options page that turns all item tt values on an item's description/info page from 2 decimal places (as it is now) to 5 decimal places. It's not going to matter to many people, but anyone who's ever fiddled around with fruit/dung/sweat/fragments in the tt machine...
  22. Jimmy B

    What are middle-range UL SIB guns really worth?

    Making this thread as a response partly to a sales thread which is undoubtably going to generate some debate, but also as a discussion on what mid-range UL SIB guns are worth, if anything. I have an UL gun that was bought just before the price collapse too so I'm quite interested in this sort...
  23. Jimmy B

    Uber: Oily formicacida

    Almost forgot to post this one, after an expensive WoF tournament this 2k PED Formicacida was very welcome. First uberloot since tracker came online over a year ago, screen shows it second on the HoF table, it did very briefly climb up to the top spot (if I recall right, bait beat it again...
  24. Jimmy B

    HoF: Oni on a rampage

    Not had the opportunity to post in Uberloots for a while, so figured this nice run was worth recording for posterity. I started the day out with a run on Gradivores and found four globals. I fancied doing something different later so I got out the L armour and went for some Nexnecis. Wasn't...
  25. Jimmy B

    Quick Summary of Land Grab LA settings

    LA-1: Wolverine (NE), Shaolin, Bristlehog Stalkers LA-2: Wolverine (S), M2S, Thorifoid Adepts LA-3: Nate Valley (NE), AoW, Falxangius Youngs LA-4: Palm's Corner (NW), M2S, Mining LA LA-5: Omegaton (N), cK, Falxangius Youngs LA-6: Nea's Place (E), Shaolin, Mining LA LA-7: Omegaton (S), M2S...